About Us

We are an alternative festival clothing company established in 2017, with the love of festival clothing, I started my own company. Our clothing can be applied to various occasions from costume party, Halloween costume party, music festival and various daily wears that show off your personality.

We understand the needs of your market stalls business, so we focus on the festival clothing wholesale market. As a festival clothing supplier, we provide strong supply chain services for festival clothing buyers of keeping the stability of product quality, large stock and controlling the regular supply is our value.

As a supply chain brand in the Internet era, we can do more than just manufacture of clothing, we can provide customers with the suitable supply chain solution.

The page you are viewing is the retail price, if you need more product information and wholesale price, please contact us.


Why Choose Us?

Design Advantage

Our product design is synchronized with fashion trend, and the design managers of each brand have more than 10 years of work experience, focusing on the customer's wearing experience and having a strict quality control process. At the same time, the product design team has a keen and rich fashion sense, and will continue to develop more product lines quickly to meet the needs of our customers.


Fast New Release

We have more styles, faster updates, broader category coverage and deeper inventory than traditional suppliers.In accordance with market demand and fashion trends, we launch a large number of new products every Monday.


Price advantage

We have a more complete process to control costs and ensure the price advantage of our products. At the same time, we have different brand collections for you to choose, from a few dollars of best-selling styles to hundreds of dollars of custom styles, we can provide you as different needs.


Inventory Advantage

We understand the needs of our customers and are willing to support you in developing the market. We have no minimum order quantity requirement for our customers, there are two ways for you to choose from, drop shipping and wholesale, to help different customers start your business in different development stages.


Logistics advantage

In order to ensure that the goods are delivered to your address safely and quickly, we cooperate with qualified professional logistics companies, each order has a bill of goods and tracking number, safe and worry-free.


Customer First, We Can Do More

1 We have one to one sale manager for you, help you check the inventory, quotation, follow up the goods transportation and after-sales issues timely;
2 New products will be updated regularly and emailed to you for your choice;
3 Pictures and product information are provided;
4 No minimum purchase amount limit,different wholesale discounts depending on your purchase quantities;
5 Meet the individual needs of different customers.

Welcome your inquiry and cooperation, please contact us!