Men's fashion can often be considered predictable and sometimes even boring. However, that is certainly not the case when it comes to the Punk and Goth fashion styles. Always striving to bring the most interesting and unique pieces in this men's fashion style, Punk Design has widened its offer with lots of new stuff and pieces.

For the men who are ready to explore new fashion horizons and dress a bit outside of the box, this selection of new arrivals is full of drama, sexiness, lots of black color, and details that make each piece speak and tell its own story. Take a look!

Men's Punk&Gothic Coats

Men’s Punk Irregular Ripped Coat with HoodMen’s Punk Irregular Ripped Coat with Hood

Men's punk and Goth-inspired coats from the new arrivals season are all about drama and originality. This coat dominates with the ripped look and effect. The irregular length is what makes it one of a kind. The long sleeves and the hood deliver the exact look the Goth vibe is trying to nail. The coat has a retro and vintage vibe, a bit of a medieval look that is great for all those looking for that type of look. 


Men's Punk Stand Collar Faux Leather Long CoatMen's Punk Stand Collar Faux Leather Long Coat

The faux leather coats are among the most adored Punk and Goth fashion pieces for men. From the newest arrivals section, it is inevitable to mention this new and fresh piece. The faux leather is comfortable and stylish, delivering a fashionable and chic look. The long length makes it pretty fashionable and interesting. The coat itself looks pretty classic and elegant, with a shiny finish and some punk details that are discreetly positioned on the shoulders. It comes in black.


Men’s Punk Stand Collar Faux Leather Long Coat BrownMen’s Punk Stand Collar Faux Leather Long Coat Brown

Similar in style and look to the previous coat, this one comes in brown. Brown is not a very dominant and popular color when it comes to punk and Goth fashion styles, but it is something fresh and new that can deliver a new look and take on the style. The wrap-up top and closing of the coat make it very fashionable and interesting. The length is long, with a wide collar and details on the shoulders. 


Men’s Gothic Faux Leather Splice Long Coat with HoodMen’s Gothic Faux Leather Splice Long Coat with Hood

For those who enjoy more medieval and even scary looks and want to achieve that with their coat, this is the piece that is great for that. it can serve as both regular wear and a costume for a themed party. The coat is extra long, with a hood, and long sleeves. There are leather buckle details that come on the front of the coat, as well as some on the end of the sleeves. It is black and resembles a true Gothic look


Men’s Punk strappy Swallow-tailed coat with hoodMen’s Punk strappy Swallow-tailed coat with hood

With a medium length, this is a coat that plays between the gothic and the classic. The cut and the style are pretty classic. The black color is elegant and gothic at the same time. What makes it a unique and must-have piece for this season is the punk vibe it delivers. It comes from the rings that are sewn on the sides of the collar. It comes with an irregular shape, making it also pretty great.


 Men's Punk&Gothic Shirts 

Men’s Punk Strappy Star Zipper Shirt with HoodMen’s Punk Strappy Star Zipper Shirt with Hood

Men love shirts, and they can be worn throughout the entire year. Especially for punk and Goth fashion style lovers, some of the newest arrivals from punk Design are pretty unique and fashionable. This shirt is full of different kinds of details. It comes with short sleeves, a hood, and straps on the front. There are also some metal rings and zipper that goes all over the hood. The star zipper is the centerpiece of this shirt. 


Men’s Gothic Skull Mesh Splice Chain Tank Top with HoodMen’s Gothic Skull Mesh Splice Chain Tank Top with Hood

For the more daring one, and those willing to explore with the shirts, this is a top that is a bit sexy. Not for everyone’s taste, this top captivates with the fabric – mesh. As a tank top, it is dramatic and fully gothic. The mesh comes to the sides and the shoulders. It also has chains at the front that make the tank top even more punk-style inspired. 


Men’s Punk Mechanical Printed Two-piece HoodiesMen’s Punk Mechanical Printed Two-piece Hoodies

Having a hoodie for the upcoming colder season is one of the most important fashion garments. If you love darker and punk-inspired hoodies and styles, then, this piece is for you. The long sleeves and the hoodies that can also resemble the look of a turtleneck make the shirt very appealing. The print on the front continues on the sleeves, delivering a sporty and elegant vibe. 


Men’s Gothic Strappy Spider Web Printed Shirt

Lately, sweatshirts are moving away from the standard and the traditional look. More and more shirts can be seen with different kinds of prints. In this case, the gothic spider web print dominates the entire shirt, but in a subtle yet very effective way. Some leather details are present on the sleeves. The end of the sleeves is enriched with zippers, while the sides of the sweatshirt have straps for a more dramatic effect. 


 Men's Punk&Gothic Vest 

Men’s Gothic Turn-down Collar Swallow-tailed Buckles VestMen’s Gothic Turn-down Collar Swallow-tailed Buckles Vest

If you are following the punk and gothic fashion styles, then you are familiar with the importance and the presence of vests as part of this style. From the new arrivals section, this vest is a practical piece for the upcoming colder season. Full of details, it is catchy and stylish. The rigid look is accompanied by buckles throughout the entire front. The collar is wide and accentuated. 


Men’s Punk Heart Printed Ripped Unedged Vest 

For those who are looking for something more toned down, this vest is a mixture of a shirt and a vest. This black vest is made to resemble the look of a shirt, without the sleeves. The collar and the front buttoning are classic and elegant. There is a side zipper in the front pocket. The most appealing detail is the heart print on the side, coming in rich red color.  


 Men's Punk&Gothic Pants 

Men’s Punk Big-pocket Splice Ripped Jogger Pants

Jogger pants have made quite a dominance on the overall fashion scene. That popularity has also transferred onto the punk and design style. From the Punk Design new arrivals sections, these jogger pants are a very needed and cool addition for refreshing the fall wardrobe. Coming in their well-known look and style, they are black for easy styling. With the introduction of the cargo pants vibe, there is a side pocket that is adding to the entire look of the pants. 


Men’s Punk Big-pocket Chains Jogger Pants

Another type of jogger pants that are great for the colder season and bring something new to the punk vibe is these big pocket pants. The style and the cut remain to follow the classic jogger pant. The big pockets to the side are the details that are making the pants stand out. The chains and the holes to the side of the pants are completely punk and rock. Paired with matching ankle boots, these jogger pants are the true definition of how to nail the perfect look. 


Men’s Punk Big pocket Eyelets Jogger Pants with strap Belt

More details that cater to the punk and Goth vibe are present on these jogger pants. Although pretty similar to the previous two styles, these pants are also pretty classic and basic. The details that stand out are the side pocket eyelets and the strap belt. They make the pants unique and not so accentuated. They are a great option for all those who want something toned down. 


Men’s Punk Big-pocket rivets Faux Leather pantsMen’s Punk Big-pocket Rivets Faux Leather Pants

No season can go without the presence and some new additions of the all-time favorite faux leather pants. These are the pants that are inspired by the rock and punk fashion style and era. The slim fit and legs are very modern. The elasticized waist offers great comfort. There are some side pockets that feature zippers and studs. Another unique detail is the pocket knee part that is also filled with studs and a zipper. 


Men’s Gothic Slim Fitted Metal Star PantsMen’s Gothic Slim Fitted Metal Star Pants

The slim-fitted gothic pants are the latest trend in the goth and punk fashion style. They are great for all those who want to try out this style for the first time or are looking for something always classy and stylish. The slim fit of the pants delivers a look of leggings, but these pants carry a strong rock vibe. They are pretty classic and discreet with side details around the pocket. 


Men’s Punk Multi-pocket Jogger Pants with ChainMen’s Punk Multi-pocket Jogger Pants with Chain

Another version of the popular jogger pants comes enriched with a chain. The elasticized waist is present for greater and better comfortability. The side chain is long and covers the almost entire side of the upper leg. The other leg features pockets and small holes, all in the gothic and rock vibe. 


Men’s Punk Big-pocket Strap Belt Jogger Pants

Similar to the previous style of the pants, these jogger pants feature a comfortable fit and an elasticized waist. The side pocket is very convenient. They come with details like holes with metal frames. The side pockets are pretty big and resemble the look of cargo pants. They feature strap belt details that make the pants look a bit military and sporty.  


Men’s Punk Skeleton Printed Ripped Pants

For those who are looking for something new and a bit extraordinary, these pants are something worth trying. Coming in a black base, they feature ripped details that come with a strong red base. The main detail is the punk skeleton print that comes on the knee and makes the pants unique.


Men's Skirt 

Men’s Punk Splice Distressed Kilt with Faux Patent Leather Straps 

One very distinctive and unique fashion piece for men that characterizes the style is the skirt. It resembles the look of a kilt. It is long and wide. The top part features buckles that make it suitable for the style. These buckles come in leather, which makes the skirt even more distinct. 


Men's Punk Lingerie

Men’s Punk Adjustable Faux Leather Lingerie

Whether it is for a themed party or just a fun way to spice up things, this type of lingerie is nothing but ordinary. It comes in a leather option, which is the first thing to notice. It is unusual since it covers strategic places and has straps that support it. These straps go all the way up the body. It is dramatic, punk, and Gothic at the same time, and definitely not for everyone. Just for the bravest!


Men’s Punk High Collar Mesh Bodysuit with Oversleeves

Bodysuits are getting a new meaning in the Punk Design fashion selection for men. Another pretty, pretty eccentric, and unique is the mesh bodysuit. As the name suggests, it is made entirely from mesh. It is sleeveless, features a high collar, and for a more dramatic effect, there are oversleeves that you can add for completing the look. 


Men’s Punk Cutout Mesh Splice LingerieMen’s Punk Cutout Mesh Splice Lingerie

In terms of more classic and well-known lines, this is a piece that is both sexy and dramatic. It comes in the form and the style of boxer shorts. However, it is made of leather, and not entirely covered by it. The front parts have cutouts, and the pant area is designed and covered in soft mesh.

So, for all those of you who are willing to do some fashion exploring towards the punk, Goth, and rock styles, the newest selection of arrivals from Punk Design will definitely inspire you to do so. Check out these and many more pieces and restock your closet just in time for the new season.

November 01, 2022 — Punk Design

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