Come winter, the only thing that will keep you truly warm is some heavy coat or jacket. However, that particular outerwear does need to be coordinated and suitable to your style. The Goth lovers and those who prefer that style might have hit an impasse in this section because there are not enough choices to satisfy this particular style. But, don't despair. We are here for you. Punk design has everything for everyone, starting from outerwear to accessories. So, to continue your Goth style and style and successfully turn into a Goth winter princess, we have prepared some winter look suggestions, mainly bringing you the best outerwear pieces.

Maxi coat for maxi warmth

If you want to be warm from head to toe and have it in your style than the Gothic Woolen Maxi coat is the piece for you. The loose fit and the straight line are suitable for body shapes and allow all different kinds of outfits underneath it. The beauty of this coat, in particular, comes from the wool and the fur from the inner side. It goes through the entire coat, including the hoodie. The ends are also ruffled from the fur, making it look even more beautiful and stylish. Its maxi length is in a Goth style so you will nail the polar look with minimum effort. It comes in black which is a neutral color and resembles a look of medieval capes.

Woolen Hooded Maxi Coat

Fashionable colors and stripes

Those looking for some color and diversity for their outerwear can easily try the Punk Loose stripes Cardigan. The color combination between the stripes is red and black. Both the colors are suitable for the punk and Goth style, creating an equal balance in the style and on the garment. The cardigan itself has a loose fit, can be worn just open of fastened with some edgy belt around the waist. The print of the stripes is white, making the entire piece quite attractive and dominant. The hoodie is an unavoidable part of keeping your head warm and complete your style and the length goes just below the knees.

 Loose Stripes Long-Sleeve Hooded Cardigan

Relaxed fit and plaids

Channeling the vintage look with the modern dose of a Goth vibe can easily be done with the Plaid Colorblock Loose hooded coat. This outerwear garment resembles the regular parka, with the addition of vintage winter print. The red plaid is a must through every season and every trend and on this coat, it comes on the visible inner sides like on the hoodie, extensions on the sleeves and the entire end on the coat. The punk collar details are present on the ankles and the front zipper allows you to wear it open or closed, however you like it.

Plaid Colorblock Loose Hooded Coat

Caped coat

This winter, one of the biggest outerwear trends are capes. To Stay inside the trends and yet keep your look, pick the Fur Hooded Moon Irregular cape. The length of this cape goes just below the waist. The A-cut is perfect for the irregular line on the ends, making it look richer and more interesting. The hoodie has a puffy detail on the top, a great addition for the wintertime. The moon print comes on the back of the cape in a bit lighter color than the cape itself, making it visible.

Punk Moon Cape

Daring military style

Even the Goth style itself comes on different styling level which mainly depends on a personal taste. Those who are looking to leave an impression with their daring coat can pick the Punk Rivets Stand up Collar Overcoat. It is a mixture of many different details, lines, and lengths. The shoulders, the ends of the sleeves and the buttoning parts are covered in shiny faux leather that creates a nice contrast on the black base. Sharp parts are coming out from the shoulders, resembling some military-style in the medieval era, while the length of the coat is asymmetrical. It is shorter on the one side and continues to be longer on the other.

Military Overcoat

These outerwear garments will not come in their full shine unless they are completed with equally fashionable and Goth-inspired undergarments like dresses, hoodies, skirts, and accessories. To master the entire winter Goth look and be warm at the same time, you can add the following clothes under your unique coat:

Edgy Hoodie

The hoodies are big parts of the winter garments that can keep you warm under the heavy coats. The Witch Printed Long Hoodie is a semi-casual garment. It has an oversized cut, with wide sleeves and a big hoodie. The witch print on the front dominates the entire top. The styling is pretty easy and it goes well both with jeans or with a mini-skirt for an edgy look. for a completely daring look, wear the dress hoodie only with stocking.

Witch Printed Long Hoodies

Faux Leather Skirt

An addition in completing the look for the bottom part of the outfits will look fabulous with the Faux Leather Circle Skirt. The goth-inspired skirt has a faux leather shine and finish. The A-cut of the skirt makes it look rich, flowy and perfect option for different styling choices. The mini length is suitable for all those wanting to show some leg.

Faux Leather Circle Skirt

Unusual Dress

Those who are looking for a dress that will keep them warm under the edgy coats, the Velvet Zipper Dress will entirely transform your look. this is not a classical dress. it has a hoodie and a front zipper going all the way from the top to the end. The length is mini, totally cute and fashionable.  The A-line dress is great for all different body shapes.

Punk Velvet A-line Dress


To finish and complete the entire outfit, add the Punk Moon Necklace choker. It is subtle, and at the same time, a dominant and extravagant accessory that will add to the edginess of your look and accent your neck. You can wear it with the dress and the hoodie.

Punk Moon Necklace Choker

December 18, 2019 by Linda Fox

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