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Women's Punk High-waisted Black and Red Check A-line Skirts with Yarn Ruffles


Brand:Punk Design
Description:Sometimes, the simplest pieces of clothing are exactly the everyday umbrella skirt.This plaid skirt with black lace can easily match all your t-shirts,sweaters,or shirts. Maybe you need something simple but special, for the summer, you can match a  pair of sport shoes if you think it would go well.
Sku: PQ-418
Size Front Length Back Length Waist
cm inches cm inches cm inches
XS 44.50 17.52 59.00 23.23 64.00 25.20
S 46.50 18.31 60.00 23.62 68.00 26.77
M 48.50 19.09 61.00 24.02 72.00 28.35

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