If you are following the latest fashion trend, then you are certainly aware of the popularity of the Goth style. Considered dark, gloomy, and a bit scary, the Goth fashion style is taking over the fashion market as well as the street fashion. More and more celebrities have found the Goth inspiration to be the right choice for switching up their looks and outfits. Moreover, just in time for the winter, there is a no better option to go with than the dark black color.

The Goth fashion is all about wearing dark, with lots of different details, patterns, and accessories that will make the outfit stand out. Inspired by the Victorian era, with the dose of punk and rock, the devil fashion newest arrival selection delivers a lot of feminine pieces that will work great in different outfits.

Take a look at the tops picks from Devil Fashion's new arrival selection, both for women and men,  and get ready for the winter days in style.


Women’s Devil Fashion new arrivals selection

Gothic Shirts

Gothic Puff Sleeved Lace Splice shirt

The gothic shirts are delicate and interesting pieces to style. The shirt is the one that will catch some eyes. Coming with a high collar, wonderful puffy sleeves, front buttoning, and glamorous sheer, it is a piece that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The slim fit just adds an additional dose of femininity.


Gothic Capes

Gothic Floral Embroidered Splice Cape

Capes are must-have pieces in modern Goth fashion. Serving as outerwear, they are pretty interesting to style. This cape is a colorful and fresh choice to add to your look a fresher vibe as well as a bit of color. The cape is black, with red look-a-like fur details and red pom-poms. It is short so that it can easily be styled into different fashion outfits.


Gothic Floral Embroidered Splice Cape with Hood Red

Another pretty interesting choice is the reversed color version of the previously mentioned cape. The cape comes with a maroon base color. It is a deep color, a great new version of the contemporary Goth style. It is accompanied by black fur on the sleeves and the front.


Gothic Strappy Unedged Cloak

And for those who want to keep it classy and black, then, this cloak is the option to go with. It is comfortable, warm, and stylish, with lots of furs that will keep you warm through the colder days. It is very short and modern, coming just over the shoulders. It features a hood that adds to an interesting style and looks.


Gothic Pants

Gothic Strappy Splice Ribbed Flared

The winter season is just the right time to spice up your look when it comes to choosing pants. The pants are a blend between the Goth, retro, and modern styles. Coming in ribbed fabric, they feature cutouts that are covered in an under-fabric in maroon. The flared leg is pretty fabulous and stylish. The length reaches the ankles, making them easy to style with ankle boots and platforms.


Gothic Skirts

 Gothic Floral Lace Splice Layered Skirt

Just like the pants, the skirts are also a nice and interesting way to add some playfulness to the regular Goth looks and outfits. What is predominantly interesting about the Goth-style skirts is that they are often full of details such as mesh, lace, embroidery, etc. All of that is more than enough to make the piece stand out. This winter, go with a bit different option. This skirt comes with a maxi length and delivers a full Gothic and mysterious appearance. The soft mesh and tulle are sheer and see-through. The end of the skirt is covered in more interesting details, resembling the look of a curtain.


Gothic Leggings

Gothic Strappy Printed Leggings White

No matter the time and the season, the leggings are a must-have piece in every goth-lover closet. Even on the world fashion level, the leggings are enjoying the highest popularity ever. With the special accent on the comfortability and the coziness of the garment, this season, the Devil Fashion new arrivals selection puts the focus on two pairs of extraordinary Goth leggings. For those who are willing to leave an unforgettable impression with their fashion choice, the gothic leggings white is a choice that will achieve the goal. Comfortable, with elasticized waist and white details that resemble white lace-up details.


Gothic Strappy Printed Leggings Red

The other options of the same leggings with different color options. Instead, of the white lacing print at the front, the other option is the maroon one. It would look great with a shirt or a cape that has the same maroon-red color.


Gothic Bags

Gothic Floral Bucket Bag

Bags, as part of the accessories, are big and important details that add to the Goth look and outfit. Following up with world fashion trends that put the accent on the famous bucket bag, the newest selection of Devil fashion Bags include the Gothic Floral Bucket BagThe bucket style comes with floral details, as well as a big heart shape on the front of the bag. The chain is long enough so that it can be worn as a cross-body bag. It looks elegant and delicate.


Gothic floral Star Bag

Another great bag from the selection is the Gothic floral Star Bag. Coming in a round shape, it will instantly deliver an entirely new look and feel on the gothic outwear that you are wearing. It is quite extraordinary. The design features a star that is centrally positioned alongside some red shining stones that add to the uniqueness of the bag. This is the accessory that will complete your Gothic fashion outfit.


Gothic Gloves

Gothic floral Color Gradient Gloves

Another important piece and detail for gothic fashion lovers are the gloves. Gloves have been a symbol of femininity through different fashion times. Women especially were expected to wear gloves as part of their feminine and elegant outfits. today, the gloves with goth style come inspired from the rock and punk fashion. That is what makes them an important and inevitable part of the Goth style. The gloves are a matching piece to the round bag. These two pieces create a wonderful due and complete themselves. Soft and shimmery, the front details feature lace and jewels that shine and make the gloves extraordinary.


Gothic Floral Sheer Gloves

However, for those who are looking for more fashionable attention and vibe of the gloves than its practical use, these gloves are the perfect option. Designed to mimic the look of lace gloves, without covering the fingers, these gloves truly are an addition that will make any Goth look top-notch.


Gothic Corsets

Gothic Floral Strappy Underbust Corset

Another important staple of the gothic fashion style is the corset. Also coming from the Victorian era, the corsets were considered a part of lingerie. But, the modern Goth fashion puts them as a regular fashion piece, that can be worn visible and over different clothing pieces. From the newest arrival selection, this corset is an option to go with. It is designed so that it just fits the waist and accents the female lines and silhouette. It has interesting designs, comes in black color, with floral details and lovely lace. The opening is on the front, with visible and accented locks.


Men’s Devil Fashion new arrivals selection

Gothic Shirts

Gothic Strappy Irregular Mesh Shirt

Men's gothic shirts' new arrivals selection is full of different models and styles, perfect for everyone who looks to upgrade their closet and add new pieces. Starting with the Gothic Strappy Irregular Mesh Shirt, this is a piece that is created for the boldest and the ones who feel daring in their fashion choices.  It comes with long sleeves and the entire shirt is made of mesh. There is some lacing on the sides and the entire piece looks pretty Gothic.


Gothic Ruched Sheer Mesh Shirt

Continuing in the tone of see-through detail and mesh is the Gothic Ruched Sheer Mesh Shirt. It also comes with long sleeves but it is primarily and dominantly covered in see-through black mesh. It comes with a crew neck and it can easily be paired with black jeans for a more subtle look or with leather pants for a full gothic and punk look.


Gothic Turtleneck Strappy Irregular shirt

For those who want to add a medieval gothic vibe to their outfit, the shirt is a choice to go with. It has a very interesting design with a different pattern all over the shirt. The end is irregular, with different pointy details. The turtleneck resembles the look of some sporty sweatshirt, but wonderfully accompanies the entire style.


Gothic Puff Sleeved Faux Leather Splice Shirt

That proof that men can wear puffy sleeves is this shirt. It is a bold choice. It comes in faux leather and is covered in discreet print. The wrists and the collar are accentuated with shiny faux leather, and the puff sleeves just add to the medieval and gothic vibe.


Gothic Puff Sleeved Lace Splice Shirt

Another shirt with puff sleeves is the Gothic Puff Sleeved Lace Splice Shirt. It comes in black color, is covered in lace, and has more of a grotesque vibe. The collar is regular, while the front ruffles deliver an interesting detail to the shirt. The puff sleeves are gothic detail that cannot be missed.


 Gothic Buckle Splice Shirt

The punk and rock and roll style often comes pretty close to the Gothic style. With that inspiration comes one piece from the newest arrivals selection which is the Gothic Buckle Splice Shirt. On a first look, it appears pretty simple and basic. However, the details that stand out are the buckles, on the wrists. The front buttoning looks very punk and similar details can be found on the collar too.


Gothic Puff Sleeved Ruff Irregular Shirt

The final gothic shirt from the wide selection of men’s gothic shirts is the colorful and rich shirt. It comes from a soft material, with a shiny velvety finish. The design and the cut are pretty irregular. The puff sleeves are one of the many things that can be seen on a first look. Its basic color is black, however, there are lots of maroon details that make the shirt stand out.


Gothic Pants

Gothic Strappy Splice Buckle Unedged Pants

Gothic pants are also very popular among men, especially the ones that are trying to capture the entire appearance and the style of gothic fashion. To pair and style it with a similar shirt, the pants are a cool and masculine representation of the rebellious and gothic style.


Gothic Faux Leather Splice Multi-pocket Pants

For those who are willing to add some colorfulness and playfulness to the style and choose some extraordinary pants, the pants are an interesting option to try. Coming in faux leather, with a distinctive pattern, the pants have a slim cut and are easy to style.


Gothic Floral Zipper Pants

The last piece from the selection of the new arrivals is the Gothic Floral Zipper Pants. With a shiny and shimmery finish, these pants have a straight cut and look pretty ordinary. However, the waist is what stands out, with its unique design and appearance.


Gothic Coats

Gothic Floral Swallow-tailed Coat


Gothic Floral Zipper Coat 


Gothic Turn-down Collar strappy long coat


Floral Zipper Coat with Faux Fur


 Long Coat with a Hood


Swallow-tailed Coat Black

Whether you are looking for a coat for some special reason or a themed party, the Gothic Floral Swallow-tailed Coat is one playful garment that will definitely catch eyes. It has floral patterns and design and comes in red-maroon color. If you are looking for a longer-length coat, then the Gothic Floral Zipper Coat is a stylish gothic choice. It looks very retro and appealing. Similar to the length and the style it provides is the Gothic Turn-down Collar Strappy Long Coat and the Floral Zipper Coat with Faux Fur, which is great for the wintertime. The appealing detail is the side buckle belt. However, for a full goth and scary look, the Long Coat with a Hood cape-looking piece will bring you back in time. Last on the selection list is the faux leather-looking Swallow-tailed Coat Black, which is short, and delivers a look of a blazer.


Gothic Kilts

 Gothic Tie-dyed Faux Leather Kilt

Last, but not least important in the selection is the unmissable kilt. This kit will make any pants and any outfit stand out.

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November 23, 2021 — Punk Design

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