Gothic fashion has upgraded and evolved over the last few years, that it has become one very demanded fashion style for all those who are favoring this direction. As fashion is also becoming more inclusive, this area has widened into gothic plus-size clothing. Today, finding plus-size Gothic-style clothes might be hard, but not if you look at the right place. Punk Design is proud to announce the new arrivals that feature so many wonderful plus-size designs that are truly extraordinary, true to the style, and exceptionally unique.

If you are one of those plus size Gothic style lovers, this is our pick of the trendiest and most ingesting plus size Gothic-style pieces:

Gothic Plus Size Coats

Victorian Gothic long coat

Long coats are one of the most identifiable fashion garments that truly depict the Gothic style. This one is particularly interesting because of its sheer fabric that is very modern, and the dark maroon shade – true Victorian shade. The coat features a hood, a back waist lacing, and side lacing details that keep the Goth style on point.


Victorian Black long coat

For those who would love to keep it to the black color, nothing beats this black long coat. The sheer finish makes this long coat suitable for a bit more elegant occasion while still keeping the unique vibe. The long length gives the body an elongating effect, and with the black color, you cannot go wrong.


Gothic black lace hooded coat

For lovers of shorter lengths, this is a super cool jacket that you will definitely fall in love with. The style of the bomber jacket wonderfully blends with the black lace delivering one fashionable plus size short jacket. The hood is also a part of the jacket making it look even more stylish.


Velvet and lace long coat

Looking fashionable and stylish in the goth style can easily be achieved with this long coat. Keeping the classic black as a starting point, this long coat can also serve the purpose of a dress. The velvet and the lace details make it look stylish for all plus-size girls.


Gothic Plus Size Camisoles 

Jacquard spaghetti strap camisole

Being plus size does not mean that you cannot enjoy some of the best camisoles. The jacquard spaghetti-strap camisole is a modern and trendy piece, that will fit many styling options and outfits. The discreet floral finish that comes as basic print makes this piece very fashionable and delivers perfect Gothic style.


Gothic punk black noodle strap camisole

This is one of the pieces that every Gothic lover should have in their closet. Plain and simple, but yet very moderns and stylish, it will fit many different Gothic outfits. It can be worn with a short or long jacket and some leather leggings.


Gothic Plus size tops 

Punk Black velvet ruffled top

Having some fancy top that will elevate your Gothic outfit is simply a must. This is particularly the kind that flatters the plus-size body – it comes in black velvet, wide opening, subtle ruffles, and long sleeves. There is one punk detail that goes all the way from one sleeve to the other.


Cold shoulder long sleeve top

Those who are willing to go all-in with their too should pick this one. The combination of sheer and see-through details with the shoulder cut-outs make this top a mix of punk, rock, and Gothic. The details like hanging belts add to the originality of the top.


Black and Violet Asymmetric top

Asymmetry is one of the biggest ad most popular Gothic styles. This top, although it might look a bit witchy, carries different kinds of elements, where the asymmetry of the length is most dominant. The sleeves and tight and follow the line of the arms. The combination of violet and black is perfect for those who need to add a bit of different color.


Black Lace Assymtrical Hemline top

Another asymmetrical piece that is a combination of simple and elegant is this V-neck top. The side lacing is pretty dominant and matches great with the asymmetrical and pointy ends of the shirt.


Women's Gothic Grungy Black Lace Hooded Top With Flared Sleeves

On a first look, this top might deliver an appearance of snakeskin print. However, that comes from the lace fabric. The central lace-up details, as well as the hood and the wide sleeves, create the ultimate plus-size Gothic top.


Punk black asymmetrical top

The Gothic lovers of simpler tops can enjoy this perfect top and style it with many different bottoms. The plain black base and the scoop neck gradually blend with the central lacing and the wide long sleeves.


Gothic plus size corsets 

Black Faux Lehter underbust corset

Plus size women often fear wearing a corset. However, for the goth style, this is the perfect detail that will accentuate the unique outfit and appearance. It comes in faux leather, with criss-cross lacing and a front zipper for more convenient managing. It can serve as the perfect Gothic accessory that can be worn on all different kinds of tops.


Gothic plus size skirts 

Short Faux Leather skirt

The short faux leather skirt is another must-have piece in the closet of the Gothic lover girl. It resembles the look of the regular black leather mini skirt. The Gothic vibe can be seen through the side criss-cross laces. The front delivers and appearance of a wrap-up piece. At the back, there are two pockets.


Lace black calf-length skirt

Bringing back the Victorian vibe into modern-day outfits can be easily done with this interesting skirt. This curtain-inspired skirt gets inspiration truly from the Victorian details. Its extraordinary cut, with the high-side slits, reveals some skin and makes a place for wearing some fishnet tights. The upper part of the skirt features side lacing and looks quite unexpected and unique.


Plus Size Delicate Lace calf length

This plus-size midi-length skirt most closely resembles the look and the style of the modern midi pleated skirt. The A-line cit starts with an interesting collar, upon which hang some interlocking thin chains. They fall over the rich lace that is wide and beautiful. The underpart of the skirt is short and full.


Shift dress with faux leather shoulder straps

The shift dresses have come back on the fashion scene in their full shine and they are now trending the goth style too. The interesting style and cut on this dress are pretty amazing, but the shoulder straps that look like belts make it even trendier. It has both punk and Goth style, suitable for all willing to spice up their Gothic outfit.


Princess cut full sleeve dress

The princess cut dress is one of the most common choices for plus-size body types. The Gothic style of the dress is dominant at the front. It features a combination of a belt strap serving as a collar and lacing that covers the V-neck opening. Further down, the dress follows the line of the body, opening a tiny bit like a ballerina dress. The sleeves are long and stylish.


Asymmetrical dress with net details

The modern-day Gothic princesses would be absolutely stunned and love this fabulous dress. It is the perfect piece for the summertime. The asymmetry in this dress comes highly accented on the back. The back part of the dress is asymmetric in the cut as well as longer than the front. The fine lace and its prints are nicely sewed onto the dress, delivering pretty and romantic details that cover the entire fashion piece. The dress features back lacing and unique front details that deliver the curtain-like appearance of the skirt.


Black velvet midi dress

The elegant occasions require elegant and formal wear/ the plus size Gothic lovers might have found it hard to pick the right choice but this dress is so captivating and unique that you will instantly fall in love with it. On a first look, you will recognize and be attracted to the maroon velvet off-shoulder opening. It leaves the shoulders bare and exposed. The sleeves continue in a soft and thin black mesh. The cut of the dress is fitted on the waist and continues to reach the mid-calf length.


Midi dress with slits

The full punk, rock, metal, and Gothic styles come together in this interesting dress. What is super cool is that the see-through fabric allows the skin to be visible. The underpart of the dress is fully black, covering the strategic places. The midi length is interrupted with high straight side slits. The beginning of the side slits is nicely blended with the top part, featuring double lacing.


Black and grey collared short dress

Hearts are pretty interesting detail in the fashion, and for that matter, in the Gothic fashion style too. The dress resembles the look of a modern-day bodysuit. Besides the heart print that is dominant and creates the dress, one other fabulous detail is the spiderweb opening that covers the front. Made of delicate nice, it adds a wonderful addition to this plus size short dress.


Short velvet plus size dress

Same as the heart-printed dress, this is an option for those looking to bring more drama and mystique with their plus-size dress. The tight cut follows all the lines of the body, making the velvet fit perfectly and deliver a bit shiny appearance. The front opening is also covered in interesting lace, making the dress look even more appealing and dominant.


Gothic scarlet and a black short dress

That this dress is an absolute favorite speaks the maroon velvet color option that makes it even more attractive. With this dress, the black netting on the V-neck opening comes much better accentuated and looks far more striking on the maroon velvet base.


Women's Plus Size Gothic Black Flower Embroidered Front Zip Short Flared Skirt

The short flared skirt is also a great plus-size choice. It featured a mid-high waist, with front zip and discreet side details that suggest a Gothic style. The entire skirt comes in a plain black option while the waist is the pattern with some discreet florals.


Gothic Plus Size leggings 

Black faux leather leggings with embroidered details

the faux leather black leggings are one of the most wanted legging styles that women adore. These leggings have a shiny finish, and the detail that stands out is the side embroidered florals that create a fabulous appearance.


Punk black flared pants

When the '70 hippie style comes together with the Gothic style, it delivers these unique plus-size pants that have one detail that stands out – flower embroidered details. The high waist is perfect for the plus-size silhouette.


Black Lace overlay flared pants

Bringing a bit more mystique and drama to the Gothic look can easily be done with the choice of black lace overlay flared pants. What is pretty distinct about these pants is the ankle-length and lace that comes from top to bottom.


Black and red grungy leggings

For the scary and dramatic effect, these leggings will catch eyes and bring some Gothic vibe to the outfit. As an additional detail, the front lacing is ultra dominant and punk.


Velvet Jacquard leggings with faux leather details

The black velvet leggings feel super comfortable and soft. Above all, they carry the Gothic style not just in the velvet, but also in faux leather details that come as a criss-cross lacing over the knees.

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June 09, 2021 — Punk Design

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