Grunge fashion is a great way to show your rebellious and individualistic side. The grunge style relies on dark colors and plaid, denim, or leather biker jackets. For those of you that want to bring this look into your wardrobe but don't know where to start, we have put together some outfit ideas for you!

You're looking for grunge outfits ideas? We've got you covered! From dark denim jeans to bedhead, we'll show you all the best ways to dress up in your favorite 90s trend.

Grunge is a popular style that has been around for decades. It was originally inspired by the seventies punk scene, but it's evolved to incorporate many different styles, including seventies metal and eighties heavy metal.

The grunge style isn't just about clothes; you'll need to have your hair style in an unkempt way to pull off this trend. Luckily, there are plenty of tutorials online that will show you how!

What are Grunge Outfits?

Modern grunge fashion is a style of clothing that emerged in the 1990s and was most popular during the grunge music genre (most notably the Seattle grunge scene with such iconic figures as Kurt Cobain).

It can be described as anti-fashion, consisting largely of comfortable, practical clothes such as leather jackets or black jeans.

The grunge trend became prominent in the 1990s with the popularity of grunge music, which often featured unwashed and plaid shirt clothing.

The fashion was a reaction against both fashion trends such as supermodel thinness and the country-western flair that dominated much of the 1990s' mainstream fashion.

Grunge fashion included formerly restricted codes of dress, such as the bondage pants worn by glam metal bands in the 1980s and preppie attire.

History of Grunge Outfits

What we call today grunge fashion originated in the 1980s and was most popular during the grunge music genre (most notably the Seattle grunge scene with such iconic figures as Kurt Cobain).

The grunge fashion was very simple, consisting of plaid shirts, slip dresses, leather boots or combat boots, leather shorts, mini skirts paired with oversized tees. Accessories included knit caps, bandanas, and lots of silver jewelry.

Grunge outfits are the best because not only are they comfortable, but you're also able to wear them with anything.

Here, we want all of our readers to have their own grunge outfit! That's why we came up with 22 ideas for you guys to copy so that your wardrobe is filled will all types of different grungy clothing! With grunge makeup and soft aesthetic grunge outfits, you can look amazing.

We hope you enjoy.Make sure to comment your own cute grunge outfit ideas down below. Let's discuss grunge styles in detail!

22 Aesthetically Pleasing Ideas for Grunge Outfits

A Flannel Shirt Ripped Jeans & Boots

These are a staple. Tie-dye everything! Go for an all-black outfit with some chunky boots & you're good to go. A grunge style look is achievable even if your hair isn't messy - just wear it in a braid with loose strands hanging over one shoulder or in braids down your back. It's a soft grunge aesthetic grunge outfit, no doubt.

Baggy Clothes- Jeans, Hoody Sneakers

A hoody tied around the waist is perfect for throwing over your outfit to achieve a grunge fashion. Even just wearing ripped denim jeans & trainers can add on some grunge points.

Skinny Jeans or Leggings with a Graphic Tee and Sneakers or Converse

Skinny jeans with a graphic black tee and canvas sneakers/ converse will give you a black grunge outfit, and if you want to go all out on your outfit, wear denim shorts and lace-up combat boots.

A Band Tee, Skinny Jeans & Vans

A band tee and some ripped skinny jeans with vans look good for a grunge night out.

And of course, don't forget to tie your hair back! Another way of achieving this is to wear a black t-shirt, black denim shorts & black sneakers, or converse with dark shades and dark lipstick. Pastel grunge haircuts are perfect for this as well.

Casual Chic - Vintage Dress, Knee Highs & Oxfords

Wear a vintage dress with knee-high socks and oxfords. This perfect grunge outfit is perfect for casual hangs at the mall or coffee shops - something about wearing a dress makes you look sweet!

Ripped Jeans, Band Tee, and Boots

An all-black outfit with combat boots is the perfect grunge style. If you're not comfortable wearing a dress and still want to have a cute look, this is the way to go.

A Black Skater Skirt, Graphic Tee, and Vans or Converse

A black skater skirt is perfect for grunge outfits, and with the right graphic black tee & vans or converse, you're good to go. If you want to glam up your outfit a little more, wear combat boots instead of vans/converse.

The Flannel Shirts, Ripped Jeans, and Converse

Casual, yet grungy. Flannel shirts + ripped jeans + converse = a winning combination.

Ripped denim jeans with a graphic tee are the perfect outfit for casual or school days with some white sneakers or vans to add that extra grunge touch! Graphic tees are also beautiful.

Skinny Jeans (with Holes), Vintage Dress, and Keds

A grunge outfit with a vintage dress, skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, and Keds. This outfit is perfect for chilling at home watching tv or going out to the mall.

A white dress, converse and a denim jacket.

A white dress with a denim jacket and converse is perfect for a casual day. If you want to glam up your look, wear some chunky shoes instead of converse.


Ears in Your Hair, Ripped Jeans, Band Tee & Black Vans

A classic grunge outfit is achievable with a band tee, ripped jeans & black vans. You can always add on some combat boots or converse for that extra touch of grunge.

Baggy Clothes (Tied Around Your Waist), Band Tee, and Vans

This outfit is perfect for hanging out or going to school. Loose t-shirts or crop tops with vans will make the ideal grunge outfit.

A Leather Skirt, Band Tee and Converse

A leather skirt is perfect for a classic grunge look, especially with a band tee & converse. If you want to glam up your outfit but still keep it looking grungy, wear some lace-up combat boots instead of converse.

Vintage Dress, Black Vans & A Leopard Print Belt

This outfit is perfect for a grungy day out. A vintage dress, leopard print belt & black vans will make an ideal casual grunge look.

Baggy Tie-dye Shirt, Band Tee & Jeans

A tie-dye shirt, band tee, and ripped jeans are perfect for a punk fashion look. You can glam it up more with lace-up combat boots instead of sneakers.


Boho Chic - Oversized Scarf, Vintage Dress

Oversized scarves are perfect boho-chic accessories, and when paired with a vintage dress & moccasins or converse, you get the perfect boho outfit. If you want to glam up your look, wear combat boots instead of moccasins/converse.

Flannel Shirt, Band Tee & Ripped Jeans

A grunge look with a flannel black shirt, band tee & ripped jeans. Flannel shirts look beautiful when tied around your waist and add that extra touch of boho to the outfit.

Ripped Leggings, Graphic Tee, Sneakers or Converse & A Hoody Tied Around Your Waist

A grunge look with torn leggings, graphic tee & sneakers or converse. Tying your hoody around your waist gives the outfit an extra boho effect, perfect for casual days.

A Mini Skirt, Vintage Dress, and Black Vans or Converse

A grunge look with a mini skirt, vintage dress & converse or black vans. Tying your dress around your waist adds that extra touch of boho-chic to the outfit.

Casual - Oversized Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Sneakers, or Converse

Oversized sweaters are perfect for casual outfits with skinny jeans, sneakers, or converse. If you want to glam it up a little, wear some chunky boots instead of sneakers/converse and grunge makeup.

Vintage Dress, Moccasins & An Oversized Scarf

This outfit is perfect for a boho-chic day out. A vintage dress with moccasins & an oversized scarf will look stunning and give that extra hippie touch to the outfit.

Skinny Jeans (ripped), Black Graphic Tee & Converse

Grunge look with skinny jeans (ripped), black graphic tee & converse. You can glam it up by wearing grunge hairstyles.

Band Tee, Converse, and Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

This outfit is perfect for a casual grunge look. With converse & black ripped skinny jeans, you can't go wrong with this grunge outfit.

Material of Grunge Outfits

Grunge outfits are clothes that are created out of vintage clothing. Vintage items, for example, T-shirts from the seventies or jeans from the eighties, not only come with a high price tag but also with a certain history which you cannot get in today's fashion industry.

To create grunge-style outfits, you can combine a lot of different materials.

We  have put our focus on the specific materials that are typical for this style, so you can easily decide which items may fit your style best.

The material of grunge outfits may be another reason why you should choose this style. When we say grunge, we imagine a kind of shiny and a little bit dirty material.

This can be combined with other materials such as leather, corduroy, and denim. The best thing is that you don't have to care about matching colors.

The most popular colors are black, brown and grey. But you can also discover blue, red, green and many other colors.

Does Grunge Outfits Look Good?

Do you ever wonder if your grunge outfits are good enough?

Many aspects need to be planned out before putting them on. You don't want to show up at a party wearing something that completely clashes.

Luckily some rules of thumb can help determine what looks good and what doesn't. If you take the time to plan out what you want to wear, it will be much easier to put together a great grunge outfit.

Grunge outfits aren't meant to look pretty or cute. There's no need for you to worry about looking attractive because that isn't the goal of this attire.

The focus point of this style is not what you wear on the outside, but what you have on underneath.

What Do You Wear on the Inside?

Your grunge outfits are more than your clothes; it's about what's going on in your mind as well. Starting with clothing is a good idea, but don't make this the only thing that matters.

You need to show people that you are in the same mindset as them. If they are wearing grunge outfits, they'll likely be in a laid-back but thoughtful state of mind.

You don't want to wear stuff that clashes with their mindset. Instead, find ways to embrace what they believe or feel when you wear these clothes. This is how people will know that you are in the same mind frame.

Hey, do you want to go on a grunge outing? That's cool. You know how it's all about wearing your old clothes and making them look new again?

Yeah, well that is what this article is all about - giving you some ideas for how to dress in the grungy style without looking too out of date. So read this article if you're into that kind of thing!

This blog post is about the grunge fashion trend. It's a very popular style that originated in the 90s and has recently been trending again. Grunge fashion emerged exclusively from grunge shoes to band tees and more.

Grunge outfits are characterized by dark colors, such as black, grey, or brown. The clothes often have holes or tears in them to give off an aged look. This blog post will show you some outfit ideas for your next grunge-inspired photoshoot!

Maybe the latest trends are all too mainstream for you,maybe they're just not your thing. Whatever the case may be, we have some outfit ideas that will help bring that grunge look back into style this season! These cute grunge outfits will provide you with an exclusive experience.

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