The punk style is coming back into the everyday outfits of many fashionistas who are looking to bring something different. The goth and punk flare come together as much needed diversity and change. These fashion directions show another approach and direction for a certain group of women who have deep, mystique, rebellious and secretive approach towards the life and styling. Being a modern punk princess today is very easy with our new designs.

Punk Design is always keeping up with the latest fashion trends and these new additions will surely find its place in your closet.

  1. Gothic zipper Ply Hooded coat

Hooded coats always find their place in different stylings. They can work with casual and more elegant goth outfits. This new Hooded coat brings a special mystery to the one who is wearing it. The long sleeves and the asymmetrical ending on the sleeves and the hood at the end make it comfortable and unique. The belt that comes as an addition accents the waist, and with the hoodie, brings a darker vibe to the outfit. The length on the sides comes in pointy ends, reaching the knees. The fabric is soft and comfortable.


  1. Rose Halter Lace-up Fitted Dress

Being a goth princess means wearing an extraordinary dress that will catch eyes. This Halter lace-up dress shows some skin and has a beautiful line. The halter neck is high and continues with the dress, leaving the shoulders bare and exposed. The sleeves are long, finishing in pointy endings. The dress flatters the figure, and the skirt resembles a subtle ballerina line. It is very short and cute. The length of the dress perfectly styles with over-the-knee healed booths.


  1. Off-shoulder Sheer Lace dress

Lace always brings a certain dose of romance and femininity to the garments. The black lace, in particular, is very elegant and sexy. The combination of lace sleeves on an off-shoulder dress is a winning look for those who want to play in the lines of fashionable and goth. The lace sleeves are big, balloony, extravagant and come with discreet floral print. The lace continues to the ends of the cleavage, discreetly and stylish. it continues down in a fitted top, accenting the waist. The skirt has an A-line shape and almost reaches the knees. The length creates a perfect balance with the bare shoulders.


  1. Long-Sleeved Chest Hollow out dress

For those willing to wear something more tight and sexy, the chest hollow dress is the perfect dress. it is short, reveling, with a cute and miniature side slit. It starts with a choker that is part of the dress and continues with an interesting opening on the front. the sleeves are long and the cleavage is straight. The fabric is soft and comfortable for wearing. This dress suits the best slim and thin silhouettes.



  1. Off Shoulder Lace-up Bubble Top

An eye-catching top can immediately become a centerpiece of some outfit. Especially if it is playful and interesting like this Bubble sleeved sheer top. The elasticized wide line of the top makes it suitable for wearing in different off-shoulder positions. It continues down with wide, bubble sleeves that carry certain playfulness. They are long and end up with wide lacing. The sheer fabric is sexy and elegant and this top can easily be styled with different bottoms.



  1. Grunge Off Shoulder Irregular Hem Mesh Dress

Daring and full of little details is what describes this Hem Mesh dress. it is asymmetrical in length, each of the layers coming over the other in different pointy lengths. The shoulders are bare and naked, with just tiny straps that hold the top. The sleeves are very wide and flowing, made from a sheer and see-through fabric. The line of the dress accents the waist and opens up as it continues towards the end. The mesh detail comes over the front of the entire dress.


  1. Gothic choker

Chokers are a big part of the gothic accessories. Their fashionability and popularity have overtaken all the fashion styles. Black, goth and leather and a great combination for adding an edgy vibe to the goth and punk outfit. This choker is wide, resembling a belt. It is made of soft and comfortable leather. The pin comes in silver and makes it easy for styling. It can be worn both tight or loose, according to personal preference.


  1. Cutout T-shirt with a choker

This shirt resembles a peplum style top. Very fashionable and elegant, it will make a difference in every outfit you wear. The center of the attention is the cutout opening around the neck, which is unique and extraordinary. Like a half-turtleneck, the shirt starts with few opening, that continues to the side. The sleeves are long and the waist and peplum style is accented by an added belt. The choker's beginning and the belt have the same heart-shaped pins.


  1. Zipper Fly Frayed Hip Skirt

Denim ripped and the asymmetrical skirt is something that every trendy goth follower must have in their closet. This one comes in two different colors – light pink and black. It has a medium-high waist, with a belt and dangling chain to the side. This mini skirt has a high side zip opening, just below the hip and presents a washed, worn and torn up style. The back pockets resemble an authentic denim skirt.



All of these new entries can be found at Punk Design. They are super easy to style and will bring the much-needed freshness and update to your gothic and punk outfit. The unique style, cuts, and models will make you stand out and flaunt your style in the best possible way. Being an urban and chic princess in this modern jungle with the goth and punk vibe is something lacking in fashion and on the streets.For more goth fashion,please check here.

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