The leather jacket is a popular fashion garment that does not go out of style. As the season and the trends change, the leather jacket remains present and popular. It has grown into a garment that is a must-have piece for every man. Choosing to wear a leather jacket is a fashionable way to present your style, and it suits different fashion styles and preferences.

However, there are different leather jacket styles and looks they provide that satisfy different tastes. Punk Design has a huge variety of leather jackets that will come as an irreplaceable fashion piece. Take a look!

Men's Punk Contrast Color Striped Jacket

Those who love the retro vibe and the look of the retro leather jacket, will most definitely love this one. It comes with the presence of sporty details, like the elasticized wrists and collar. The base of the jacket is black, with the dominance of white pieces and discreet striped in black and red. Unlike the popular zipper jackets, this one closes with fashionable buttons.



Men's Punk Larger Lapel Contrast Sleeve jacket

This is the type of jacket that delivers a motorbike-style. The white and black come as two contrasting colors, with special positioning on the sleeves. The front has an interesting overlap closing, with lots of zippers that add to the motorbike style. The end of the jacket featured a belt that is punk-inspired.



Men's Punk Stand Collar Multi-zips Jackets Coffee

Another pretty cool jacket that can work through all the seasons is the men's punk collar jacket with multiple zips. It has two pockets on each side, closing with zips, as well as the central zipper closing. Its cut is classic and clean, while the style it delivers is between rock and punk. It comes in three different colors.



Men's Punk Contrast Color Single-breasted coats

Combining the elegant and the sporty, with just a bit of pop of a contrasting white color comes on this fabulous jacket. It is a piece that looks great for semi-formal and casual occasions. The elastics wrist, collar, and the end of the jacket that come in stripes add a sporty vibe to the elegant shiny leather.

Men's Punk Large Lapel Long Faux Leather Coat

Going back to the time when the long coats were delivering that scary look is now possible with this long coat. Coming in shiny and soft leather, with open lapels and length reaching the knees, it comes in three different colors that can satisfy different tastes and color preferences.


Men's Punk Stand Collar Multi-zips Jackets

With a dose of motorbike style and the rock look, this jacket comes as the piece that is great for all the rockers out there. The shoulders are in the typical motorbike style, the front zipper keeps it look sleek and smooth. The additional zippers to the side are a nice addition. The balance of the top and the end collars gives a wonderful definition of the jacket.


Men's punk multi-pockets Faux leather jacket with hood

Leather jackets with a hood are a very practical and convenient way to flaunt some unique style. In this case, the style varies between gothic and punk. The pockets are closing with buttons making the entire jacket look sleek and sharp.


Men's punk Lapel Multi-zips jackets

The side closure of a leather jacket brings a different vibe and definition to the look and the outfit. With the side closure, the open lapels come as an exposed and nice addition to the unique look. This is the type of jacket that connects the accessories like zippers, buttons, and shiny leather altogether, with the addition of subtle motorbike style.


Men's Punk Front Zip Multi-pockets Jackets

This shirt-a-like jacket is something different that combines the look of a classic shirt but comes into the model of a leather jacket. Each side features two pockets that close with buttons, and the collar resembles the one of a shirt. The central closure is with a zipper.


Men's Punk Back Live Free Die Printed Jackets

The quotes and logos are a very popular fashion trend, that inspired by the punk style, come on the back of this jacket, as well as at the back on the sleeves. Written in white color, this is a modern jacket that combines that punk and the motorbike style. The side closure with the zipper delivers a modern look, as well as a trendy and fashionable piece that will satisfy the pickiest tastes.


Men's Punk Front Zip Rhomboid Jackets

The rhomboid print and the look it delivers on this leather jacket is very unusual and interesting. Especially if you pick the one in the bright red shade. It looks interesting and cool. The entire front is covered in the rhomboid pattern, the sleeves are plain and shiny. There are two side pockets with zippers and one central zipper. It also comes in black color.


Men's Punk Wool-like Stand collar jacket

The leather jacket can work just fine for the winter, especially if it comes with a woolen inside. This is the type of jacket that shows the wool inside at the collar. It is smart, soft, and sleek, looks very elegant, and has two side pockets with zippers.


Men's Punk Wool-like collar faux leather jacket

Similar to the previous wool-like jacket, this one is also great for the colder time. The difference here is from the side closure, with a side zipper, that provides a more fashionable look. The inside is covered in wool and there are more zippers and pockets that make the front more in a punk style.


Men's Punk wool-like lapel collar faux leather jacket with hood

The punk, grunge, and dark look come perfectly blended in this winter jacket that has wool thorough the entire inside. It continues to the hood, which makes this leather jacket a perfect winter outerwear piece.


Men's Punk Lapel Front Zip Faux Leather

For a dark and easy look, this faux leather jacket comes between a jacket and a trench. It has a hood, a front zipper. The open lapels, the side zip-pockets, and the side closure make this jacket unique in its look.


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January 05, 2021 — Punk Design

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