Punk rock is a genre of music that was created in the 1970s. It is known for its rebellious attitude, angry lyrics, and fast-paced guitar riffs. Punk rockers are often seen wearing black leather jackets with patches on them, leather pants or skirts, studded belts or chokers, and combat boots.

Want to look like a punk? Well, there are many different styles of punk rock fashion that you can choose from. You could wear in all black with chains or go for something more subtle with some small punk accessories like armbands. There is always the option to dye your hair blue and get some tattoos if you want to take it up a notch!

You can also find punk rockers sporting Mohawks with bright colors in their hair. This blog post will give you some outfit ideas to help you dress for your next punk show!

What is Punk fashion?

The punk style consists of clothing that is traditionally worn by punks. It originally consisted of garments, shoes, and jewelry which are thought to have taken influences from other subcultures such as gothic, metal, bondage, or even hip hop. Punk fashion has however evolved over the years. Currently, punk fashion is generally considered to be a way of self-expression.

It is a fashion that promotes independence and individualism. The punk fashion trend today consists mostly of streetwear, band merchandise, and accessories such as pentagram necklaces or studded belts.

History of Punk Fashion

Hardcore punk fashion varies greatly. It ranges from the simple Mohawk hairstyle to whole outfits based on military themes. Punk bands and music genres (such as hardcore punk, anarcho-punk, punk Pathetique, punk blues, riot grrl, grunge). All these forms of music not only encouraged their fans to follow suit but also offered them a wide range of ideas.

Punk fashion has also influenced commercial brands such as Levi's, Benetton, and especially Top Shop which markets a style called "punk couture" along with the term "Fabulous Punks".

Some fans of punk have been accused by outsiders of being part of a subculture whose members are deliberately trying to shock others; the term "poseur" has been used to describe such people, who may purchase their clothes from shops rather than designing and making their own.

Punk fashion became more mainstream in the 1980s thanks largely to British pop group The Smiths, which featured Johnny Marr's guitar playing prominently on many of its songs. The look was sported by several guitarists including Marr, The Edge, Billy Corgan, and Kurt Cobain.

The 1970s saw the rise in popularity of punk style particularly in Britain, where many youth subcultures adopted elements of the style. It was not uncommon to see both men and women with dyed hair, mohawks, heavily studded jackets, and bondage trousers, as well as tartan scarves and baggy plaid skirts. Although not seen as punk today, the 1970s mod look was another important influence on the development of this style: female fans often wore 1950s-style polka dot or print dresses with tartan scarves and berets.

Some of the first punks in Britain were also fans of glam rock. The New York Dolls dressed like little girls wore makeup with heavy eyeliner and dyed their hair bright colors. As both punk fashion and glam rock interacted, some of the acts which followed took elements from each style: wearing outrageous clothes without worrying about gender lines or classic beauty.

Some early punks had long hair and carefully crafted the messy look as a reaction against the hippie culture. They would often dye their hair black, blue, green, or bright red; shave off all of it; spike the hair up with glue, or roll it into elaborate shapes (such as devil's horns, or one inspired by the Rotten Apple logo of punk band Ramones).

They did not use a curling iron or straightener to achieve this look, instead of using the "bedhead" method. Mohawks or "mullets" were sometimes formed by backcombing or teased out to form a wider row, and then sprayed into shape.

Eddie Munster of The Munsters inspired the invention of the "mohawk" hairstyle after a reporter called him a "punk vampire".

People with naturally straight hair used heated rollers, crimpers, or sometimes super-frizzy perm lotions to create perms that looked like the wilder varieties of punk hairstyles. They also applied colorful dyes to their hair, straightened it out.

Punk Fashion Trends

Punk fashion has been around for quite some time now but it still remains prevalent in today's fashion world. Although there is no set of rules when it comes to punk fashion styles, here are some of the iconic trends associated with the culture:

Leather Jackets

The hard and rebellious nature of leather jackets may have been a staple in early punk fashion but it also remains popular even until today. Punk-style enthusiasts commonly wear leather jackets to show their rebellious nature.


One of the most common yet also distinguishing factors between punks and non-punks is the piercings they have on their body. Teens who want to experiment with Punk fashion usually start off by getting an eyebrow piercing because it is not only subtle but it can nicely frame the face.


Mohawks are commonly associated with the metalhead subculture but it is also one of the most iconic punk style trends that have stood the test of time. It was worn by punks in the 70s and its popularity continues to reign until today.

Punk fashion isn't just about embracing your rebellious side and having tattoos. It is also about embracing the gothic culture and combining it with punk to come up with a unique goth-punk fashion. Goth-Punk is a mixture of dark clothing and heavy, Slayer -Esque accessories such as pentagram necklaces and studded belts.

The thing that ties all these together is the black, dark colors and of course, the music. Punk fashion isn't about how shocking you can look on the outside but it is more about expressing yourself through your clothing and sharing a common interest with others.

20 Cute Punk Outfit Ideas

Autumn is a time to break out a new wardrobe and a fresh make-up routine. For those that have been bitten by the punk bug, it can also mean stocking up on some cute but edgy clothes to come into the colder months, too.

Browse our gallery for 20 cute punk clothing ideas everyone will be begging you to wear this season.

Punk Stripes

Black and white stripes are as cute as they are punky, and we love this look worn with a pair of Doc Martins and some arm candy.

Pale Pink Punk

For those who like their punk clothing to be cute rather than covered in blood and gore, pink is the color to go for. We love this pale pink look paired with black Docs and a quilted handbag.

Gothic Punk Lace

This perfect pairing of gothic punk lace and baby pink is super cute, but still has that edgy edge we all love about the punk scene. Finish off the look with some classic studded biker boots worn with a cute petticoat.

Punk Rock Chick

This perfect pairing of velvet and studs is the ideal outfit for those days when you just want to look as sweet as you are tough.

We love this look paired with lace-up biker boots and a black choker for a little added edge.

Black Punk Fashion

We all love a look that doesn't have to be teamed with any extras, so this black punk fashion is the one for our super simple but super effective autumn clothes list. It's edgy and unique without having to try too hard!

Punk Ripped Jeans Outfit Idea

Ripped jeans are all the rage this autumn, so why not opt for some that are purposefully ripped? This look would pair perfectly with some white Converse sneakers and a soft pastel pink tee.

Creepy Doll Punk

We love how cute but creepy this look is! The red dress contrasts well with the black lace-up boots, while the doll accessory adds a little creepiness to this otherwise sweet look.

Punk Rock Chick

If you haven't already noticed, we love a good punky petticoat! Wear yours with some black jeans and ankle boots for an effortlessly cute punk look.

Pretty in Punk

This perfect pairing of lace-up boots under dresses is tough but cute. We love this pink look with a simple black leather jacket to give it the edge you need.

Punk Girl Style

Baby blue is definitely an autumnal color, so why not embrace it in some punk girl style? Add some lace-up biker boots and a crossbody bag for that perfect daytime outfit.

Black Punk Fashion

If you hate having cold feet this autumn, invest in some black punk fashion ankle boots! Perfect with a pair of faux-leather leggings and a cute top.

Goth Punk Style

Who doesn't love a good gothic look? This look is made even better with the addition of some studded biker boots, lace-up ankle shoes, and black gloves.

Pale Blue Punk

We're big fans of this pale blue punk look for autumn fashion. It's the perfect pairing of edgy and cute with a pair of cargo pants and some white sneakers.

Finish the look off with your favorite choker!

Pretty Punk

We love the simplicity of this look, but it's still so edgy! Pair some ripped tights with a t-shirt dress and a drop necklace for an awfully cute punk outfit.

Punk Fashion Girl

If you can't tell already, we're huge fans of biker boots paired with florals! This punk fashion girl outfit is cute but still has that edge thanks to the lace-up boots. A black choker finishes off the look perfectly.

Punk Chick

We're big fans of jeans this autumn, so why not embrace it in punk style! This outfit is cute but still chic with pair of skinny jeans and a faux leather jacket.

Gothic Punk Style

This gothic punk style look is the perfect pairing of lace-up ankle boots and black tights with a tartan dress. We love this look for autumn fashion!

Black Punk Fashion

If you're looking for some simple punk outfits that are both edgy and chic, look no further than this one! Perfect with black tights and over-the-knee boots, this look is effortlessly cool.

Punk Queen

This punk queen look is the perfect pairing of lace-up biker boots with tartan and a faux leather jacket! We love this all-black ensemble for autumns' biggest trends.


Creepy Doll Punk

This look is the perfect pairing of scallop lace-up ankle boots with that bullet belts, but it's the perfect autumn punky outfit for day and night too.

"Punk is a rebellious and provocative social movement that emerged in the mid-1970s." This quote from Wikipedia sums up what punk was all about.

Nowadays, many people still enjoy listening to punk music, going to punk concerts, and dressing in a style similar to what punks wore back in the good days.

Punks are often seen wearing jackets with studded belts from their favorite band on the front, ripped jeans or shorts, combat boots, and many different accessories. There are some definite rules you should follow when it comes to creating your punk outfit.

We are going to go over some other styles of punk outfits that would work well during the warmer months. Hopefully, these tips will inspire your creativity and give you a few new ideas on how to dress up in style. To help get you started on this look of your dreams, here are 20 ideas for punk outfits!

From dress punk, leather pants, skinny jeans, black jeans, tote bags, shirts, band tees, and punk boots to different fashion styles we have included all the punk elements in our list with skater styles and punk accessories.

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