With the start of the new season comes the desire to add some new fashion pieces to our closets. For punk and Goth lovers, Punk Design has prepared an amazing offer. The combination of stylish, fashionable, and yet punk and gothic dominates each piece, making them one of a kind and unique.

Take a look at our list of new arrivals.

Women's Crop Top&Bustier 

Women's Punk Metal Star crop TopWomen's Punk Metal Star crop Top

With the colder season just around the corner, crop tops still can work great for daily and night stylish and catchy outfits. Those who love wearing sweatshirts in a more cropped version can enjoy this fabulous crop top, with a zipper and a hoodie. It comes in black, making it easy to style and pair. The short sleeves are pretty cool, as well as the star details that appear on both sides of the front pockets. 


Women’s Punk Faux Patent Leather BustierWomen’s Punk Faux Patent Leather Bustier

Over the last several years, the return of the bustiers has made a big splash on the fashion scene. This vintage piece is now a popular and trendy fashion garment. It is a mixture of lingerie and streetwear pieces. That is why the new arrivals from Punk Design had to include such a piece. It is the perfect mixture of sporty and stylish. It has interesting straps and belt-like details that feature punk and gothic details. The central detail is made of leather. 

Women's Shirt 

Women’s Gothic Cross Printed Ruffled ShirtWomen’s Gothic Cross Printed Ruffled Shirt

The gothic fashion frequently introduces details like romanticism and sexiness. For the modern Goth girl, a romantic shirt that can work for many occasions is a must. Made of black mesh, that delivers a see-through vibe, this shirt is perfect even for those who are begging to explore the Goth fashion style. The collar, the sleeves, and the fit are very feminine and cool. Moreover, the unavoidable detail is the cross print that comes all over the shirt. It can easily be styled with pants, jeans, or a skirt


Women’s Gothic Double Color Cross Printed Ruffled ShirtWomen’s Gothic Double Color Cross Printed Ruffled Shirt

If you are willing to explore with some color, then, this shirt is great for you. The combination of black and white is undeniably trendy and classic. It is a perfect way to try to flaunt the Goth style. Same as the previous shirt, this shirt is also very stylish and chic. The fit and the style are the same, with the only difference coming in color choices. In those terms, white and black are the dominating colors. The white mesh around the collar as well as the white cross print make the shirt stand out. 


Women’s Grunge Scaly Printed ShirtWomen’s Grunge Scaly Printed Shirt

The disco vibe can be seen through some of the more modern takes of the grunge and punk style. And the best way to channel that vibe is to pick a shirt that will be the exact combination of that. The best option is to go with the scaly printed shirt. It comes with a high collar, almost like a turtleneck. The sleeves are long, with cutouts at the elbows. There is a front zipper at the collar. As for the colors, the scaly prints mix the blue and the black, with some shimmery and metallic details.


Women’s Grunge Mesh Crop TopWomen’s Grunge Mesh Crop Top 

Continuing in the same style, this shirt is a similar yet different option to the previous top. The print and the pattern are pretty much the same. However, this shirt really screams a disco vibe. The metallic details throughout the print make it truly extraordinary. The cut is also extraordinary, with mesh details ruling over the entire shirt. Another detail that cannot be missed is the buckle straps.


Women’s Grunge Slash Shoulder Chromatic Sheer ShirtWomen’s Grunge Slash Shoulder Chromatic Sheer Shirt

Going even one step further towards sexiness and bringing back the retro and punk disco era comes with this extraordinary and original shirt. The entire shirt is unique from the first look. The sheer mesh and the see-through material make it super sexy and stylish. The fishnet is also present adding a sexy vibe. The collar and the entire shoulder area I also one of a kind, including buckle details. As for the color, the deep plum is absolutely amazing. 


Women’s Punk Irregular Strappy Mesh ShirtWomen’s Punk Irregular Strappy Mesh Shirt

The mesh is a big thing in the goth and punk style, which is why the new arrivals from Punk Design include lots of these details. This shirt for example is the mesh option of a cropped sweatshirt. It has a hoodie, it is cropped, and has short fallen sleeves. It is see-through and sexy. It can easily be styled with a bustier underneath it. 


Women’s Punk Beaded Sheer Mesh ShirtWomen’s Punk Beaded Sheer Mesh Shirt

To finish up with another mesh shirt, bringing back the Goth and punk vibe with a modern touch comes with this sheer mesh shirt. The long sleeves and the slim fit are very feminine and sexy. The cleavage and opening resemble the look of some sexy and rich lingerie. It is see-through black mesh, which supports some interesting bra underneath it. 

Women's Skirt 

Women’s Lolita Strappy Layered Mesh SkirtWomen’s Lolita Strappy Layered Mesh Skirt

Lolita's style is very present in the punk and Goth fashion pieces. For the colder seasons and the new arrivals section, a skirt that is a must-have is this mesh one. It is sexy and one of a kind. It comes in lots of tulle and mesh. The color combination of black and red makes it deep, rich, and sexy. The unavoidable part is the high side slits that open all the way up. 


Women’s Gothic Cross Printed Mesh Splice Chain SkirtWomen’s Gothic Cross Printed Mesh Splice Chain Skirt 

Those who love the cross print can enjoy wearing it on this new skirt. Combining the chains of the punk style with the cross print of the Goth style, this skirt is casual and stylish. The waist is comfortable and elasticized. The skirt itself opens in an A-line. The cross print is present throughout the entire skirt. There are some mesh and leather buckle straps to the side. 


Women’s Grunge Irregular Layered mesh SkirtWomen’s Grunge Irregular Layered mesh Skirt

Something new and fresh in terms of Goth and punk skirts comes combined in this shirt ballerina skirt. It is modern and stylish. Coming in black tulle and mesh, it has elasticized waist. The main details are the discreet print as well as the asymmetric tulle that delivers a unique appearance. 


Women’s Lolita Strappy Layered Mesh SkirtWomen’s Grunge Double Color irregular Mesh Skirt

Those who loved the previous skirt will love this one too, especially since it comes with a bit of color. With the addition of rich dark red, this skirt gets a completely new look and a vibe. The red mesh and tulle make it very sexy and Gothic, as well as fashionable and stylish. The print comes more accentuated and shines on the mesh. 

Women's Shorts  

Women’s Gothic Floral Embroidered Chain Velvet ShortsWomen’s Gothic Floral Embroidered Chain Velvet Shorts

Just like skirts, shorts are also a big and dominant fashion garment in the punk and Goth fashion styles. Especially if they come in a velvet option, then, they completely nail the vibe and the look. For the new season, this red velvet shorts are very cute and interesting. They come with a mid-high waist. The embroidery is present in black color, as well as tiny and thin chains attached to the sides. The zipper is positioned centrally.  


Women’s Gothic Floral Embroidered Chain Velvet ShortsWomen’s Gothic Floral Embroidered Chain Velvet Shorts

Same as the previous ones, these shorts come in black. Black is the classic and the color of the Goth and punk style. In the velvet option, it looks very regal and royal. The embroidery can still be seen, as well as the chains and the zipper that make the shorts stand out. 



When shorts and tights come together, this is the final result. The faux leather shorts, in black, are a piece that every goth and punk lover needs to have. They are tight and shiny. What makes the completely different and unique is the attachment of Leg Sleeves that look like tights. The fishnet legs are attached to the shorts with buckles. The legs have a distinctive detail of a star, making them unique. 

 Women's Dress

Women’s Grunge Off Shoulder Cheongsam DressWomen’s Grunge Off Shoulder Cheongsam Dress

No new arrivals sections can go without the introduction of several fresh dresses. Combining the well-known plaid print, this dress perfectly mixes the modern and the vintage. The halter neck top shows some skin and makes the shoulders pop out. The dress continues into a slim fit towards the waist, opening up in an A-line skirt. The red plaid is very cool and the skirt is covered in black mesh for a more dramatic effect. 


Women’s Punk Cutout slip dressWomen’s Punk Cutout slip dress

For those who want something more elegant and fashionable, but still keep it to the punk and rock vibe, this is a dress that is very chic. It comes in the form of a slip dress. The tiny straps are cool and elegant. It continues with side cutouts, making it very sexy and interesting. The length is short, showing the legs. It can be styled with ankle boots.


Women’s Grunge Cheongsam Collar printed dressWomen’s Grunge Cheongsam Collar printed dress

Those who fell in love with the metallic print of the shirts above will be happy to know that they can enjoy the print on the dress too. The dress is very chic and fashionable. It comes with a high neck. It completely covers the cleavage, follows the line of the body, and opens up as it continues down. It is sleeveless with the addition of glove-looking sleeves that add to the style. 

 Women's Pants&Leggings 

Women’s Gothic Totem Printed Sheer Flared PantsWomen’s Gothic Totem Printed Sheer Flared Pants

Pants and leggings continue to be a big fashion thing in the Goth and punk fashion style. In the section of new arrivals, these flared pants are simply a thing that you must have in your closet. Sheer, light, and elegant, these pants are the blend between leggings and pants. The totem print is present throughout the entire pants, making them very unique and extraordinary. They come in black. The sheer fabric makes the skin see-through and delivers a sexy and elegant vibe.


Women’s Punk Faux Patent Leather Star Zipper LeggingsWomen’s Punk Faux Patent Leather Star Zipper Leggings

The patent leather leggings are also very popular and demanded pieces in punk and Goth fashion. That is why they are an important piece of the new arrivals section of Punk Design. The shiny finish makes them look very chic and elegant. The front zipper comes centrally positioned, with a star zipper which is more than enough detail to make them stand out. 

 Women's Accessories 

Women’s Punk Skull Rivets Faux Leather BagWomen’s Punk Skull Rivets Faux Leather Bag

No introduction to the new arrivals section can go without some cute and interesting accessories. This time, we have chosen the skull faux leather bag. It is an accessory that is a must-have for the modern punk and Goth girl. It has short handles, with one long strap. It is easy to carry around and it is practical. 

Women's Jewelry 

Women’s Punk Spider Web Metal Chain ChokerWomen’s Punk Spider Web Metal Chain Choker

In the accessories department, punk and Goth jewelry is also a very important detail to complete the entire look and style. This metal chain choker is a delicate and interesting piece. As jewelry, its style is always fashionable and modern. So, if you do not have this piece in your jewelry box, then you need to add it. The spider web details come in a silver metal option and make the choker unique. 


Women’s Punk Rivets Buckles Straps BeretWomen’s Punk Rivets Buckles Straps Beret

Berets are a cute and stylish accessory that can change and complete one's look. this particular beret is very fashionable and trendy. It is elegant and modern. Coming in black color, it is a stylish piece that never goes out of style. The punk and Goth details in form of buckles hanging from the side make it unique and extraordinary. 


Women’s Punk Metal Skeleton Splice Hair BandWomen’s Punk Metal Skeleton Splice Hair Band

Women and girls in the punk style love headbands. That is why this headband will definitely catch your attention. The metal skeleton details are modern and unique, making the headband extraordinary. 

More new arrivals are available at Punk Design.

October 25, 2022 — Punk Design

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