Although summer is still going strong and the temperatures are pretty high, fashion is an industry that is always ahead of time. No matter the style or the season, if you are a fashion lover, then it is never too late to be prepared for the upcoming season. And for the goth fashion lovers, this is a wonderful choice to browse through our newest selection of gothic clothes that will definitely spice up the look and add a bit of freshness.

For the early fall season, the fashion trends are pretty much the same as the summer ones. However, the new arrivals at Punk Design are more than enough to make the necessary clothing changes and put a fresh vibe to your gothic fashion style. with a special accent on the tops and the shirts, a keeping the black color in focus, there are plenty of different options to choose from and do some shopping.

Take a look at the best Punk Design new arrivals fashion picks!

Women’s gothic tops

Women's Punk Cutout Slim Fitted Black Crop Top

Cutout tops are always interesting since they show some skin. This is a great gothic top. It comes in a black option, of course, with cutouts placed almost in the center on the front and to the side. The collar has a pretty interesting design, with a bel-look-a-like addition. This is a simple t-shirt, with short sleeves that can easily be styled with different kinds of bottoms.


Women's Punk Cutout Black Crop Top with Cross Chain

For those who are looking for a goth-inspired crop top, this addition to the new arrivals list should not be missed. The pretty loose cut, with the short sleeves and the semi-high collar, comes interrupted with an interesting cutout, which makes the cleavage. For a more dramatic look, it is separated in half, making the final and top collar part stand out.


Women's Punk Slim Fitted Chain Black Crop Top

Another great crop top is this retro-looking slim-fit piece. With a square-cut front opening, this top captivates with the discreet chains that are interlocking and making the gothic style very chic. The sleeves are short, and there is a miniature detail on the front that resembles a slit. For a full goth look, the chains from the cleavage are connected to the choker-like neck.


Women's Punk Cutout Buckles Black Crop Top

For the more daring ones, who are looking to make all the impression with their top, this piece is a suitable way to do so. The gothic style can be seen through the entire top. The gothic belt-inspired details, with the rock and punk details, as well as the presence of lots of cutouts, make this top look very youngish and modern-gothic. It can easily be styled with a short mini plaid skirt.


Women's Punk Strappy Cutout Black Halterneck Top

When the modern, gothic, and sexy come together, they create this exquisite halterneck top. Very sexy and revealing, showing a lot of skin this top will leave everyone in awe.  For an accented gothic style, it features some gothic-style pendants that hang just right in the cleavage.


Women's Gothic Leopard Printed Halterneck Top

The leopard print is one of the new favorites among goth lovers. This is a top that fabulously combines the goth cut of the tops, with the retro style of the 90s, with the infused leopard print. There are some subtle ruffles that add to the piece, as well as the halterneck strap for support. The bow detail with a shiny hearth cannot be missed on its very front.


Women's Gothic Doll Collar Slim Fitted White Shirt

If you thought that white is not the most suitable shade for gothic fashion lovers, you are mistaken. Its popularity can be just seen through this particular chic top that combines the modern, Lolita, and gothic styles. The tight cut and the nice collar are filled with black lace that makes it look very elegant and vintage at the same time.


Women’s gothic skirts

Women's Punk Irregular Tie-dyed Black Skirts

Red and black are two color options that display mystique and gothic style. However, with the added tulle and the ballerina style to a skirt, they deliver a fresh-looking piece that can be worn throughout the entire year. The medium-high waist, the side lacing, and the asymmetrical black tulle that comes over the skirt make it an interesting piece with vintage details.


Women's Gothic Plaid Pleated Short Skirt

Every gothic lover must have at least one plaid pleated short skirt in her closet. It is a piece that is always fashionable and it combines several fashion styles together. The medium-high waist, with the subtle pleats, creates a skirt that you will absolutely adore. It can easily be styled and paired with any top from the new arrivals collection.


Women's Gothic Bowknot Layered Black Skirt

If you like to bring back the child nostalgia with layered and ruffled skirts, but add a bit of gothic style, this is skirt will do that. Black in the base, creates an interesting style with the addition of the white laced ruffles. The side bow is additional cute and girly detail.


Women's Punk Skull Irregular Black Pleated Skirts

The punk and the goth style come together in this fabulous and interesting short skirt. From a first look, you can immediately notice the pointy ends that go perfectly with the pleats. The waist has a sewed-in belt with gothic details and a big front detail that adds a dose of drama. For additional accent on the pointy ends, the skirt has tulle parts that make it look even richer.


Women's Punk Drawstring Falbala Black Short Skirt

Chic and gothic create this stylish tight skirt. It follows the line of the body and adds a slimming accent. The two thin interlocking straps add to the waist, and the big ruffle on the ends makes the skirt look very girly. There is a slight asymmetry in the length that makes the skirt a great gothic piece.


Women's Gothic Layered Lace Black Mermaid Skirt

The long mermaid skirts have become extremely popular lately, and this is the one that combines the goth style with the current trends. The cut follows the line of the body and adds an elongating effect. It is perfect for some more formal events and occasions.


Women’s gothic dress

Women's Gothic Bowknot Pleated Black Dress

Dresses are one of the coolest fashion staples and most adored pieces in gothic fashion. From the newest arrivals, this is a dress that will surely captivate with its gothic and romantic side. It is a short dress, with mesh detail around the cleavage and bowtie neck. The sleeves are short, a bit puffy, and the dress follows the line of the silhouette, accenting the waist. The skirt opens up, creating an A-line cut. There are small lace ruffles that make the dress even more stylish.


Women's Gothic Strappy Wing Black Slip Dress

Taking the inspiration and the style from a slip dress, this is a fresh and modern addition to the gothic dresses. From the front, it truly resembles the look of a slip dress, with short length and lace details around the cleavage. The lace details add to that look. on the back, there is a whole other story. The soft mesh creates subtle wings that make the dress look extraordinary and the interlocking straps make the back appear sexy.


Women's Gothic Puff Sleeved Lace Embroidered Black Dress

The maid-looking dresses are one of the favorites among gothic lovers, so this new entry is just like that. The black dress follows an A-line cut, with accented waist with a sewed-in belt. The white details such as the collar and the ends of the sleeves, coming from white lace, make the dress look vintage, Victorian, and gothic.


Women's Gothic Puff Sleeved Lace Hem Red Velvet Dress

Velvet is one of the most popular fabrics that is connected to the gothic fashion style. Especially if it comes in marron, a shade like this one, it will deliver an elegant and stylish look. The cut of this dress is also an A-line, with the length reaching the knees. The skirt is wide, and it opens up towards the end. It also has black lace details that are present on the shoulders, around the neck, and the sleeves.


Women's Gothic Strappy Lace Black Slip Dress

The maxi-length dresses are great for the early fall days. This dress that comes with thin straps is very cool and basic, that will serve you for many more years to come. The underskirt of the dress is short, while the interesting pattern from the dress itself falls all over the floor. It looks stylish and sexy.


Women's Gothic Plaid Splice Black Dress

The upgraded version of the pleated plaid skirt comes in the form of this interesting summer dress. The top part is puffy and comfortable, with a plaid print. From the waist down, it continues in plain black, with a wide skirt. The sleeves are also puffy, and the lace details are present throughout the dress.


Women’s gothic pants

Women's Punk Sheer Flared Black Pants

The flared pants are back on the fashion scene, and they flaunt the '70s and '80s fashion styles. Their popularity has shifted over the gothic style too, which can best be seen through these stylish flared gothic pants. They are tight, following the line of the body and giving the legs an elongating effect. Coming in a classic black color, what makes the gothic style pop up is the front black lace details that are the main accessory of the pants.


Women’s gothic shorts

Women's Gothic Cutout Slim Fitted Black Shorts with Chain

Shorts are a big part of the gothic and punk fashion culture. Especially if they come with chains and belts like these from the Punk design's latest new arrival collection, then, they are certainly a must-have piece. With a high waist, front buttoning, side pockets, and sexy cutouts, these shorts can easily be styled with a matching cutout shirt.


Women’s gothic capes

Women's Gothic Layered Falbala Lace Black Cape

Capes are an important part of a female's gothic fashion style. The latest trends and the fashion trends put the focus and the accent on the lacey, Victorian age-inspired capes. Such is this one, very feminine and soft. It is intended to be worn falling just over the shoulders and covering the top part. The delicate lace is filled with ruffles and adds extraordinary chicness to the outfit.


Women's Gothic Puff Sleeved Lace Black Cape

Another pretty interesting cape is this one, which comes with puffy sleeves at the top, and a long length as it reaches the hands. The high neck is very delicate and delivers an intriguing appearance. This cape resembles the look of sleeves rather than a cape, which is perfect for a dress that comes without straps and bare shoulders.


Women’s gothic corsets

Women's Gothic Strappy Floral Embroidered Black Corset

No new arrivals section at Punk design cannot go without the presence of at least one corset. The corsets have been an important addition to the gothic female fashion, and this corset is exactly what you need if you want to bring sexiness and intrigue to your fashion game. This sexy piece resembles the look of lingerie, and that is why many gothic fashionistas decide to wear it over the clothes. That way, the accent, and the dramatic look are more than appealing.


Women’s gothic gloves

Women's Gothic Strappy Lace Black Gloves

For those who are looking to stock up on some interesting and extraordinary gothic accessories, these strappy lace gloves are a stylish way to do so. Designed to leave the finger movable, the black lace covers the skin up to the elbows. They look very chic and interesting.

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August 12, 2021 — Punk Design

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