As sad as it may sound, the summer season is over. But that does not mean that the fashion style and the outfits have to suffer for it. On the contrary, the fall season is known as the one that offers so many wonderful opportunities to still keep some of the summer garments incorporated with the warmer pieces. So, if you are a fan of the cutouts and shorts, don't despair. The fall is the perfect season to explore some new styles and Devil Fashion is just the right place to look for this fabulous fall transition.


Gothic style is becoming more and more popular, especially lately when some of the most famous celebrities have decided to try it out. So, for those of you who have been long-time lovers of this style, this is a wonderful opportunity to reinvent your Gothic fashion and add some new pieces to your fashion wardrobe.


The new arrivals selection from Devil Fashion Brand keeps the Gothic vibe on point, putting the focus on the black color as well as some warmer fabrics that are great for fall, like leather, fur, etc. Let these new arrivals be the inspiration for your clothing season change. Take a look at some of our special picks that should find their place in your closet.


Women’s Gothic shirts

Women’s Gothic Cutout Buckle Slim Fitted top

Nothing says fashion and style than a slim, tight, body-flattering black top. And if it comes with a shiny finish and faux leather, then, it is top notch. This is a perfect top for all those stylish fashionistas that want to keep the Gothic style rolling and add a hidden dose of elegance. The mid turtle neck is great for fall, while the cutouts are just greatly placed, not to reveal either too little or too much. The buckle across the top is a great accessory.


Women’s Gothic Plunging Drawstring Crop Top

Continuing in the style of faux leather, the next must-have piece for the upcoming fall season is this stylish and cute crop top. What makes it a fall-perfect are the long sleeves and the wonderful fabric that will keep you warm during the chilly days of nights. The true style of this garment can be seen in the wrap-up model of the top, with the cropped length and the laces to the side that add to fashionability and cuteness. The wrap-up top creates a V-neck opening, just wonderful for adding a choker.


Women’s Gothic Cutout Mesh Splice Top

Mesh is a great addition as a detail for the fall clothes too. Especially when it is placed on the sleeves. This delicate top is just like that. Sexy and feminine at the same time, it combines the mesh on the sleeves with the rest of the wonderfully structured design of the Gothic shirt. You will also notice the front centerpiece that keeps both the parts of the shirt connected.


Women’s Gothic Sheepshead printed Plunging Top

Prints are always big on the fashion scene, especially with the Gothic style. Mystique and intriguing, there is an abundance of those that will add to the personal style. One such extraordinary print comes on this plunging top. With bare shoulders are pretty thin straps, the white print dominates on the black base. There is a subtle mesh to add to the beauty of the piece, and the long sleeves make it great for the fall.


Women’s Gothic Pentagram Cutout Mesh Splice Top

A pretty fabulous and quite extraordinary piece that will most certainly make you feel like a Gothic queen is this revealing and unique top. Starting from the mesh sleeves, the shoulder cutouts, the faux leather pentagram on the front, and some discreet patterns, this is a top that delivers a strong and appealing look and outfit. You can easily style it with basic black faux-leather leggings.


Women’s Gothic Slim Fitted Strappy Splice Shirt

Perfect for the colder weather, this is a top that conveniently combines the style of the top with a trench. With its above knees length and the abundance of details, it makes for one truly appealing and captivating fashion piece. The collar and line along the buttoning, the ends of the sleeves are accentuated in shiny faux-leather fabric. The buckles resembling the look of a belt add to the uniqueness of the model.


Women’s Gothic Mesh Splice Irregular Ruched Shirt

Similar in the style to the previous long top, this one is just a bit more basic, with a different vibe. It keeps the black basic color, while the details some in a covered white mesh, making a wonderful contrast. It has asymmetrical length, making one side slightly longer than the other. On the waist, you find a belt-looking accessory that makes this top look like a shirt dress.


Women’s Gothic Crop Top

Women’s Gothic Skull Printed Mesh Crop Top

Crop tops are continuing their fashion presence in the fall season too, and for the Gothic lovers, this is more than good news. The crop top does not have to serve the look just as a crop top, it can be easily styled with a leather jacket or an oversized shirt and deliver a look of a bralette. This mesh crop top is very interesting and stylish, full of Gothic details. It is completely covered in mesh, with details coming on the lower end of the crop top, making it pop out.


Women’s Gothic Irregular Turtleneck Crop top

Turtlenecks are great for the colder season, and they are stylish too. If you thought that you cannot find a suitable one that will truly depict your Gothic fashion vibe, then you have not seen this irregular top that is absolutely to die for. What makes it stand out from the other turtleneck styles is the asymmetrical crop top length, making one side slightly longer than the other. The style is a bit oversized, and the details that come in a form of a belt make it even more extraordinary. The red pop of color through the belt is more than enough to bring a fresh vibe.


Women’s Gothic Dress

Women’s Gothic Puff Sleeved Buckles irregular Dress

When the Gothic Style meets the romantic and feminine side, it results in a style of a dress just like this one. It is full of all the different elements and details that would make even the non-Gothic lovers fall in love with it. Starting from the sleeves, they are carefully designed with a wide mesh and follow the style of the puffy sleeves. They connect to the rest of the dress with straps looking like a belt. Further down, you can find another belt that accentuates the waist. The dress is light, with irregular length and interesting print.


Women’s Gothic Strappy Cutout Splice Plaid Dress

No fall season can go without the presence of one of the most interesting prints, and that is the plaid. Especially the red version is a classic and all-time favorite. This dress from the new arrivals section wonderfully shows how the classic and the modern can work together. From a Gothic point of view, the red plaid comes on a short dress, and the black lace addition on the top is what makes it truly Gothic. It covered the shoulders and the arms, making the dress looking dramatic and strong. On top of it, it finishes around the neck, with a choker-like detail.


Women’s Gothic Irregular Chained Slip Dress

The slip dress is another common Gothic dress style that combines the modern with the dark. This piece from the new arrivals section is seriously daring and strong, holding, caring, and delivering a true Gothic vibe. The thin and tiny straps that carry it make a nice cleavage. The line of the dress follows the line of the body, making it slim at the waist, and opening down as it continues towards the end. On the end, it is asymmetrical and irregular, ending in pointy details. The entire dress is covered in a nice pattern, while some red details make it interesting and not basic.


Women’s Gothic Irregular Cutout Mesh Splice Dress

Sexy and strong, this is a dress that you can most certainly wear to your next night out. It has everything that one Gothic fashionista would want, with the perfect mixture of modern and Gothic vibes. Of course, it comes in the most classic black color, making it resemble the dark Gothic style so well. The cutouts start as soon as the shoulders, continuing in full covered long sleeves. The straps are inter-crossed among themselves, with one pretty appealing one, with holes making it look like a belt. The model and the cut of the dress are tight and slim, following the silhouette and making the outfit look sexy. In the end, it does not have a regular end. On the contrary, the pointy ends make it look unique and stylish.


Women’s Gothic Toned Horn Sleeved mesh Splice  Dress

If you are looking for something fancy, but still keep the Gothic vibe on point, then, this is the dress that you can wear on your formal occasions and still be you. The top of the dress starts with a soft line, creating a misbalance to the left and the right side. One shoulder is covered while the other is bare. It connects with long sleeves, making the arm look slim and sexy. The mesh is present throughout the entire dress, making it look soft and feminine. The discreet patterns make for an extraordinary look. To add a bit of rebellious look, the dress ends in an unexpected way, looking like it has been torn and pulled to the sides, but in a modern way.


Women’s Gothic Pants and leggings

Women’s Gothic Cobweb Printed Cutout Pants

These are the leggings that will deliver a completely new dimension to what you thought is Gothic leggings. Nothing but ordinary, they captivate with their fabulous design. One leg comes fully covered, while the other has a major cutout that connects the upper and the lower part with buckle detail. The bats' prints and the spider webs are the details that make the pattern.


Women’s Gothic Faviform Zipper Faux Leather Pants

Black, shiny, dramatic, and unique – these are just some of the things that come to mind when you see these Gothic-style leggings. The specific design makes them fabulous and chic. The upper part comes in a lacquer faux leather, making it look like shorts. Further down, the leggings continue in a matte finish, with shimmery details. The front zipper is what adds a dose of drama and mystique to this Gothic fashion piece.


Women’s Gothic Sheepshead Printed Mesh Splice Leggings

Another pretty extraordinary and colorful leggings are these sheepshead printed mesh leggings. The print is so dominant and appealing that will make the leggings centerpiece of your outfit.


Women’s Gothic coats

Women’s Gothic Strappy Coat

With its sporty style and Gothic vibe, this coat resembles the look of a sweatshirt. The front zipper has a nice pendant and will keep you warm through the chilly days and nights.


Women’s Gothic Faux Leather long coat

The black faux leather coat is a piece that never goes out of style and wonderfully complements the Gothic style. With the details on the shoulders and the fabulous collar, it will definitely catch the eye.


Women’s Gothic Pentagram Splice jacket

For the playful and happy Gothic fashionistas, this coat with ears will deliver a look somewhere between the child and the rebel. The front zipper and the Pentagram details stand out on this fashion piece.


Women’s Gothic Stand Collar Zebra-stripe

Bringing some color and pattern into your Gothic style is easy if you go with the black and white zebra-stripe jacket. The added collar looking like a belt, and leather details make it look fancy.


Women's Gothic Slim Fitted Strappy Coat with Hood

Chains, pendants, and zippers are all part of this pattern's midi coat with a hood. The most interesting details come together at the center front.


Women’s Gothic Belt

Elastic Tassels Faux Leather Girdle

A true Gothic fashion lover cannot have too many belts. The one from the Devil's Fashion new arrivals selection is vintage, Gothic-inspired, featuring lots of medieval details as well as side tassels that make the most out of it.

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