Anyone thinks that they know what it means to be a goth. An average person will define the goth style through the representation of an outfit that will be consisted of platform bots, band merch, and a lot of eyeliner. However, although this might be that one stereotype and common knowledge, there is simply more to being goth and wearing Gothic Clothing

In the core meaning of the goth style, the deepest and trues explanation comes from defining it as a love for all things beautiful, dark, and Victorian. Being goth and flaunting the goth style means being bold and brave in your fashion choices, and standing by a fashion belief that is close and true to yourself. 

The market today offers a lot of Gothic clothing options. This was a style that was once difficult to flaunt because of the lack of variety of fashion garments. However, today, the fashion industry puts enough attention and focus on this style since it has quite a big base of followers.

Punk Design is one of the pioneers in the Gothic clothes department, constantly upgrading its offer to satisfy all different tastes and needs, and at the same time, keep up with the latest goth fashion trends.

So, here is what is new and on our radar this summer:


Women’s Gothic coat

Women's Victorian Gothic Stand Collar Floral Woolen Dovetail Coats

When you think of elegance and goth style, this is the coat that combines all of that and much more. The trendiness of the cut additionally stands out, making It look quite extraordinary. The sharp Victorian shoulders, the high collar, and the knee-length deliver a look of a trench coat. However, the velvet fabric in a maroon color, with the black lace details creates a coat that you will simply adore.


Women's Gothic Victorian Woolen Maxi Coat

If you are looking for a more challenging look, then, this coat is the piece that will bring all the drama. Although it is woolen, and might not be the perfect choice for the summer heat, it is never too early to stock up on this fashionable garment. The cape that comes from the coat, as well as the cut and the style, combined with the addition of faux fur, will make you the goth queen of all times.


Women's Lolita Black Woolen Coat With Removable Collar

Yes, cute and goth can work very well together, and one such example is this sweet Lolita coat. Looking just like out of some movie, this is a coat that comes in between a baloney trench and a cape. The ballerina skirt opens the coat making it look more interesting and stylish, and the collar brings the retro vibe that you never knew you needed it.


Women's Gothic Military Style Woolen Coats

The goth style can be represented through many different and varied pieces, such as the military one. The military-style of this coat is what shows how the current fashion can be mixed with this particular goth style. The coat is black, military-style inspired, with the length reaching the knees. The details like the stitching and the belts on the sleeves come in shiny red color, creating the perfect contrast.


Women’s Gothic shirts

Women's Gothic Floral Lace Shirts

Every woman needs to have at least one lace shirt in her closet. The same goes for the Gothic lovers too. Well, this floral lace shirt is an interesting and unique choice, that will bring freshness to your look. The sleeves are wide, with ruffles as is the front of the shirt too. The maroon base is covered with black lace, making it look luxurious and captivating.


Women's Gothic Stand Collar Floral Shirts

The elegant Gothic look requires wearing some see-through mesh, preferably in black. Well, this fabulous shirt is the piece that you will gladly wear for any more elegant occasions, and still keep to your fashion style. On a first look, you can see the long sides that make it pretty extraordinary. The high collar is connected to see-through mesh, making a front cutout. The entire shirt is covered in a discreet floral pattern.


Women's Punk Turn-down Collar Long Sleeved Shirt

Dramatic and original, this is a shirt that is one of the pieces that are must-have goth garments. Long sleeves, high collar, asymmetric length, and faux leather straps and just some of the details making it a piece that will stand out.


Women's Gothic Punk Cutout Shoulder Flare Sleeved Knitted Tops

Just for the summer, and the cutouts trend, this light shirt is great for summertime. The knitted fabrics will keep you cool during the warm days, and the opened shoulders will reveal some skin. One side is longer than the other, making it very easy to style and pair with different bottoms.


Women’s Gothic sweater

Women's Gothic Irregular Hollow Flare Sleeved Long Kitted Tops

Another big trend for this summer season and the knits and nets. And, of course, they can perfectly fit into the goth style too. Whether you decide to wear such a sweater with lingerie underneath it, or as a part of the beachwear, it will look ravishing. The medium-length comes just over the waist, making it the perfect choice for wearing it with shorts, or some interesting mini skirt. The ends of the sleeves are irregular in length, and the entire design of this sweater is something unseen so far.


Women's Gothic Irregular Hollow Flare Sleeved Kitted Tops

For those who are looking for shorter versions of the sweaters, this is a must-have piece that will find its practicality and fashionable use more than you can imagine. The wide fishnet knitting is a perfect choice for the summer, as it will keep you cool and let the skin breathe. Similar to the design of the previous sweater, this is one that discreetly combines the goth with Boho.


Women's Punk Loose Ripped Striped Knitted Pullover Sweater

For the chillier days and nights, this pullover sweater is an interesting choice. It is a blend of a punk and goth style. It feels light on the skin, soft and comfortable, just perfect for the summertime. It comes in medium length. Adding a bit more interesting and colorful appearance, it is designed with horizontal stripes. It is available in two color options black and white, and black and red. It is ripped in certain places like the sleeves. The detail that stands out is the short side slit, accompanied by a hanging belt strap.


Women's Gothic Skull Black Asymmetric Sweater Halloween Costume

Skull is one of the common details that are associated with the goth fashion style. It is usually used on the top fashion garments, like on this shirt. The careful placement of the print does represent the skeleton of the upper body part, making the skirt a great Halloween costume. The base is black, with asymmetrical length to the sides and the sleeves.


Women’s Gothic leggings

Women's Gothic Straps Leggings

Leggings are another must-have piece in every woman's wardrobe. Additionally, they are one of the basics for Gothic-style garments and outfits. The black leggings have been most closely associated with this style because they are intriguing and fashionable. This pair of leggings is unique in its design. It features a see-through mesh that is strategically placed just where women wear garters. It delivers a print of interlocking belts, followed by a cross-sword.


Women's Gothic Jacquard Leggings

The jacquard print has been quite popular lately, because of the finish it delivers on the fashion garments. It has also been the inspiration for the socks industry, where the tights were designed with this print. Getting a bit more creative, they started to appear leggings that resembled that look. This is one of the examples of how jacquard leggings look like. They are feminine, rich, soft, and full of details. They can both serve the purpose of leggings and tights.


Women's Gothic Floral Sheer Faux Leather Leggings

Last, but not least important to mention are the faux leather leggings. Their worldwide fashion popularity starts from the goth style. They look strong and fierce, and at the same time, fashionable and catchy. The faux leather finish is dominating the front at the back. But what is distinctively interesting and unique are the side see-through and revealing mesh, that comes with red sewed-in lace.


Women’s Gothic pants

Women's Gothic Faux Leather Straps Bell-bottomed Pants

The return of the bell pants has influenced the Gothic fashion style too. Although this might not have been a common look and choice for a long time, now, these are the pant that is simply designed to make and show change. The cut of the pants starts as leggings, tight at the waist. Below the knees, the pant opens up, creating a bell-like design. The goth style details that are present on these pants are the interlocking faux fur straps that come over the knees and make the piece interesting and stylish.


Gothic dresses

Women's Victorian Gothic Flare Sleeved Velet Maxi Dresses

Looking ravishing in a maxi dress with goth style is easy if you have this dress hanging in your closet. The combination of velvet top and flare bottom is one of a kind. The V-neck opening is wide, followed by a subtle see-through mesh.


Women's Victorian Gothic Flare Sleeved Velet Black Little Dresses in Bow Tie

One can never have too many little black dresses. For goth lovers, this is one of the favorite garments that every girl gladly chooses. This short black velvet dress is cute and sexy. The mid-high neck comes with a bow tie. The front is nice, with lacing that shows off some skin. The line of the dress follows the body, and the skirt opens up with volume.


Women's Victorian Gothic High/Low Velet Sleeveless Dresses

Making an impression and standing out with a modern take on a Gothic style comes with this wonderful Victorian dress. Putting the color as one of the top details that will make the dress unique, the shiny velvet perfectly suits the maroon shade. The asymmetrical cut, making the dress shorter on the front and longer at the end, with the combination of high neck and black lace nails the elegant look.


Women's Punk Cutout Shoulder Irregular Long Sleeved Shirt

The punk style is always characterized by lots of belts and cutouts. And this dress is nothing short of that. A cutout on one shoulder, the detaching belt to the side, and the matching choker create a fashion piece.


Gothic accessories

Women's Gothic Kitted Hooded Scarf

The scarves in Gothic style are more of accessories rather than the practical role they have. This is such a scarf that has long handles, which end with pom-poms. Made of wide knit, it is great for the summertime.


Women's Gothic Jacquard Underbust Corsets

Another excellent Gothic style accessory is the corset. Coming back straight from the Victorian era, the corsets are a fashionable addition to any outfit. This gothic corset follows the line of the body and it can be worn over a shirt or a dress.


Women's Punk Hooded Cape with Metal Chain

This cape with detached chains can serve as a part of some costume or it can be an addition to the outfit. The chains are detached on the back, centrally, and handing to the sides.


Unisex Gothic Punk Cutout Floral Masks

Since gothic face masks have been a regular part of our daily living, choosing one in a goth style will make an excellent addition to the outfit. It has interesting print and follows the lines of the face.


Unisex Punk Metal Chain Masks

If you want to make your mask even closer to the goth style, the chains will definitely do the work. Handing from one side to the other, with a front zipper, this is more than just a mask.


Unisex Punk Snake Printed Masks

Side snake print in red that comes on the black base, makes this face mask look strong and dramatic. The front stitching adds to the uniqueness of the look.

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July 07, 2021 — Punk Design

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