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Flaunt your Badass Inner Goddess With Our Bold Festive Ensembles

Are you a quirky fashionista who adores flaunting her femininity with a bold, badass attitude? Do you live for flaunting your curves with a bold and dramatic spectacle of intricate lace, revealing cut-outs and waist-cinching corsets? At Dark In Love, we create elegant ensembles and badass statements with an audaciously bold display of fine fabrics, exquisite laces and intricate handiwork. Our designs will give your wardrobe a bold dose of edgy glamour with a flirtatious pop of sensuality.




We understand that, better than anyone else, the modern It girl seeks to flaunt her curves with a statement that is loud and bold enough to make her stand out. Every woman wants to be admired for her uniqueness, and we all deserve a little lace wrapped over a sexy black dress to ravish our curves. After all, beauty is all about feeling confident while flaunting your curves in an ensemble that makes you feel beautiful and sexy!


Dress :DW063


At Dark in Love, we believe in creating spontaneously playful designs that dwell over various bold and audacious themes, such as punk rock, steam punk, daring grunge elements and edgy gothic textures. Let’s admit it ladies, floral and paisleys aren’t forever, and we design clothes for women who like to flaunt a larger-than-life aura in a ravishing black ensemble that evokes both, envy and admiration.




Needless to say, our designs are not for the meek, the weak of heart and women who like shy away from the thunder of applause. We create scintillatingly sensual ensembles for women who adore grandeur, admire classic cuts and have the confidence to flaunt their curves with flirtatious lace accents and bold statements. If you admire the curve-hugging drama and waist-cinching accents of charming Victorian style corsets, we have a spectacular variety of modern designs blended with timeless vintage accents that you will simply adore.


Dress :DW196


Whether you want to stun your family and friends over the Christmas festivities, or seek a ravishing black dress for a wedding affair. Our splendid collection of bespoke dresses will help you land the perfect dress to play up your bold personality with the exotic embellishments of lace. We also design a gorgeous variety of tops and elegant blouses that you can flaunt at both, black tie formals and casual street wear.

Dress :DW190

We have a plethora of statements and ensembles to ravish your inner goddess, but this post is all about festive wear. We’re going to help you pick out the perfect festive silhouettes to celebrate the Holiday season, enjoy wedding festivities or any other occasion that is coming up on your social calendar.


Dress :DW176

Here, feast your eyes on our hottest picks for festive wear:


Women's Goth Multilayer Velvet Lace Ankle Length Gown


Dress :DW187


Behold the ultimate delight for a Goth dress lover, a vintage-inspired Victorian style gown, embellished with an admirable arrangement of exquisite lace. It features the fine plush comfort of beautiful black velvet that will gleam and glisten against the winter lights, giving your curves an elegant pop of bold Victorian glamour. It features a comfortable ankle-length hemline, while the corset is designed with a vintage appeal curbed with a contemporary halter neck.

The design is a perfect blend of Victorian elegance blended with the modern accents of gothic chicness. The corset is fastened with a lace-lined halter neck to lift up your beauty assets and cinch up your waist to highlight the sensuality of your curves. Pair it up with a bold pair of black stilettos, a flirtatiously loose updo and a hot red lipstick, and it’s the perfect lace dress for any black tie affair during the chilly season!


Women's Punk Halterneck Cutout Shoulder Crop Tops With Spaghetti Straps



Black Top :TW164


A sassy punk rock statement that can elevate the glamour of your club night outfits with its bold gothic appeal. It plays up the raging trend of statement shoulders with an edgy pattern of spaghetti straps over a cut-out shoulder design, fastened with a halter neck, just what you need to pronounce your busty assets and command attention.

 This bold statement can be paired up with anything and everything for its versatility is endlessly delightful. We strongly urge you to flaunt it with a gothic biker gal look by pairing it up with a sharp leather jacket, black denim shorts and high-heeled knee high boots. 


Women's Goth Layered Flare Sleeve Strappy Maxi Dress



Dress :DW185 


An ensemble that evokes both, admiration and mystery with its sensual flirtatiousness, this layered Goth dress plays up an exquisite combination of edgy punk appeal with a bold bohemian flair for drama. If you’re a gothic goddess who adores flaunting her curves with a bold attention-grabbing statement, this bohemian silhouette will ravish your personality and make shine amongst the crowd.

It plays up a dramatically sensual appeal with its flared sleeves, strappy lace-lined neckline, and chic statement shoulders. The layered hemline is a masterpiece of flimsy sensuality and it plays up a gorgeous underlining of exquisitely-cut lace. Pair it up with a sexy pair of lace-up stilettos and bold statement earrings.


Women's Punk Zipper Halter Neck Black Top



Black Top :CW026


Dark in Love presents its most audaciously bold statement that puts to shame all other ensembles that claim to be bold and badass. This punk zipper halter neck black rocks an edgy corset-style design that is perfect to cinch up your petite waist and highlight the sensuality of your curves. It plays up a vibe that is both, edgy and sensual, perfect to drape up your femininity with a bold statement dripping with sexiness.

 It is the ultimate staple to hoard up for the crazy round of parties before New Year’s Eve, for it has an eclectic magnetism that is perfect spice up your nightlife statements. We urge you to flaunt it with curve-hugging leather pants, rowdy ankle boots and a fur cape resting lightly atop your shoulders.


Women's Goth Mesh Shoulder Ruched Short Dress



Dress : DW180


We all need that perfect little black dress that is always an appropriately elegant choice for all black tie occasions, be it a wedding feast of a not-so-distant friend or a formal dinner date. This gorgeous little black dress plays up a ladylike elegance that is jazzed up with its gothic mesh-lined shoulders, giving the simplistic design a flirtatiously playful appeal.

The ruched accents give this elegant short dress a bold personality, while the mesh-lined neckline strikes all the right chords of voguish chicness. This gorgeously versatile little black dress can be flaunted at any and every occasion, and its versatility can be paired up with a wide range of accessories. We urge you to play up its minimalistic elegance with chandelier earrings and a chunky necklace that would peep out of the neckline.


Women's Goth Vintage Black Choker


Necklace :ACK124


Accessories are a definite must-have for the festive season, and this gorgeous black choker is a vintage-inspired design made to ravish gothic fashionista with an eye for exquisite laces. It plays up a regal-style glory with its intricate lace that is designed in a manner to mimic the intricacy of lace-lined Victorian collars.

The lace choker is embellished with exotic stones to exude a dark and bold glamour that is gripping with its intense sensuality. Needless to say, this is a highly versatile and glamorous design that will give even the most minimalist of dresses a bold pop of gothic glamour. You can play it up with both, your formal ensembles and your casual streetwear looks.


Women’s Goth Halter Neck High-Low Slip Dress





Slip dresses are always the epitome of ‘20s inspired voguish chicness, and when you pair up this dramatic vintage trend with a bold gothic appeal, you create the perfect little black dress that is timelessly sexy. This gothic halter neck slip dress is a voguish treat of vintage fashion blended with the contemporary chicness of shoulder-revealing statements and curve-hugging fits.

It plays up a romantically feminine charm that is jazzed up with an intricate lace-lined neckline to brim up the design with a glamorous vibe of intrigue and mystery. Its sleek halter neck and lace accents give the bodice a dramatic appeal, while the flirtatious high-low design strikes a bold appeal against the minimalist design and pitch black color palette.


Women’s Goth Lace Plunge V-neck Ruffle Mini Dress



Dress :DW178 


Ruffles and lace are always a woman’s best trick to highlight her sensuality with a vibe that is flirtatious and playful without attracting criticism over her lack of elegance. This gorgeously embellished Goth dress plays up a charming vintage-style design that will give you a Gatsby-inspired look to take the party circuit by the storm.

The flirtatious ruffles give the minimalist little black dress a striking character while the bold lace accents and statement lace-lined shoulders make it a one-of-its-kind beauty. It is the perfect black tie and festive silhouette for a woman who likes to keep her formal statements elegant yet sensually playful. We strongly urge you to flaunt it with a bold red lip and lace-up stilettos.

Women's Goth Asymmetrical Strap Dress



Dress :DW189



Dress :DW189


A gorgeously flared asymmetrical strap dress that plays up a romantically feminine charm to the traditional minimalism of a pretty little black dress. The dramatically flared design is jazzed up with a sexy and sleek lace-up bodice, just what a girl needs to cinch up her petite waist and play up her luscious curves with a figure-hugging fit. It strikes as the perfect statement to pair up with edgy outwear staples, such as a bold studded cropped leather jacket for a hot date on a chilly winter night.


Women’s Goth Hollow out Sleeveless A-Line Dress



Dress :DW194 


Dark in Love is extremely proud and ecstatic to present a quirky and futuristic-inspired take on the sexy trend of cocktail dresses. This audaciously bold A-Line dress rocks an edgy gothic attitude with its intricately exotic lace detailing, futuristic design, and sensually revealing cut-outs slashed across the neckline and the midriff so you can flaunt your curves with a bold flair for drama.

It is hands down the hottest cocktail dress that a gothic fashionista can possibly own. Its collared neckline and revealing cut-outs make it a bold statement that will ravish your date with an eyeful of your bold demeanour. We strongly urge you to flaunt it with leather knee boots and a cropped leather jacket.


Women's Goth Floral Lace Ruffles Party Dress


Dress :DW197


A gorgeously tailored little black dress that blends in the flirtatious sensuality of delicate ruffles with a bold minimalist curve-hugging design. This ruffled Goth dress is a bold party number that will forever delight you with its versatile elegance and eclectic glamour. It plays up an exotic neckline that is intricately embellished with fine lace to give it a romantic pop of vintage drama.

The neckline is embellished with a delicate layer of sensual ruffles, perfect to pronounce your busty beauty assets and cinch up your waist with a lovely bodice. The hemline flares up to exude a romantically feminine grace and falls just below the knees with a subtly ruffled hemline. Needless to say, this versatile little black dress is bound to become your go-to number for any and every formal affair, be it a New Year’s party, a family get-together or an engagement party.


Women's Goth Floral Multilayer Lace High/Low Slip Dress Wedding Dress


Dress: DW198


A gloriously gothic wedding statement for a bold gothic fashionista who wants to flaunt a look that is bold, audacious and a far cry from traditional wedding looks. It plays up a gorgeous design embellished with an exquisite floral lace to create a charmingly multi-layered hemline. The corset is undoubtedly the most striking feature that adds a vintage, Victorian-style beauty to the ensemble.

It is perfect to cinch up your petite waist and highlight your curves with a romantic sensuality that is utterly breath-taking. The hemline plays up an exotic pattern of multi-layered floral lace, while the gently protruding neckline will ravish your sensibilities with its bold charm. This is hands down the perfect wedding statement that will help do away with all those boring traditions surrounding wedding statements.

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