Halloween is one of the holidays that celebrate the dead. It is dark, full of details like skeletons, spiders, bats, and lots of different things, and the only acceptable color is black. Come Halloween, there are lots of events and even festivals that require a special Halloween outfit.  Halloween is also a holiday when you can dress in some costume and show your creativity. Girls are not the only ones that enjoy this holiday and enjoy wearing masks and other outfits that are something that you don't see very often. Men are also starting to like and appreciate Halloween more and more.

Usually, when dressing for Halloween, men do not pay much attention to the make-up and the hair. Instead, they try compensating with clothes and costumes that will define the entire look. As you already know, Punk design has already got the male population covered for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

For all those of you who need some Hallowing inspiration but you also need some styling suggestions, we have got you covered. Meet our Devil fashion brand that specializes in thematic men’s fashion and style. Take a look at our suggestions for interesting Halloween outfit ideas:

Winter spliced sweater

This is the type of sweater that can work in many different scary outfits. The big and comfortable opening around the neck continues into a comfortable hoodie. The sweater itself has a loose cut and the only details are the spliced sleeves. There is a connection between each of the sleeves with gothic lacing, giving the sweater a bit of Goth and punk vibe. The color is black and it will go with any mask and bottoms.


Lace-up belts sweater

Another interesting sweater, similar to the previous one, is this one, with a special accent put on the hoodie and sides on the sleeves. The entire end of the hoodie as well as the sides of the sleeves are filled with belt holes and belt closings. These same ends are covered in black and shiny leather, resembling the look of the original belt. The hoodie is left with the open holes, while the sides are filled with belt-like details.


Mesh gloved top

For those of you who want to bring a bit of different style and vibe for the Halloween, this mesh gloved top will leave an impression. The opening around the neck is quite wide, while the sleeves, from the elbows down are covered in mesh. And the ending is not a plain one- it is done in a glove. The basis of the sweater is black and shiny, resembling the look of leather, making the sweater even more unique. This top is best styled with some skinny leather pants and boots.


Puff sleeved shirt

Puffy sleeves are not just for girls. Bringing back the Victorian and gothic vibe, this is the shirt that provides the look like you are part of the Adams family. The collar is high and sharp, while the sleeves of the shirt are puffy and baloney. The front buttoning is done accented with big and shiny buttons. Another pretty unique accent comes from the ends around the ankles of the shirt that are fastened with the sewed-in small belts.


Punk Vintage kilt

Kilts are traditional wear for some nations and many men have incorporated the kilts even in their regular wardrobe. Even though it might be a little funny to be seen wearing it out there on the street, there is no obstacle when it comes to Halloween. This kilt has an A-line cut, it reaches somewhere over the knees and it does resemble the look of a women's skirt. What makes it unique is the belt that is positioned on the waist, made of leather, and fastens at the back like a belt.


Ripped Straps vest

Wearing a vest directly onto the bare body is something that resembles the look of the one that gladiators have. This gothic vest is just like that. Without sleeves and deep V-neck opening, it is ripped at the ends and finishes in a small wrap-up. The only accented details are the two straps positioned directly on the v-neck opening.


Hooded Faux leather lace-up vest

Whether you are looking to achieve the look of a zombie or one of some moving skeleton, this vest will help you nail the look. Made out of faux leather, it shines elegantly, while the attached hoodie makes it look even better. The lace-up front nicely complements the gothic details on the side of the shoulder.


Waistcoat with pockets

This is a bit of a different vest. It is a wrap-up garment, without sleeves, that has side pockets on it. There are lots of punk and gothic details on it, like ropes, belts, and other holes. This vest can also be worn over a shirt in the same style. The V-neck opening from the wrap-up creates a nice symmetry with the ending, making the vest as unordinary as they come.


Zipper fly waistcoat

Another vest that you can try for your Halloween outfit is the zipper fly one. Considered more as a waistcoat rather than a vest, it is full of different details that will make a perfect outfit for Halloween. The one-shoulder features two parallel belts. The waistcoat closes as a wrap-up but with a side zipper, while the front is all laced-up.


Long waistcoat

Moving away from the punk and gothic style, this long waistcoat presents a different look. It is long, and resembles the look of a trench coat but without the sleeves. The lapels are opened to the sides and covered in leather and belt holes. From these holes, there are leather straps that hang to the sides and connect the front lapels to the back. There is a central zipper that holds the long vest closed.


Hooded winter coat

For a full and completely done, scary, and Goth look, this winter coat will do the work. The length reaches the knees, making it great for styling with some cool pants and boots. Lacing as detail is present on to the sides of the shoulders. The hoodie is relaxed and comes as a great addition to the coat. The front closing is done by diagonal zipper and interesting belts that hold the sides together.


Fur winter coat

Getting into the vibe of Game of thrones outfits is now easy with this great winter coat. The most eye-catching detail is the fur that comes on the shoulders and to the sides. It is fastened with leather belts that interlock on the front, creating the look of the X letter. The coat is long, going over the knees, and with long sleeves. There is a detached vest underneath it, that keeps the coat in place and a zipper that closes all the way to the collar.


Furry winter cloak

Cloaks and capes are other great options when it comes to adding style to your Halloween outfit. Big, voluminous, and dominant, this cloak is great and appealing. Coming in black, it provides a strong and sharp look. There are openings for the arms and the head, and the rest of it just falls freely. The front is secured with two belts and the shoulders are covered with fabric that will keep you warm. This cloak can be worn with the jacket underneath it.


Devil cloak

Bats and Batman come together in the look of this cloak that will definitely leave an unforgettable impression. The pointy ends and the irregular cut, with the tassels and cutouts, make this cloak unique in its design. The high collar is just right, similar to those wore back at that time. Overall, it is scary and will nail the look you are trying to achieve.



Fur jacket

This is the jacket that can also serve as a moto jacket if you don't mind all the details. The black leather is a great choice, and the fur to the ends of the sleeves is just suitable for the colder season. There is some feathery fur on the shoulders and the back of the jackets, and the front belts are keeping it closed and tight. There are also some punk silvery details on the lapels and to the sides.


Skinny pants

As fashion constantly changes, men are starting to wear slimmer and tighter pants. For Halloween, this skinny pants with black shiny and lacquer finish are will add the dose of intrigue and curiosity to the outfit. There is a discreet print or a labyrinth pattern that gives them a futuristic design. They look best styled with boots.


Skinny trousers

Another similar yet different type from the previous ones are the skinny trousers. Slim fit and tight tailoring are the two characteristics of these pants. The shiny finish in the form of shiny leather is present again, but only on some parts, not the entire pants. The area around the waist and the pockets are matte and these pants are greatly styled with some leather jacket for a Halloween punk outfit.


It is well known that the accessories complete an outfit and make it one to remember. Whether that is in the regular daily outfits or the ones like these for Halloween, adding accessories is a cool and interesting choice that improves the look and makes the costume look more original and appealing.

These are some interesting accessories that will make any Halloween outfit original and cool:

Mesh mask

Since masks have become a crucial part of everyone’s outfit, they can serve their function well also as part of a Halloween outfit. This mask is full of details. It has rings to the side, as well as other punk details that make it a perfect addition to a punk outfit. It fits great on the face and does provide a bit of scary and unique look.


Half gloves

Moto styles and punk styles cannot go without the presence of the gloves. In this case, for a catching Halloween outfit, add the half gloves as a detail that will go well with any type of outerwear. These gloves are open at the fingers, and they reach the ankles. There are details like a belt, side zipper, lacing, and mesh which make them cool.


Skull hats

If you ever wanted to wear a hat like the magicians in the past, now you can have it in an upgraded form with the presence of gothic style. This is the type of hat that will make you look scary. It is tall, made out of leather and it is filled with small details like skull heads that are something Halloween inspired. This type of hat goes great with a cape or long coat.


Body harness

Think of this accessory as a one combining the modern fanny pack but with different style and longer harnesses that go all over the body. This body accessory comes with three harnesses in total: one that goes cross-body, and two that go around the back to the front. They resemble the looks of punk and rock belts, with holes and everything. Although they might seem as they have no real purpose, this harness is an accessory that can hold some personal belongings and allow having free hands. The store space is small but practical. They can be loosened enough so that they can go over any jacket and coat.

Depending on the final look that you want to achieve, these garments and pieces will most definitely fit well in the final look. Black is the dominant color among them all, and it additionally accents the scariness and darkness of Halloween itself. The tops, the bottoms, and the outerwear garments can easily be paired and styled among themselves, while the accessories come as a nice addition to any of the previously mentioned garments and they are also very interesting considering they are men's accessories. Even more, they can be worn all together and make the outfit more dominant, complete, and Halloween-inspired.

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