Goth Music Festivals - What to Wear?
  The Gothic culture is a modern subculture that was originated in England at the beginning of the 80s. Ever since then, people of the Gothic community have been finding ways to make themselves heard and seen through massive festivals like Music Festivals. They also host these festivals to celebrate their unity and a versatile culture that has spread all over. At such music festivals, you will see the essence of Gothic subculture, including their epic style and fashion trends as well as famous Gothic music. Contrary to the famous belief, Gothic music isn't all about heavy metal; it's so much more than that.
  With the dark attire and broody music, it's easy to feel left out. With everything sunshine and bright around, people may keep you at a hands distance seeing your Gothic affiliations. In such a situation, it's pretty normal to feel isolated and alone.
  Most of the Goths do have friends around their neighborhood who share the same love for Goth culture as they do, but not all are that lucky. Especially Goths of America, England as well as Germany have a better chance to meet Gothic groups in pubs and bars. For others, these music festivals are the only solace. It's the best time to meet old friends, make new ones, play, party, and dance as well as show off their Gothic style and fashion.



  Here is the list of some major Goth Music Festivals that happen around the world every year. Let's take a moment to appreciate the darker, louder, and more stylish world with these innovative events as well as the king of the night music festivals.

  1. M'era Luna Festival: Takes place on the second weekend of August annually, in Hildesheim, Germany at Flugplatz Hildesheim-Drispenstedt.
  2. Whitby Goth Weekend: Is a twice a year affair of the music festival for Goths all around the world, in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.
  3. Infest: A three-day long music festival held at the University of Bradford Union in the UK.
  4. Children Of The Night: Black Soviet: Annual tradition of Ukrainian Goths.
  5. Castle Party: Since 1994 the ruins of Bolków Castle is the site of the annual Castle Party Gothic rock festival.

  These are the most favorite and popular music festivals of Gothic Culture, not only you get to make tons of friends there but also get a ton of inspiration on Gothic fashion as well. If you aren't sure what to wear to such events, here's are a few ideas that I might interest you.



Women's Goth Ripped Denim Shorts With Metal Chains


  Gothic fashion is beyond the season, you can whatever, whenever as long as its morbid black. These denim shorts are for the casual Goth souls who aren't in too long skirts and extra puffed up dresses. These work well with the theme of the festival as well. Also, it's very easy to pair these shorts with knee-high boots as well as some fishnet leggings and a Goth graphic tee-shirt or tank top.


Women's Punk Two-Piece Irregular A-Line Plaid Pleated Skirts


  Now, this is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a balance between casual colors and Gothic black. This two-piece shirt is available in two colors, green and red, and both work well with casual black or lace tops. Moreover, the innovative irregular cut gives this plaid pleated skirt a life of its own. Metal hoops, buttons and buckle belt add a chic touch to the Gothic look making it more appealing.


Women's Heart Peekaboo Punk Dress


  This inverted heart dress is the perfect representation of the Gothic culture. The short dress looks very sexy and appealing for all ages as well as body shapes. The heart will be better pronounced if you have a busty bosom. You can wear a spiked choker around the neck to look extra classic and slay the male vampires at the music festivals. Pair this short black beauty with a fishnet stocking or lace stocking and rock on at the event. High heels would work great with your one piece of Goth attire. Most of the Gothic fashion inspiration comes from the Victorian Era, with their vintage long dresses, lace and puffed up sleeves to make a statement about feminine charms, just a slight change of color took place to make it Goth.


Women's Goth Floral Lace Short Jackets


  This floral lace jacket is the perfect thing to spice your black tank top in an instant. When you are done with the tank top and the night starts to get chilly, just wear this, and you will have a whole new look. This won't keep you come cold, but it will certainly add cool layering to your outfit. To all those people who think Goth isn't feminine, lace is the perfect reflection of feminine charms and elegance. This jacket is nothing but pure elegance. Moreover, this shirt lace jacket is versatile as well. You can wear these with jeans, shirts as well as skirts and over dresses.

  Goth culture isn't new; it isn't old as well. This means that there is so much that representatives from the Goth community need to do, to make people see that it's not all morbid. The Goth culture is cool, bold and very expressive. Music festivals are held especially to let the world know how the Goth community works. Despite the fact that it's all dark, black and uniform, the Goth fashion is pretty diverse.

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