How to rock a little black dress the goth way

Its common knowledge that the LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must-have in every girl's closet. It's that one dress you can never go wrong with, whether you're dressing for a date, a corporate party or an evening cocktail party. But what if you like a little bit of spice and character in your LBD? If you're looking to add a Gothic touch to your little black dress, there are ways to achieve such a look without trying too hard. Below are a few ideas to consider.


Sexy Spooky Siren


Who said goths are just spooky. You can be sexy and sinister at the same time. Short black dresses which show off a little bit (or a lot of) skin will give you a sexy look. You can wear dresses with low cuts at the top to reveal a bit of cleavage. If you have great legs, you may also consider wearing dresses that reveal your thighs while hugging you tightly to reveal your curves. Such dresses are well suited for evening parties and dinner dates. You may also consider black high low and off-shoulder dresses. Also, pair them up with high heels or boots depending on the weather and the occasion. To complete the look, add a touch of sinister makeup.


Mysteriously Romantic


If you're a true fan of the Goth culture, then you know about romantic goths. They add a sensual touch to their fashion and they're not always in plain black clothes or heavy dark makeup. To be honest, you can't always be a romantic Goth but there are instances where you want to retain your gothic vibe without appearing out of place. For instance, if you're going on a date with cute Dave from work, you might want to add a sensual touch to your dress code without losing your persona in the process. In such a scenario, it would be best to go for a Goth black little dress with lace additions and a bit of color. Lace is one of the most sensual fabrics associated with romance. It has the ability to conceal and reveal in equal measure, a quality that you'll need if you're headed for a date. Lace is also perceived as a symbol of chastity (as seen in weddings) as well as a representation of debauchery. It's, therefore, the perfect fabric in your Goth black little dress. 


Casual Goth days


Dressing like a Goth is not an event. It’s a way of life. It's an identity you want to adorn every single day, but let's be honest; you can't wear your gothic lace dress or your cocktail party dress all the time. You need something light and laid back for the everyday look. A black shift dress with occult symbols such as skulls, the six-pointed star or the winged serpent is perfect for a casual event or an outing with friends. Short, black skater dresses are also great for casual events. They can be worn with anything but to stand out; you may need to spice the look with dark makeup or occult jewelry. A black shirt dress is also perfect for a laid-back casual event. You don't have to put in too much effort to bring out your gothic nature if you settle for a shirt dress.


Colorful yet Gothic

There are ways to add color to your Goth black little dress. After all, Cyber goths are known to love colors. Red complements a black gothic dress perfectly. There are so many ways to incorporate this lively color, also perceived as the color of passion to your LBD. A red frock coat, for instance, will complement a tightfitting black dress perfectly. Plaid designs with a blend of red and black will also serve the purpose if you want a patterned look with a gothic touch. Another way to pair your Goth black little dress would be rocking colored hair, headgears or makeup.




 Gothic clothes are often confused with heavy metal fashion. While there are remarkable differences in both cultures and clothing, borrowing a few elements from heavy metal culture wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the sake of fashion. Black dresses look impressively classy when paired with metallic embellishments. Silver chains or studs on a black background can add a bold statement to your gothic look. There are two ways to add a metallic finish to your dress. First look for dresses with metallic additions, such as silver or golden chocker necklines, metallic belts or decorations on the chest area. Second, invest in occult jewelry such as inverted cross necklaces or belts and chockers studded with skulls. Such will add the metallic feel to various black dresses, thus making it easy to play around with different looks.


Vintage Goth dresses

Are you an old school kind of girl with a liking for spooky things? You can still harmonize these two tastes to achieve a gothic look. Goth fashion goes ways back to the Victorian Era. Think of cossets and puffy dresses with slim waistlines. These kinds of dresses would make a great vintage/Gothic impression if they're black in color. There are plenty of vintage Goth dresses and they all represent a time in history when Goth culture existed; from puffy Victorian gowns to long Edwardian dresses, vintage velvet and short tube dresses. You just have to figure out which era you would fit in as a Goth if you were to teleport.

Ball gowns

Picking a prom dress is never that easy when you’re presented with so many options. However, if you understand your personality well, this choice may not be tough after all. You don’t need to try the colorful dresses if you’ve been adorning Goth fashion all through high school. You can bring your Gothic fashion sense to the ballroom with a black ball dress. Black is not only a bold color but it also oozes power and class. The ballroom will be yours for the taking if you can confidently rock a goth-themed ball gown.
In summary, having one of two LBDs in your closet is not enough if they don’t bring out your personality. You don’t have to fit in by wearing a cute little dress when you’re constantly thinking of something mysteriously sinister. Fortunately, there are ways to be cute and spooky at the same time. You just have to pick the right design which matches your body type, the occasion and your personality.

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