Welcome to Punk Design

Punkdesign.shop is a clothing company founded in Jan 2017 for the sole purpose of providing our customers with the most inspired Gothic ,Grunge ,Punk and Steampunk apparel that will bring out their unique character and style.

We are the business partner and official authorized distributor of Punk Rave, Devil Fashion,Eva Lady and Darkinlove brands.Unique, Edgy, High-Quality fashion for both men and women. And once you start shopping for these products, you will be convinced by their design and quality.

Why choose us?

If you find the “norm” to be extremely boring and you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd instead of blending in with everyone else, browse through out store and unleash your fashion and imagination. Our clothes are designed for those who want to test the boundaries of today’s society. Our goal is to create a style different from all traditional styles while cultivating a culture of alternative style.

From Punk, Steampunk, Gothic and Victorian apparel to Cosplay, Stage Costumes and Party Costumes, we’ve got you covered. We have our own designing team which guarantees the originality of our styles and we also accept “custom” clothing orders from anywhere in the world.

Our only designing limit is your imagination.

In our journey to create a vast community of like-minded individuals, we’ve made sure that our apparel is both unique and original. From T-shirts, Blouses, Dresses and Skirts to Pants, Sweaters and Accessories, we are deeply inspired by our clothing which is why we also love to wear these clothes in our everyday lives.

Our Team

Punk Design is a relatively young company which is why we recognize that our coming up in the world has everything to do with our lovely customers. We may not be a big business, but that doesn’t stop us from treating every single customer as part of our small, gothic family! Get in touch with us if you have any questions or custom orders and we will hook you up.

 So navigate through the site and unleash your true personality at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else.