Goth style is a unique and special style that many girls adore it. Although it is considered as dark and not very friendly for everyday choice, it certainly is distinctive. It comes closely connected to the punk style, with the black being the most dominant color. Many find inspiration in the goth style when it comes to themed parties, holidays like Halloween, and other events when they want to make an impression.

The difference in the cut, details, embroidery, and embellishments that are close to the goth style, come closely connected to the punk style too. Different symmetry, buttoning, collars, and sleeves with pointy ends all define the looks of the goth style. Whichever the reason, if you are feeling into doing the full goth mood, here are some suggestions from our store:

Women's Punk Furry Fur Coats

The furry coats bring an ancient vibe to the style and the outfit the person is wearing. The cut and the look resemble the look of the outwear that people used to wear in the past to keep their bodies warm. This coat is a lot softer and fashionable. It comes in black color. The sleeves are wide and comfortable, while the length is short. The shoulders are sharp and the front ends are slightly curved to the inside, making it look shorter on the front compared to the back.


Women's Gorgeous Asymmetric Glossy Skirts

This skirt is something that will make you dominant the full goth look. Probably best to be worn on some occasion, this is the skirt that you see it on the TV in some movies from the Victorian time. the very well-known cut of the skirt comes wider and the hips and falls freely down. The marron is deep and mystique shade, featuring lots of asymmetric details and curtain-like additions. The Victorian pattern with the glossy finish provides a costume that is something unseen so far.

Women's Vintage Long Velvet Skirts

Another pretty cool skirt suitable for the costumed party is the long vintage velvet skirt. Similar yet different from the previous one, this skirt comes in black and it is made of velvet. The velvet is very soft to the touch and delivers a gothic and mystic vibe. It looks full, elegant, deep, and gothic and it is true to the original look of these types of skirts worn during Victorian times. The shiny finish makes the velvet look very elegant yet intriguing. The details such as tiny embellishments and ruffles make the skirt look even more appealing.


Women's Gothic One-word Collar Velvet Shirts

The gothic shirts that come as a signature to look connected to specifically that style provide quite a unique look that today can only be seen in the movies. What makes them quite distinctive is the fabric that they are made of, as well as the look. usually, they come in velvet option, and different colors, mainly dark ones. This gothic shirt is just like that. It features bare shoulders, long sleeves, and is very tight. As an addition to the shirt comes a collar, serving the purpose of an accessory - choker. There are sewed in buttons to the front, ruffles to the entire line of cleavage, and at the end of the sleeves.


Women's Vintage Off-shoulder Velvet Shirts

This marron colored option is an excellent choice for those who like to add some color to the gothic style. The same look and the same feature come on the shirt compared to the black one. The final finish and the shine are more visible on this shirt rather than the black one, but both are very eye-catching. The shoulders remain exposed and revealed and the choker is also in maroon color.


Men's Punk Metal Nail Short Coats

Men also like the goth and punk style, with the same reference in the outfits and the times as the female outfits. Although female fashion can have more impact on the eye, the men’s gothic garments are also quite interesting. This short coat delivers a punk mode. It looks like a black leather jacket, with sharp shoulders and front zipper. The collar is high, and what makes this coat attractive are the front double buttons and the stitching lines that define the texture of the coat.


Men's Punk Heavy Metal Short Vests

Vests are an interesting addition to every outfit. This one comes with a punk and heavy metal vibe. The black color and the unique riffled pattern are distinctive to this style. The big and round buttons are what defines the goth and vintage style, and they are positioned in double rows at the front. The front zipper goes all the way up, and the cut gives a slimming effect to the body.


Men's Gothic Jacquard Front Breasted Vests

This vest looks super cool worn a motor jacket. It features jacquard details that make it look more colorful and unique. The front is interesting, with specially designed details and high color. It can be easily styled with a leather jacket and leather pants.


Men's Punk Military Rivets Buckle-up Hats

Buckle hats are very popular among men, especially this one that connects the goth and mystic. The little horns, the chain, and the belt give the ultimate dark look.


Women's Grunge Faux Leather Cowboy Hats With Chains

The cowboy hats fit greatly in the women’s goth style. The dark leather with imprinted patterns and chains is very cool and fabulous.


Women's Punk Zipper Cutout Faux Leather Dresses

Sexy, metallic, and bold are only some of the adjectives describing this dress. Short and daring, this is a choice for girls looking to have some fun.


Women's Punk Hollow Out Glitzy Shiny Dresses

Pink is not the color that will best describe the gothic style, but this latex dress is something that will serve the purpose. The lacing on the front and the arms show minimum skin and everything else is left to the imagination.


Women's Gothic Jacquard Back Zipper Dresses

Dark and horror are what come to mind seeing this dress. Long, with back lacing and pointy sleeves, this dress will look great as a Halloween costume.


Women's Gothic Cutout Spider Embroidered Maxi Dresses

No goth style suggestion can go without the presence of the spiders. To finish up, this long black dress features a spider web at the front and cutouts to the sleeves.


With this set of new arrivals, every gothic lover will find its picks!

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