Timeless Gothic Charm, Unleash the Darkness Within

There is nothing sexier than black, what’s more erotic? Goth black. There is nothing trendier than being the queen of darkness and rocking the Goth look. Kohl filled eyes and the cute black dress, who can resist your bewitching charms. Check out these cute yet sexy outfits to pack your wardrobe with.

Women's Goth Irregular Plaid Mini Skirt with Small Pocket

SKU : S004

To start off a cute plaid skirt, that is just the right length to show off your perfect legs. It’s the perfect combination to add a little color to your all black outfit. The skirt is a very innovative cut with a touch to asymmetrical design that adds to the appeal of it. It’s practical enough to sport a small pocket as well.

 Women's Goth Irregular Black Mini Skirt with Small Pocket

SKU : S005

If you aren’t a fan of color, then here is a cute little black skirt. Get you gothic charm going with this sexy mini skirt. The cut is unconventional with comfortable buckles to it to perfect fit. It also has a link chain embellishment to add that extra bling to your attire. A small pocket is added to contain your phone easily.

Women's Short Punk Skirt with Lacing

SKU : OPQ-383

Suspenders are sexy, and no one can deny that. Add them to a mini gothic skirt, and you have a winner on your hand. The skirt comes with a sensual lace detailing. The umbrella skit slims at the waist to give you perfect contours. The crisscross lacing detail gives in front of the skirt gives the box plates a definite personality. to break the monotone black on the waist the skirt also has a metal zipper.

Women's Punk Green Plaid Pleated Mini Skirts

SKU : PQ-411

Wear the cool times with this plaid pleated small skirt. Rock your punk look with this deep green plaid mini. It’s just the thing for any gothic attire. The skirt can easily be fitted with the accompanying belt. Loom cute and broody at the same time. This Pleated skirt is innovatively cut and designed to make your waist look smaller, and your legs look slender. Easy to maintain and wash, the polyester material is both comfortable as well as practical to be worn regularly.

Women's Goth Front Zipper Plaid Suspender Short Skirt

SKU : S006

Suspenders have a certain school-girl charm to it that never diminishes. It has a cutie schoolgirl touch to it. red and black checkered design with typical umbrella cut sets this skirt off beautifully. It has an easy flow to it. The suspenders can be secured perfectly to the metal loops given at the waist. The metal loops have the back and front covered with great style. The skirt breaks at the front with a perfect metal zipper that goes all the way down to the hem. The suspenders are highly comfortable as well as completes the skirt perfectly.

 Women's Goth Irregular Pleated Midi Skirt

SKU :  S007

Plaids have been in fashion for as long as one can remember. They are timeless; you can rock a plaid in any season. It has a good length on it, with a cut to show off your perfect assets. The belt can perfectly be adjusted to accommodate the size of your waist. The pleats are exceptionally designed to give you a contoured look every goth loves. This red and black midi skirt is the perfect combination of goth meets color. The skirt has been decorated with a hooked chain that can be lopped to the side of the skirt’s waist.

Women's Goth Fake Two-Piece Denim Shorts


If you are a goth fan but don't want to go all the way, then this white and black baby is just the thing for your taste. The polyester cotton material makes the skirt extremely soft to touch. The slim fit denim skirt is beautifully cut. Denim has always been the talk of the town. What’s better is its perfect blend with goth fashion. Doubling lining gives the skirt a versatile design; you can keep the buttons open or close as per your taste. The variety of styling gives the skirt a certain appeal. It can easily be paired with high black heals as well as a plain black gothic shirt.

Women's Tartan Pleated Punk Skirt

SKU : KW135

The detailing on this tartan pleated skirt is just adorable. All metal blending seamlessly with the black is delicious. Wrap around design adds a cute touch to the simplicity of the skirt. Designed with the leather straps have been decorated with metal loops as well as larger size metal safety pin. Irregular is what the runways are filled with, add that casual charm to your outfit with this pleated skirt.

Black is timeless, so is the gothic charm. Play with it and live a little on the dark side of the twilight zone.

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