Gothic fashion is a style that has been around for centuries. Goths initially refer to the Goths belonging to the Germanic tribes of Western Europe. At the same time, Goth is also an artistic style, mainly characterized by towering, eerie, bizarre, mysterious, and scary, which is widely used in various creative fields such as architecture, literature, and clothing. Gothic fashion is everywhere, so how do we start being a goth? Now, Punk Design will accompany you to explore gothic fashion.

What is Gothic Fashion?

Gothic fashion is exaggerated, asymmetrical, peculiar, light, complex, and multi-layer, characterized by the frequent use of vertically extended lines. The main representative elements include black clothing, bats, roses, solitary castles, crows, crosses, blood, black cats, etc.

 Gothic fashion does not have a uniform system design; the main elements include grunge clothes, rivets jewelry, black hair, light blonde hair, black nails, pale skin, black lipstick, eye shadow, etc. Gothic accessories include cross brooches, rivets belts, lace gloves, mesh headwear, eyelets masks, etc. There are so many elements of gothic fashion that it is not difficult to become a goth, and we can progress step by step.

Find Your Goth Genre

Goth is just a broad range of styles; it has many genres specifically. Examples include Cyber Goth, Victorian Goth, Steam Punk Goth, and many more. Only by truly understanding the goth culture can you become a unique goth and find the right gothic style for you. So let's get to know some of the significant goth genres!

Cyber Goth

Cyber Goth genre of goth is more aggressive and likes industrial and trance music. (Trance music is a genre of electronic music that originated in the British New Age music scene and the 1990s German techno and hardcore scene with rhythms between 110-150bpm). Cyber Goth evolved from industrial music and fashion.

Cyber Goth is fond of gothic gas masks in terms of clothing, and goggles are generally worn on the head. They like bright clothing, gothic tank tops, mesh tops, leg warmers, faux leather jackets, loose pants, and huge platform boots. They love to mix and match neon and black colors. Cyber goth hair is mainly synthetic dreadlocks or hair extensions.


Steampunk Goth

Steampunk Goth is a cross between Victorian and Cyber Goth, with a relatively metallic solid feel. They love science fiction and Victorian literature. Most of them like to listen to Emilie Autumn or Rasputina for music.

Steampunk Goth clothing is daily, such as punk pants with chains, steampunk boots, high-top hats, faux leather gloves, black T-shirts, and zipper corsets. Everyone can dress up like this once in a while. If you are interested, you can shop the brand Punk Rave.


Victorian Goth

In contrast to the romantic Victorian Goths, they had more rococo elements, ornate costumes, and exaggerated clothing hemlines. The Victorian Goths liked to be like opera orchestras and classical music. They aimed to achieve the ultimate elegance and perfection, like the aristocratic elite or the rich. Men liked bow ties, vintage plaid pants, and high-top hats. Women like vintage layered dresses, jacquard corsets, and pearl jewelry.


Pastel Goth

Most people think of black when it comes to gothic colors; Pastel Goth proves this is wrong. Their main characteristic is that they like evil clothing, but their hair is light or gradient. If you are worried that the work does not allow too vivid hair color, you can choose a hair wig or hair extension; it is very convenient. Grunge bone hairpins, gothic religious-related headwear, and cross earrings are very popular with them. They like laser fabric. The overall dress will lean toward light colors, but there will be black as a discordant element—for example, the pink dress with pure black makeup.

Daily Gothic Outfits

It would be best if you had a better understanding of goth after browsing some of the genres of goth. If you are unsure which genre you prefer for the time being y, you can start with more daily gothic clothing, and you may have a choice in the direction you want to go as you keep trying. Let's see what are the basics of gothic outfits together.

Gothic Tank Tops with Jeans

I'd recommend starting with essential black pieces, and that would be black leggingsblack jeansblack t-shirts, and black tank tops. Once you have a solid black base, add accessories to spice up your look.

You can get a gothic black tank top with ripped jeans. As well as choose a pair of punk boots with chain. If you think this outfit is too monotonous, pick some gothic jewelry such as a skull choker, asymmetrical earrings, or layered open rings. Grunge hoodies, faux leather jackets, or coats are great for when you want to go out. I love dressing like this with a gothic corset. I feel like a corset adds so much to any look. It makes my waist look slimmer. One tip for your guys is to try to bend down with a grunge corset before putting on a grunge corset to tie your shoes.

Gothic Dresses

I believe the basics are the backbone of every outfit. For example, the gorgeous off-shoulder black dress would be considered more pin-up than goth. But if you have a corset, it changes the whole look. You could also add a waist cincher belt, a punk harness, a choker, and other gothic accessories. It instantly transforms the entire outfit and your look.

The gothic asymmetrical hemline dress with some lace will look more goth or alternative. The silhouette will be perfect with a bit of corset lacing in the back. You also could always add a harness or a belt center on top. Now you don't have to show much skin to dress more goth.

Gothic Shirts with Skirts

If you want your outfit to be more Victorian Goth, try to pick a vintage frilly shirt. Because this shirt has a slim fitted silhouette, and the ruffles around the shirt will have a more victorian vibe. I love picking a little gothic cape or neckwear on a little gothic cape neckwear on top of the shirt. Because it is more layered, I can take it off whenever possible.

Choose a gothic black skirt for the bottom. But because this outfit is all black and we have this shiny punk belt to accompany it. It instantly gives it a more gothic vibe. A mermaid skirt that has ruffles at the bottom as well as some ruched on the sides of the hips. And it's very form-fitting, so it gives you a sleek shape. But a plain black skirt like this is great because you can pair it with anything. You pair it with a crop top, a mesh shirt, and something like this outfit for a more vintage vibe.


How to Get Gothic Makeup?

Now gothic fashion is beginning to be used in makeup styling; wearing gothic clothing and the corresponding makeup is necessary. Gothic makeup is best if you like whimsical colors and a dark and spooky look.

Base makeup

Gothic makeup is more suitable for people with fair skin; fair skin will form a solid tonal contrast with black gothic clothing. Generally, choosing a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone is good too. The white foundation will look like it is floating on your face. The foundation should be matte and have strong coverage. The foundation should not be applied too lightly. Gothic makeup foundation must be very detailed; imperfections may spoil the overall effect.

Eye makeup

Eyeliner is the focus of the entire gothic look. To be safe, draw the shape with eyeliner first and then take a heavy eyeliner to fill it in. For girls with small eyes, you can start drawing eyeliner 1mm above the upper eyelid, making your eyes look bigger and more divine. In everyday life, if you remove the upper eyeliner, you can skip the lower eyeliner.

If you are attending a costume party, you can pick a gothic feathered mask;  don't draw eye shadow; use light coffee eye shadow to outline the contours.

Lip makeup

Choose a matte lipstick; black is suitable for people with fair skin. A berry red lipstick with a gothic black slip dress stuns everyone. To create a dry and burnt lip look, apply lipstick on the lips gradually from the inside out, not too evenly.

Now it is very convenient to shop online to pick up punk gothic clothing; when we look for clothing online, specific keywords help us see what we're looking for more quickly. Some keywords are mesh, chains, layer, faux leather, lace, stripe, puff sleeves, etc. If you filter the clothing color to black on any website, that will always help you find more gothic clothing or alternative.

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