Many people's impression of gothic and punk gothic is dark, bloody, and metallic. And when it comes to gothic jewelry, many people think of a variety of pierced earrings, skulls, snake necklaces, pendants, and exaggerated punk gothic chokers like a hedgehog's thorns.

Many people think the gothic necklace is claptrap, exaggerated, and self-abuse to show they are different. Thus, they feel they are challenging to match and unsuitable for everyday wear. The punk gothic necklace has many different designs and materials, suitable for cosplay and daily life, so let Punk Design with you to see how to choose gothic punk necklaces.



What is The Design of a Gothic Punk Necklace?

The specific term Gothic originally meant the Germanic tribes of Western Europe. It is an artistic style derived from medieval architecture: high and slender and pointed, with mystery, elegy, and sublimity. The class was relegated to the Renaissance for centuries until the 18th century when people began to discover its beauty, inspired by English Romantic literature, using darkness, fear, evil, and pathos to show magnificence, love, and even a positive spirit.

Gothic punk jewelry is then the Roman style in some details of the metal shape sharp, the patterns and lines become apparent, and the overall is not as heavy as before, with more a touch of elegance. The gothic style is beautiful regarding curves, pendants, and metal products such as cross necklaces and black crystal jewelry. Punk studded choker or lace necklace, any dark or silver jewelry with gothic symbols such as angels, demons, roses, skulls, and spiders.



How to Choose The Right Necklace for You?

1. Gold or Silver

Some people with very clearly cold undertone (pink hue), but because their hair is blond, light gold jewelry looks so much better on them. Note that different shades of gold depend on the karat and the alloy put into the gold. Same with rose gold, some are so pink it looks almost like copper, and others are just slightly pinker than regular yellow gold. So try different shades of gold, as one might suit you better.

If you want the color of the metal to suit you, go with your personality and general vibe because the skin color theory doesn't work for many people when it comes to jewelry. First, a necklace takes up very little space on our bodies instead to clothing and other gothic accessories. Secondly, gold or silver is metallic and works differently than a color. For example, polished silver-colored jewelry without stones has a hue and shine that's like knives, very clean, sharp, and cold, whereas gold is warm, rich, soft, and luxurious. If you have a hot presence and personality, gold has this warm glow that compliments this aspect of you. And some people appear more cold and distant and have more of an "ice queen" kind of aura; in this case, the sharpness of silver would enhance this trait.

  1. Length of Necklaces

Gothic punk necklaces will have different lengths depending on the style. A chain of the right size can better modify the shape of your face and neck. But face shape is just one consideration when choosing a necklace; if you like and are comfortable wearing it, any chain can make you more beautiful.

You should look into some little long gothic necklaces if you have a round head. Because then it will create more of a V silhouette, elongate your neck, and try to eliminate the double chin. In contrast, the square face suits punk chokers and princess cuts more punk chokers and princess cuts. Those will be shorter, creating a beautiful illusion on your neck. An angular face with a chiseled jawline may replace the shorter grunge necklace. They are going to soften your silhouette. A longer piece looks beautiful but may accentuate that angular jawline, so that shorter chain may be more suitable.


How to Choose The Gothic Necklace for Neckline?

Every trendsetter has a few necklaces of different lengths in their jewelry box; looking at those gothic necklaces of various sizes, have you ever wondered what necklace to wear with different necklines? Then let's look at what kind of necklaces suit different necklines together.

  1. V-neck

A gothic plunging dress or top is exquisite. You always have this option with a neckline like this, a gothic pendant necklace, or you can do a choker with the v-neck punk crop top. Another option with your v-necks is a pretty bib necklace, which bib necklace, and you can go pretty big. You can go big and bold on that. This neckline is tailor-made for something quite bold and makes a statement.

If you want to do layered grunge necklaces, there's nothing wrong with that, especially if you want to do a short pendant. I would only say to make sure it's not the same length as your V-neck. You don't want it to hit right there kind of, of conflict with that V. You can do a dainty pendant, you can do a lace choker, you can do a punk bib necklace that sits right here at the collar bone, or you can even do a longer pendant as long as it's longer than V-neck.

  1. Halter Neckline

The halter neckline is where you have something around the neck and then this triangle shape on the upper body. It is best not to choose a necklace for clothes with a halter neck because it will make your neck look messy. So with the punk halterneck bustier, what I usually do as a default is to wear a pair of bold gothic earrings. But if you're wearing clothes that hang from the back, you can choose a punk chain choker to match it to make the look more fun and relaxed.

  1. Off Shoulder Neckline

Gothic off-shoulder tops with jeans are great to frame a beautiful, bold, statement necklace. This will not make the area around the neck look too monotonous. You want to be careful not to have the necklace dip into the top, or if you want to wear a longer one, make sure that it entirely sits on the fabric. I prefer the grunge necklace hanging from the collarbone, especially the choker, which is suitable for off-shoulder clothing. When you attend a date, choose a gothic lace choker with a black off-shoulder dress, and you're sure to wow the crowd!

I will also pick a pair of gothic asymmetry earrings, and in that way, it will not conflict with the necklace. And especially with the one shoulder, one shoulder is already kind of dramatic with asymmetry, so I would do a big, bold pair of earrings versus trying to compete with that one-shoulder neckline.

  1. Button-down Shirt

When wearing a button-down gothic shirt, the longer necklace will be covered by the clothes you can not see. The choker will be squeezed with the neckline, making people feel cumbersome. That will again be that collarbone-length punk gothic necklace, probably the most versatile length. It looks very nice on bare skin, and it highlights your collarbone. And you leave one or two buttons open, the v-shape to attract attention to the area, so it's adorable.

  1. Turtleneck

The turtleneck sweater is one of my favorites in the fall and winter, and I think it's a great option to showcase some beautiful gothic jewelry. So it doesn't always have to be a punk turtleneck sweater. It can be a gothic stand collar shirt. Both will achieve the same effect, so the turtleneck showcases it beautifully regardless of your statement piece; whether it's a great big pair of bold earrings or a tremendous oversized grunge necklace bold earrings or a great big grunge necklace, the turtleneck showcases it beautifully. It just really pops because you have that turtleneck, so if you have a pair of earrings, they pop against that turtleneck. If you have a gothic bib necklace, it pops against the turtleneck.

The turtleneck allows you to do a single long pendant if you want to do that. Remember that a pendant necklace can elongate an upper body. The only thing you can't do with a turtleneck is a choker, for apparent reasons. It just is too much with the turtleneck itself.


The gothic punk necklace is mysterious and dark, but dark is not the same as not every day; it can also be simple and elegant like a proud black swan. It's not just skulls and snakeheads; it also has a lot of light and strange but sky-high beauty collision. It also uses other colors, gothic jewelry is not limited to black; it also has green, red, and different colors that other jewelry has. Choose a gothic punk necklace that suits you, and you can fully show your gothic style. Please sign in to our store if you want other gothic punk clothing or accessories gothic punk clothing or accessories, please sign in to our store. Search for the correct item according to your preferences with different categories and designs!

March 09, 2023 — Punk Design

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