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Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style

Punk Rave Goth Style


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July 01, 2020 by ou ou

Unleash Your Goth Sense of Style

 The world is currently experiencing a pandemic. With all the social distancing required to be safe, sometimes we have to resort to shopping online instead of going to a physical store to buy the things we need. Everything can be bought online these days including food, medicine, books, tools, gadgets, appliances, and more, and it is not only safe for us but more convenient too. Clothes can also be bought online these days. There are so many websites selling clothing. There are even websites that cater to a specific fashion style such as sportswear, street wear, high fashion, formal wear, casual wear, and more. If you are specifically looking for goth clothing, grunge clothing, or simply clothing with punk, goth, steampunk, and grunge style, there is also a website for your needs. Punk Design is the website for you! Punk Design, founded in 2017 is a website made to specifically cater to your needs for goth fashion. 


The clothing available in this website are not your typical goth clothing and punk styles. There are lots of cute styles, both loose and fit clothing, and there are also a lot of clothing with girly styles, casual styles, and formal designs. This website is the answer to your clothing needs. There are so many clothing options in this website including pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, accessories, bag, swimsuits, and tops. Punk Design makes sure that you are well dressed from head to toe. If you are having a hard time choosing from the many options, here are a few suggestions for you.



#1: Women's Gothic Irregular Hem Ruched Slip Dresses (PQ-807)

This first piece is a little black dress with an irregular hem. The color gives off a punk vibe but the cut and style gives off a cute yet grungy feel. This dress looks really great with jewelry. It is priced $59.90 and you can get it here.

 Women's Gothic Irregular Hem Ruched Slip DressesPQ-807


#2: Women's Tie-dye Plaid Two-piece Suspender Dresses (PQ-819)

This dress based on its name has two pieces: the black inner shirt, and the plaid suspender dress. This dress is really cute with heart shaped buckles and the cut of the dress itself is really gorgeous. This dress has an irregular hem and accentuates the waist. It is priced $59.90 and  you can get it here

Women's Tie-dye Plaid Two-piece Suspender Dresses


#3: Women's Gothic Lace-up Halter Black Little Dresses (PQ-824)

This dress has a more casual flair to it with its soft cotton fabric. It is a mini dress with a unique neckline design. It also has ruffles on the hemline and the skirt style is skater. This dress is perfect for casual day outs. It costs $49.90. If you are interested in getting this dress, you can get it here.


#4: Women's Grunge Tie-dye Butterfly Dresses (PQ-789)

This dress is also a simple dress with a butterfly print in front. It comes in two colors: a plain black color, and a trendy tie dye gray color, It even has a style on the back that gives off the illusion that it is a two piece clothing. This beautiful dress costs only $43.90 and it looks really good when styled properly with a hat, some grunge boots, and thick black and metal accessor. You can buy it here.


#5: Women's Gothic Roses Skull Sashes Dresses (PQ-794)

This dress is also a simple dress with a print in front with roses and a skull. It comes in red or black color and with a long black belt with metal buckles. You can wear this dress with or without the belt. You can wear it without the bet if you want a more casual and free look. You can wear it with the belt to look more refined. Either way, the dress is really pretty. It costs $39.90 and you can purchase it here


#6: Women's Gothic Skelenton Slim Tank Tops (PT-527)

This tank top has a moth skeleton print and it has unique straps. It seems like a plain top but it looks really good when paired with anything from a skirt, shorts, or jeans, especially when tucked in. It costs only $24.90 and you can purchase this tank top here if you want to take it home.


#7: Women's Sexy Skelenton Slim Slip Dresses (PQ-801)

This dress has the same style and design as the tank top with the moth skeleton print only that it is longer because it is a dress. It is available in two colors: black and red. This dress is cute and with its fit style and cloth material, it can accentuate curves and it would really look good with your hair styled in braids and black leather boots. It costs $29.09 and it can be bought at here.


#8: Women's Gothic Rabbit Mesh Sleeved Spliced T-shirts (PT-525)

This top is a black oversized cropped tee with a rabbit wearing a gas mask print. It even has red mesh long sleeved inner. This top is really cute and is perfect for grungy looks. It looks really great when paired with shorts. It costs $35.90 and you can view it on this link here.


#9: Women's Mesh Stand Callor T-shirts (PT-512)

This top is a short sleeved black top with a sweetheart neckline only that it has mesh extending from the chest to the neck. It is a simple T-shirt that also looks really classy at the same time. You can wear it casually or for more formal events. It costs $32.90 and if you want this top, you can purchase it here.


#10: Women's Rings Double-layered Plaid Pleated Skirts (PQ-791)

For the tenth item, it is a plaid skirt available in yellow or black which has two layers. The inner layer is a plain black pleated skirt. This skirt also has two circular buckles for design and it is really unique and far from your regular pleated mini skirt. It costs $54.55 and you can purchase this skirt through here.


#11: Women's Grunge Star Belt Sashes Plaid Skirts (PQ-812BQ)

This skirt is also a plaid skirt but compared to the double layered plaid pleated skirt, this skirt is shorter, has only one layer and is made out of a different fabric. It is available in red and pink pleated fabric and it has a matching leather belt with a star shaped buckle to add a more grungy yet cute and cool vibe. It costs $49.90 and you can purchase it here .


Punk Design really has a wide variety of grunge, goth, and punk style clothing in its catalog. It is your go-to website for all your online shopping needs if you are into these styles. It also has a catalog of clothing for men and its products are all high quality and beautiful for the price. What are you waiting for? Shop at Punk Design now!


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June 18, 2020 by ou ou

Goth and Grunge Fashion Pieces to Bring out the Best in You

If you are looking for goth style clothing, you have come to the right place. Punk Design is a clothing company that was founded way back in 2017 whose aim is to provide clothing to people in the styles of goth, punk, grunge, and steampunk. The fashion industry when it comes to these genres and styles have evolved. When talking about these styles, people would immediately think of all black styles, of makeup that is too dark, studs, and spikes, and all that. Although these things are still incorporated into goth fashion these days, there are also other styles added. Goth and punk fashion are no longer limited to the styles aforementioned. When sporting these fashion styles, you can also incorporate your own ways of dressing up and your personal preference. You add your personal touch to the style. That is how you look good in what you wear. You have to enjoy your clothes, own it, and be comfortable and confident. If you are looking for goth clothing that can bring out your uniqueness and your distinct style, you have to shop in our store and look at the catalog of clothing for yourself.

Punk Design also offers a variety of clothing and fashionable pieces. There are clothing for both men and women. For the women's collection, it is not just limited to a single collection. There are different styles of clothes all depending on your personal taste. There are tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts. Punk Design also offers accessories and jewelry to complete your grunge clothing look.

Among the pieces available in Punk Design for women, here are some of our top picks that can surely bring out the best in you.


Women's Square Collar Leopard Printed Ruched Dresses

This piece based on its name is a mini dress with puffed short sleeves and a square collar that can definitely accentuate your lovely collarbones. This dress also has a ruched bodice to emphasize your curves and to give an illusion of a small waist and wide hips. The skirt part is flowing. This dress is available in two colors: pink and red and the fabric has a leopard print. You can pair this dress with your trusty leather boots, with a choker, and hair accessories.

 It costs $58.90 and you can view it here.


Women's Gothic Casual Full Floral Mesh Dresses

This dress will be among your favorite grunge dresses. It is not your usual little black dress or LBD because it has a mesh outer layer that has a slit and has a maxi length. This dress is perfect for weekend getaways and for music festivals. This dress looks great when paired with the right accessories like leather boots and a black hat.

It costs $26.90 and you can view it in this link.

Women's Gothic Casual Full Floral Mesh Dresses


Women's Solid Color Heart Pattern Asymmetric Hem Slip Dresses

This dress with its asymmetric hem and its heart pattern looks cute and grungy at the same time. This is perfect for girls who want to balance it out: those who want to achieve the goth look while still looking cute.

It costs $68.90 and can be viewed through this link.


Women's Gorgeous Stand Collar Floral Lace Moon Embroidered Dresses

This dress has a really unique cut and it has floral lace all over. The hem is cut unevenly and it gives the illusion of a fairy cut style goth skirt and the collar itself has a unique style. The dress even has leather and buckles in it to give off a more grungy look.

It costs $59.90 and you can view it here.

Women's Gorgeous Stand Collar Floral Lace Moon Embroidered Dresses


Women's Rose Embroidered Multi-layered Mesh Hem Dresses

This dress has almost the same hemline for the skirt as the fourth dress, only that it is longer. It also has a different top as its top is sleeveless with thin straps.

The lace or mesh of this dress is lovely and it costs $52.90. You can view the dress here.

Women's Rose Embroidered Multi-layered Mesh Hem Dresses


Women's Half Sleeved Irregular Collar Dresses With Halter

This dress is a little black dress with irregular neckline and it even has a cuff for a halter neckline connected by chains to give off the punk vibe. The sleeves are half sleeves extending up to the elbow with lace. The skirt is a skater style.

It is priced at $52.90 and you can view it here.


Women's Gothic High Waisted Bottoms Ripped Shorts

This seventh item, on the other hand, unlike the first items is a pair of shorts. This black pair is wonderfully ripped on the hemline to give off a grungy look and it even has embroidery on the side. It is also not your usual zip up shorts because it is a button up one.

It only costs $39.90 and you can view it here.

Women's Gothic High Waisted Bottoms Ripped Shorts


Women's Grunge Sailor Collar Spider Printed Tops

This next item is a crop top with sailor collar. If you think that it is your regular sailor collar top, you are wring because it is a zip up top. To have a more punk look, it has spider print. It is available in two colors for the collar: pink and black. It even has a matching skirt if you are feeling like it.

It costs $44.90 and you can view it here.

Women's Grunge Sailor Collar Spider Printed Tops


Women's Gothic Spider Printed Buckle Skirts

This is the skirt that matches the sailor collar spider printed crop top. It is a mini skirt with a buckle, and the same spider print also available in black and pink.

It costs $39.90 and can be viewed through this link.


Women's V-neck Eyelets Butterfly Pattern Fitted T-shirts

This top is a fitted tee with a sharp V-neck and buttons on the collar. It also has a butterfly print and the text "Punk Babe" printed up front. It is available in three colors: pink, white, and black. This top is versatile and can be paired with any skirt, shorts, or pants. This top also looks great when worn with a choker due to its neckline style.

It costs only $28.90 and can be viewed here.

Women's V-neck Eyelets Butterfly Pattern Fitted T-shirts


Women's Gothic Little Devil Horns Masks

In this time, we are currently under a global pandemic due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With that, surely, people from all over the world would likely be required to wear face masks to protect themselves. So if you would wear face masks everyday, it would be better to wear these face masks with style. This mask looks simple but it has high quality materials and even has small red devil horns on the sides to make it look more interesting.

It costs $9.90 and can be viewed here.

Women's Gothic Little Devil Horns Masks

Punk Design is an online shop that has different products that can suit all of your punk, goth, grunge, or steampunk fashion needs. You can have everything you want and need from this site to look absolutely stylish. With the products from Punk Design, you can fill your wardrobe with interesting pieces and not only can you purchase clothing from this site, you can even purchase the accessories to complete your look from Punk Design too! What are you waiting for? Visit here now for your punk or goth clothing needs!

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Spring is For Showing Some Skin

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the warmer days when we can all wear some lighter clothes and flaunt the latest spring trends. The Punk Design is always staying on top with the latest fashion trends, especially as the spring is already in full bloom. Shorts, short-sleeved shirts, dresses, and everything that resembles warm weather is already available at our online store. Take a look at the latest arrivals, and find your picks:

Pythons T-shirt

The loose cut of this unique shirt speaks for comfortability and trendiness. The base is black, the tailoring is loose and it looks as the shirt falls down the body. The detail that defines the look and fashionability of this shirt is the python print. It is present at the ends of the sleeves. It comes in a beautiful green color and resembles the look of a python. The other detail that comes up on the shirt, in the same matching color is the punk rave image of a cat’s skull head.



Fitted Dress

Fitting dresses are very trendy and fashionable pieces that women and girls love to wear. For the springtime, light fabrics like cotton provide a nice feel on the skin. For the Goth girls, this fitted dress has everything that is needed for flaunting this style. The top resembles the look of a tight shirt, with short sleeves and a round opening. The front has a print of a cat’s skull head. As the dress continues to the skirt, there is one interesting opening, just right on the belly, that shows some skin. The belt accents the waist. The skirt is short and tight.



Cat Skull Dress

This skull dress is a light and comfortable garment that plays on the sport's side of the fashion style. It looks like a wide and long short-sleeved shirt. Moving around is easy in this dress. What makes it unique is the image of a cat's skull head. It is a pretty casual and relaxed dress that can be worn for many unofficial events like running daily errands, traveling, etc.



Gothic T-shirt

Another very cute piece from the newest arrivals collection is the gothic T-shirt. It is a casual piece, in black color that can easily be paired with any type of bottoms – jeans, shorts, skirts. Again, as the other parts of the newest arrivals, this shirt also contains the image of a cat's head. The real beauty of this shirt comes from the cutout cleavage. It is made diagonally, starting from one side to the other.



Butterfly tank top

Tank tops are cute and practical part of different outfits. Light and easy to style, the tank top can find its use in many casual outfits. For the Goth girls, the Butterfly tank top is a nice mixture of the old and the new. The top resembles a halter neck, leaving the shoulders bare and naked. It is tight and follows the line of the body and comes in a few different colors. On the front, there is a print of a butterfly.



Asymmetric tank top

Wearing a tank top itself is a casual and relaxed take on every outfit. But if you choose a top that is a bit different then the regular ones, then the entire outfit and look changes. This is one of those tank tops that bring diversity in the look. It is asymmetrical on the top, around the opening and the shoulders. The one side presents a bare shoulder, while the other has a strap. Both of the sides are connected diagonally, with a cutout next to the strap.



Belt pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are a garment that is suitable only for work. They can be pretty interesting and stylish when combined in casual outfits. This pencil skirt is long, with a high waist and open slit to the side. The length of the skirt reaches somewhere below the knees. The side slit starts almost from the top and opens down. There is a small detail that makes the skirt unique and that is a small belt connection, right up on the slit.



Mesh top

Another addition to the new spring collection is the mesh top. Mesh is a very popular choice among girls and women because it is very feminine and sexy. It also keeps the skin breathe and brings fashionability to the look. The top is tight, has short sleeves, and a round opening. The mesh part comes on top of the shirt, creating straight lines and making a wonderful addition to details of the shirt.



Gothic Lips-print shirt

As the shirts are dominating the newest arrival, this one is also something that you will need in your closet. Playing between the comfortable and fashionable, this shirt has a bit loose cut and tailoring. The sleeves are short but reach the length of the elbows. They are wide and fall freely. The only detail on this shirt is the Lips print that comes on the front. The styling of the shirt is cool when paired with a midi skirt of shorts.


This selection of new arrivals is centered on a casual and relaxed style. There are lots of pieces that every Goth and punk lover will enjoy. The color choices are mostly black, but there is also a presence of pink, green, and other spring shades that will make them look much more interesting and joyful. The presence of prints on the shirt is the novelty that comes with this arrival.

If you were looking to stock up on some cool shirts and skirts, find your pick from our collection of new arrivals.  

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April 29, 2020 by ou ou

Black with the most dominance in the new arrival collection from Punk Design


The spring season at Punk design comes in nothing else but chic and elegant black color. Keeping it true to their original and preferred look, all those looking for a punk, grunge, Goth and a bit edgy look can enjoy the newest addition from Punk Design spring line. Not limited only to black, the newest arrival includes difference in prints such as animal print and checkers. As the logo trend is still present on the fashion scene, some of the tops include colorful and interesting choices for those looking for a bit of change.

Take a look what is new:

Embroidered Camisole

This camisole comes as a mixture of jacquard embroidered roses, snakeskin straps and slim fit tailoring. The black base of the top is discreetly filled with flowers and leaves, creating interesting and unique look. The adjustable straps come in red snakeskin print and create a wonderful contrast on the entire shirt. There is a big red logo at the front of the camisole presenting it in a sporty style.


Gothic Crop Top

Another top perfect for the hot summer nights is the gothic inspired spired web top. Again, the main and most dominant color is black. It is also the base, upon which the front logo and the spider-web image are printed. The spider-web comes a bit to the upper right side, creating a heart-shaped image. The punk rave logo comes on the left. Another thing that makes this top extra unique are the straps, connected in with an additional diagonal one.



Asymmetricle Mesh T-shirt

Mesh and asymmetry come together on another gothic inspired t-shirt. The cutouts on the short sleeves are divided between the mesh and the full fabric. The neck has a round opening and an interesting detail that resembles the look of a double belted collar. The base is black, with only the logo on the front coming in a lighter silver shade. It is embroidered on the shirt, creating dimension and definition.



Keeping the punk and goth vibe through the newest arrivals, this jumpsuit features a mixture of trendy and goth lines. The first and most dominant detail on the entire jumpsuit is the mandarin collar that comes in height somewhere in the middle of the neck. The cap sleeves are loose and fall over the shoulders. The belt accents the waistline and defines the upper from the lower part. The shorts of the jumpsuit are also wide, easy to move around. The cute detail on the look-a-like-pocket on the top part of the jumpsuit features spider-web embroidery.



Fitted Slit Dress

If you are looking for a more elegant and sharp look, than the fitted slit dress is something you cannot miss. Formal and more elegant occasions require wearing something more appropriate and suitable, and this dress provides just that. Playing on the side of edginess, it is a tight black garment with straight cut cleavage and high side slit. The real difference and the different that all the goth girls will love comes in the halter neck straps.



A-Line dress

The A-line cut is perfect for all those looking for something short and sweet. The sheer fabric comes on top, and the sewed-in waist belt defines the silhouette. The red lace-up detail brings just enough color to make this dress unique.


Ruffled Tank top

As the animal print is continuing its dominance among the fashion trends, this tank top comes with snakeskin print. The sleeveless top features discreet ruffle alongside the V-opening. The color palette varies between beige, cream, pink and black.



Printed Dress

Another model that can resemble an animal print comes on the ruched dress. It follows the line of the body, and the straps tie up in small bows and fall to the sides of the shoulders. The hearth-shaped opening and the end make this dress very feminine and romantic.


Plaid Shirt

The plaids are never getting out of style. Especially the red-black color combinations. This goth-inspired shirt comes without sleeves and brings the 70s styles back with the wrap at the front.



Bubble Sleeved dress

Sexiness and grunge come together on this cute and short mini A-line dress. The real deal here is the bubble sleeves made from a see-through fabric. The mini ruffles alongside the heart-shape opening add girly touch. The belted halterneck straps are totally punk.




Ruffled crop top

This crop top is all you need this summer. Perfect for styling with both skrit and pants, it is the total hit among the girls. The ruffled top with the side mandarin collar and cute puffy sleeves create this trendy piece.


Heart shape lace dress

If you want to show some love, then you can do it with this extraordinary dress. Form-fitting and tight, it features a big heart on the front that makes up for the lack of cleavage. The collar is punk inspired and resembles a belt, and the ends of the dress finish are ruffles in soft lace.



Lace dress

Black color and lace is considered a very sexy combination. This dress shows exactly that plus a Goth vibe. The lace skirt is entirely asymmetrical and pointy, while the top is tight, with overlaid straps on the waist area.




Floral Lace cloak

Something extremely trendy on the fashion scene is the floral –inspired cloaks. The wide sleeves and the cut make it perfect for wearing them on the beach or over the clothes.


Cheongsam dress

A similar variant to the dresses mentioned above is this one, featuring a side zip on the upper top part and divided collar. The sleeves are voluminous and ruffled, making it look very Goth and chic.


Slip dress

Continuing in the gothic vibe, this slip dress is cool and sexy. The tiny straps provide support while the eyelets on the front make it look totally punk.



Cutout shirt

The big print on the front and the cutout side on this T-shirt are more than enough to make it become yours new favorite one. Coming in black and white, you will enjoy wearing them all the time.


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April 07, 2020 by ou ou

The new Punk Design’s arrivals will get you in the trendy summer mood

Believe it or not, the goth vibe is trending more and more in the fashion industry. It is not only a style that caters to a specific group of people that love the dark and goth style, but it has gone quite further. In these terms, the summer fashion trends for 2020 that come on a world level, have also been incorporated and presented through the garments of the new arrival. The black color still predominates this fashion style, but contrary to the popular goth style, this line has a lot of added color, prints, and details that carry the newest summer fashion trends.

Punk Design always keeps its signature line towards the goth, punk and grunge style, with a focus on the black color. Since the summer is approaching fast, we did not want to stay away from the current summer trends. Summer is the time when you should consider wearing more color and prints, and that is exactly what we are offering you our newest garments. Take a look and get inspired for some pre-summer shopping!

Sheer jacket

Sheer, transparent and flowy materials and fabrics are one of the trends that will define this summer. This is a trend that dominates on a world level, but also the goth style too. To keep up with these changes, the Goth Sheer Jacket is a cool piece that will work great for chilly summer nights and mornings. The sleeves and the hoodie come in sheer chiffon, which allows showing some skin. It also lets the skin breathe and will keep you cool and protected from the sun. The sleeves are wide, airy and big, and as you move, they fill flow to the sides. The front zipper is convenient because the elasticized waist and ankles give a perfect line to the silhouette.


Comfortable hoodie

Comfortability has always been on the fashion radar, especially with the trends of oversized garments. The hoodies as part of the casual wear are trending and the goth style is also putting a special accent on these garments. Coming in black color the Horn Casual Hoodie is something that is completely new and will you will instantly fall in love with it.  The cut is wide, with wide sleeves and hoodie with little horn on top of it. The length resembles a crop top, which makes it very suitable for styling with high-waisted shorts or skirts.


Plaids shirt

Plaids are a popular print through changing fashion seasons. This summer, plaids in the goth and punk styles come with the much-needed pop of color. Staying a bit to the side with the black color, the Plaid chiffon shirt is something that will light up your outfit. This one comes in a cool green color, on a chiffon fabric that beautifully connects to the above-mentioned trend. The front buttoning resembles a classic shirt, but what makes it unique is the wrap-up front. It is very cool and stylish.


Mesh top

Mesh tops are very daring and interesting pieces that do not have any other role that bringing fashion and style to the outfit. The Full Mesh top is an oversized option of the regular top. It falls down the shoulders and presents a very casual and relaxed style. the sleeves are extra wide and long. It is best styled with some top or bralette under it which will also be visible.


One of the things that every girl needs to have in its closet is a black lace or mesh garment. For the punk and goth lovers, this Gothic Puff Sleeve shirt is a beautiful garment that will definitely find its place in your outfits. Mesh is a trendier version of the lace, and it resembles a look of a fishnet. On this shirt with puff sleeves, it comes on the ankles and on the top. The high collar presents a Victorian-age inspired look and the front ruffles add to the beauty of the shirt itself.


High-neck elegant dress

High-neck dresses are very cool if they come with the combination of some different fabric that will accent the entire neck and the shoulder. That kind of dress is the Sheer Moon dress. The mix of different fabrics, details, and prints make it unique and elegant at the same time. The neckline is sheer, with black moon details, coming on a mesh base. The cut is tights, with a discreet line on the waist, from where starts the A-line skirt. The sleeves are long, with subtle cutouts on the elbows.



Sexy dress with side slit

Sexiness and goth style go well hand in hand. Being dark does not mean you cannot be sexy too, especially when it comes to dresses. Gothic Sexy dress is one of a kind. The sleeveless top and the side slit present an elegant look for all official occasions when you want to keep to your style.


Slip pleated dress

The goth and punk details that come up on this Pleated Slip dress provide a sexy, daring and bold look. the mini length allows styling it with boots and the drawstrings to the side give a new look and definition of the dress.


Ruched dress

Another cool look that is also trendy, stylish and gathers few fashion trends together is seen in the Ruched dress. The square opening at the front, cutouts on the arms, and the ruched fabric that comes all over the dress present wonderful, hourglass silhouette.


Head to Punk design and do some shopping!

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March 02, 2020 by ou ou

9 Ways to Be an Urban Punk Princess in This Modern Jungle


The punk style is coming back into the everyday outfits of many fashionistas who are looking to bring something different. The goth and punk flare come together as much needed diversity and change. These fashion directions show another approach and direction for a certain group of women who have deep, mystique, rebellious and secretive approach towards the life and styling. Being a modern punk princess today is very easy with our new designs.

Punk Design is always keeping up with the latest fashion trends and these new additions will surely find its place in your closet.

  1. Gothic zipper Ply Hooded coat

Hooded coats always find their place in different stylings. They can work with casual and more elegant goth outfits. This new Hooded coat brings a special mystery to the one who is wearing it. The long sleeves and the asymmetrical ending on the sleeves and the hood at the end make it comfortable and unique. The belt that comes as an addition accents the waist, and with the hoodie, brings a darker vibe to the outfit. The length on the sides comes in pointy ends, reaching the knees. The fabric is soft and comfortable.


  1. Rose Halter Lace-up Fitted Dress

Being a goth princess means wearing an extraordinary dress that will catch eyes. This Halter lace-up dress shows some skin and has a beautiful line. The halter neck is high and continues with the dress, leaving the shoulders bare and exposed. The sleeves are long, finishing in pointy endings. The dress flatters the figure, and the skirt resembles a subtle ballerina line. It is very short and cute. The length of the dress perfectly styles with over-the-knee healed booths.


  1. Off-shoulder Sheer Lace dress

Lace always brings a certain dose of romance and femininity to the garments. The black lace, in particular, is very elegant and sexy. The combination of lace sleeves on an off-shoulder dress is a winning look for those who want to play in the lines of fashionable and goth. The lace sleeves are big, balloony, extravagant and come with discreet floral print. The lace continues to the ends of the cleavage, discreetly and stylish. it continues down in a fitted top, accenting the waist. The skirt has an A-line shape and almost reaches the knees. The length creates a perfect balance with the bare shoulders.


  1. Long-Sleeved Chest Hollow out dress

For those willing to wear something more tight and sexy, the chest hollow dress is the perfect dress. it is short, reveling, with a cute and miniature side slit. It starts with a choker that is part of the dress and continues with an interesting opening on the front. the sleeves are long and the cleavage is straight. The fabric is soft and comfortable for wearing. This dress suits the best slim and thin silhouettes.



  1. Off Shoulder Lace-up Bubble Top

An eye-catching top can immediately become a centerpiece of some outfit. Especially if it is playful and interesting like this Bubble sleeved sheer top. The elasticized wide line of the top makes it suitable for wearing in different off-shoulder positions. It continues down with wide, bubble sleeves that carry certain playfulness. They are long and end up with wide lacing. The sheer fabric is sexy and elegant and this top can easily be styled with different bottoms.



  1. Grunge Off Shoulder Irregular Hem Mesh Dress

Daring and full of little details is what describes this Hem Mesh dress. it is asymmetrical in length, each of the layers coming over the other in different pointy lengths. The shoulders are bare and naked, with just tiny straps that hold the top. The sleeves are very wide and flowing, made from a sheer and see-through fabric. The line of the dress accents the waist and opens up as it continues towards the end. The mesh detail comes over the front of the entire dress.


  1. Gothic choker

Chokers are a big part of the gothic accessories. Their fashionability and popularity have overtaken all the fashion styles. Black, goth and leather and a great combination for adding an edgy vibe to the goth and punk outfit. This choker is wide, resembling a belt. It is made of soft and comfortable leather. The pin comes in silver and makes it easy for styling. It can be worn both tight or loose, according to personal preference.


  1. Cutout T-shirt with a choker

This shirt resembles a peplum style top. Very fashionable and elegant, it will make a difference in every outfit you wear. The center of the attention is the cutout opening around the neck, which is unique and extraordinary. Like a half-turtleneck, the shirt starts with few opening, that continues to the side. The sleeves are long and the waist and peplum style is accented by an added belt. The choker's beginning and the belt have the same heart-shaped pins.


  1. Zipper Fly Frayed Hip Skirt

Denim ripped and the asymmetrical skirt is something that every trendy goth follower must have in their closet. This one comes in two different colors – light pink and black. It has a medium-high waist, with a belt and dangling chain to the side. This mini skirt has a high side zip opening, just below the hip and presents a washed, worn and torn up style. The back pockets resemble an authentic denim skirt.



All of these new entries can be found at Punk Design. They are super easy to style and will bring the much-needed freshness and update to your gothic and punk outfit. The unique style, cuts, and models will make you stand out and flaunt your style in the best possible way. Being an urban and chic princess in this modern jungle with the goth and punk vibe is something lacking in fashion and on the streets.For more goth fashion,please check here.

Please visit here to read more blogs.

January 25, 2020 by ou ou

Goth-inspired items that will make you an edgy winter princess

Come winter, the only thing that will keep you truly warm is some heavy coat or jacket. However, that particular outerwear does need to be coordinated and suitable to your style. The Goth lovers and those who prefer that style might have hit an impasse in this section because there are not enough choices to satisfy this particular style. But, don't despair. We are here for you. Punk design has everything for everyone, starting from outerwear to accessories. So, to continue your Goth style and style and successfully turn into a Goth winter princess, we have prepared some winter look suggestions, mainly bringing you the best outerwear pieces.

Maxi coat for maxi warmth

If you want to be warm from head to toe and have it in your style than the Gothic Woolen Maxi coat is the piece for you. The loose fit and the straight line are suitable for body shapes and allow all different kinds of outfits underneath it. The beauty of this coat, in particular, comes from the wool and the fur from the inner side. It goes through the entire coat, including the hoodie. The ends are also ruffled from the fur, making it look even more beautiful and stylish. Its maxi length is in a Goth style so you will nail the polar look with minimum effort. It comes in black which is a neutral color and resembles a look of medieval capes.

Woolen Hooded Maxi Coat

Fashionable colors and stripes

Those looking for some color and diversity for their outerwear can easily try the Punk Loose stripes Cardigan. The color combination between the stripes is red and black. Both the colors are suitable for the punk and Goth style, creating an equal balance in the style and on the garment. The cardigan itself has a loose fit, can be worn just open of fastened with some edgy belt around the waist. The print of the stripes is white, making the entire piece quite attractive and dominant. The hoodie is an unavoidable part of keeping your head warm and complete your style and the length goes just below the knees.

 Loose Stripes Long-Sleeve Hooded Cardigan

Relaxed fit and plaids

Channeling the vintage look with the modern dose of a Goth vibe can easily be done with the Plaid Colorblock Loose hooded coat. This outerwear garment resembles the regular parka, with the addition of vintage winter print. The red plaid is a must through every season and every trend and on this coat, it comes on the visible inner sides like on the hoodie, extensions on the sleeves and the entire end on the coat. The punk collar details are present on the ankles and the front zipper allows you to wear it open or closed, however you like it.

Plaid Colorblock Loose Hooded Coat

Caped coat

This winter, one of the biggest outerwear trends are capes. To Stay inside the trends and yet keep your look, pick the Fur Hooded Moon Irregular cape. The length of this cape goes just below the waist. The A-cut is perfect for the irregular line on the ends, making it look richer and more interesting. The hoodie has a puffy detail on the top, a great addition for the wintertime. The moon print comes on the back of the cape in a bit lighter color than the cape itself, making it visible.

Punk Moon Cape

Daring military style

Even the Goth style itself comes on different styling level which mainly depends on a personal taste. Those who are looking to leave an impression with their daring coat can pick the Punk Rivets Stand up Collar Overcoat. It is a mixture of many different details, lines, and lengths. The shoulders, the ends of the sleeves and the buttoning parts are covered in shiny faux leather that creates a nice contrast on the black base. Sharp parts are coming out from the shoulders, resembling some military-style in the medieval era, while the length of the coat is asymmetrical. It is shorter on the one side and continues to be longer on the other.

Military Overcoat

These outerwear garments will not come in their full shine unless they are completed with equally fashionable and Goth-inspired undergarments like dresses, hoodies, skirts, and accessories. To master the entire winter Goth look and be warm at the same time, you can add the following clothes under your unique coat:

Edgy Hoodie

The hoodies are big parts of the winter garments that can keep you warm under the heavy coats. The Witch Printed Long Hoodie is a semi-casual garment. It has an oversized cut, with wide sleeves and a big hoodie. The witch print on the front dominates the entire top. The styling is pretty easy and it goes well both with jeans or with a mini-skirt for an edgy look. for a completely daring look, wear the dress hoodie only with stocking.

Witch Printed Long Hoodies

Faux Leather Skirt

An addition in completing the look for the bottom part of the outfits will look fabulous with the Faux Leather Circle Skirt. The goth-inspired skirt has a faux leather shine and finish. The A-cut of the skirt makes it look rich, flowy and perfect option for different styling choices. The mini length is suitable for all those wanting to show some leg.

Faux Leather Circle Skirt

Unusual Dress

Those who are looking for a dress that will keep them warm under the edgy coats, the Velvet Zipper Dress will entirely transform your look. this is not a classical dress. it has a hoodie and a front zipper going all the way from the top to the end. The length is mini, totally cute and fashionable.  The A-line dress is great for all different body shapes.

Punk Velvet A-line Dress


To finish and complete the entire outfit, add the Punk Moon Necklace choker. It is subtle, and at the same time, a dominant and extravagant accessory that will add to the edginess of your look and accent your neck. You can wear it with the dress and the hoodie.

Punk Moon Necklace Choker

December 18, 2019 by Linda Fox

Goth inspired Christmas gift ideas that you can find on Punk design

Goth inspired Christmas gift ideas that you can find on Punk design


Christmas is the time when it all comes down to spending time with friends and family, enjoying the wonderful Christmas spirit and of course, exchanging gifts. When it comes to the last one, exchanging gifts, this process can be stressful for many. First of all, you have to know what type of gift you are looking for the person you are gifting. Second, the shopping spree and the crowds that are present during Christmas time are not for everyone. It is also very time-consuming going from store to store and finding your way in all that crowd. And the stress can be even bigger if you cannot find the perfect gift. This is especially frustrating for those looking to buy something extraordinary, for example, goth or grunge-inspired. So, if you are looking just for that type of gift, you are in the right place. Punk Design has a lot to offer. From the comfortability of your home, all of our designs are just one click away from you. You will save time, not get lost in the entire shopping crowd and you will have the perfect goth-inspired gift. Take a look at our gift suggestions for this Christmas.


Floral lace top

Black lace is something that every woman should own in her closet. The black lace is sexy, elegant and secretive. This is the perfect style for the goth girl. It brings out the mystique and the uniqueness of her personality. It looks very nice yet appropriate with a black bra. The neck is mid-high and the sleeves are reaching the elbows. The pattern is floral which makes this top fashionable and trendy. It can be worn just like that, or it can come in combination with a black leather jacket.


Floral lace top



Choker necklace

The punk style is different than the goth one, but still very unique and distinctive. Although goth might be based on deeper and darker colors, punk presents some more vibrant colors. Gifting a piece of jewelry in this style is something that will be a win. These colorful chokers are great accessories that will certainly be welcomed by the girl you are giving them to. Available in 4 metallic colors, these chokers will light up every outfit. And the heart on the front is very soft and feminine detail.


Laser Heart Choker Necklace


Fur gloves

Gloves are a very common and appropriate gift for the Christmas season. They are always needed and appropriate for the colder season. Gloves are a nice gift, that is both fashionable and practical. For the goth girl that wants to leave an impression and stay true to her style, the black velor fur gloves will leave her in owe. Comfortable, fashionable and soft, these gloves are an elegant and stylish accessory that suits both goth-inspired outerwear and more casual jackets.


 Velor Punk Gloves


Long earrings

Earrings are also a popular Christmas gift. Those who have pierced ears, the earrings are something that they can never get enough of. This particular set of earrings is a mixture of punk and goth. They come in a combination of one black longer earring and silver shorter one. Wearing earrings that is compatible with this style suggests wearing it only on one ear which is a very cool thing.


Long earrings


Gothic leggings

An important part of today's fashion is leggings. They are one of the most favorite clothing garments of many women, and they are present in every style. The goth style is known by the deep and extraordinary looks of the clothes, which closely relates to someone's personality. Nailing the perfect legging as a Christmas gift will be easy if you choose the gothic cutout floral black leggings. They are beautiful, unique and extraordinary in every way. The upper part is a bit sheer, which makes them elegant. Next comes the cutout that shows some skin and brings sexiness. Starting from the knees and going down they end in laces.


Gothic leggings



Lace Punk dress

Whether you are gifting yourself or someone who is into the goth clothing, this goth party dress will be the perfect outfit for the New Year’s celebration. It is a lovely dress that will easily be incorporated in any style and for any occasion. The cut is fitted accenting the waist. The sleeves are short, flowy and resemble soft ruffles. The real beauty of the dress comes from the V neck cleavage that is filled with lace. The opening on the neck is round which perfectly balances the style of the dress with the body lines. It styles well with some heeled boots, keeping the goth vibe through the entire outfit.


Lace Punk dress


Telescopic Umbrella

Just like the gloves, the umbrella comes highly appreciated as a Christmas gift. And for the goth-style lovers, this is the most suitable one that you will get. Lolita telescopic trim umbrella is an unordinary accessory that will bring uniqueness on a rainy day. The umbrella itself has a line that reminds of the chic umbrellas women in the past carried. This one has some lace trim details at the ends, making the simple black looking goth and daring. It is portable and easy to carry around, and its beauty comes out when it is open. It will be eye-catching on the rainy days and a perfect gift for the rainy season.


Telescopic Umbrella


These are only some suggestions that can get you inspired and directed in finding the perfect Christmas gift for a goth-styled girl and leave her in owe. The value of the gift is seen in the understanding the giver has for the person he or she is gifting. Nailing the perfect gift goes a long way, and for the persons who are goth style-oriented, there is no better place to look for than on Punk Design.


Happy shopping and Happy Gothic Christmas!

November 15, 2019 by Linda Fox

Creepy Halloween Dressing For The Coming Halloween

Hey Guys! Halloween is just around the corner. We love this festival just like we love parties. So it's finally that time to start planning your dressing, making the right decisions to get the perfect Halloween dressing that would stand you out from the crowd. But how we dress ourselves up in the Halloween? Check out these tips you and your friends can dive into!
September 27, 2019 by Linda Fox