Gothic Halloween costume ideas are a great way to get into the spooky holiday spirit. The dark themes and moody colors of gothic costumes make for a perfect fit with this year’s costume craze event!

Gothic Halloween fashion is the perfect way to show off your dark side this season! Whether you want to dress like a goth, punk rocker, or vampiress we have some great suggestions for what to wear. We love these costumes because they're not only fun and flirty but also really easy on your wallet. If you have been looking for some inspiration, signing in to our web and browsing our collection will help you find your new look.

What are Gothic Halloween Costumes?

Gothic or punk is a subculture of Halloween costumes. Gothic style is generally dark and somewhat macabre, as reflected in 'dark' music, clothing, makeup, and hairstyles. The first applications of the term "gothic" to describe a type of literature date from the early 19th century when author Sir Walter Scott referred to the Goths as forerunners of a new literary movement. In modern times, however, the gothic costume is mostly applied to fashion styles influenced by Victorian/Edwardian horror literature and poetry.

In contrast with the influence of 19th-century gothic literature on gothic Halloween clothing, gothic rock played a significant part in the development of the goth subculture. While virtually ignored by American media during its early years, e.g., hippies, it's necessary to suggest that British rock musicians like Siouxsie and the Banshees contributed to reviving interest in music with 'dark' themes, at first through post-punk, but ultimately reaching a wider audience through the new wave and gothic rock musical genres.

History of Gothic Halloween Costumes

Gothic Halloween costumes originated in the UK and are associated with gothic rock, a music genre that began in the late 1970s as an offshoot of the gothic rock movement (a longer history can be found here ). The style was popular from 1979 to 1984, after which it retreated to its cult status for a decade.

This situation contributed to defining new standards within the community. The popularization of gothic and glam metal lead to the development of a different type of eye makeup: ' cat eyes ', which used to be painted using black liquid eyeliner. The new fashion style was called 'gothic makeup'.


Since the 1990s, the use of black as a gothic Halloween costumes color has been restricted to clothing and makeup. Although the colors black and dark colors, in general, were never used exclusively for gothic costumes, it has become common use to apply primarily black makeup (from black nail polish to dark blue/black lipstick).

20 Gothic Halloween Costumes If You Have A Goth Heart

Gothic Halloween costumes you can find great stuff around the house to make for some pretty awesome costumes.

Check out these 20 easy and cheap clothing. You'll be everyone's favorite goth at the Halloween party when you show up looking like a total dark lord! We can't say we recommend wearing any of these to school, however.

The Joker

This is one of the easiest costumes. All you need is a white face maskblack eyeliner, and red lipstick.

Edward Scissorhands Costume

Another easy one! Wear all black everything with some shredded gloves and old shoes or boots.

Harley Quinn

Put on your best nurse outfit. Add pigtails and a black and red tutu, knee-high socks, fishnets, and boots. For your makeup draw lots of black eyeliner, cat eyes with white contrasting shadows under your eyes, and some red lipstick!

Vampire Costume

Vampires costumes everyone has seen twilight so you might as well embrace it and dress up like Bella or Edward. Add fake fangs, tousled hair, and some blood around the mouth for the full effect.

Mr./Mrs. Frankenstein

Mr./Mrs. Frankenstein, This is a pretty easy one to put together, just wear all black with stitches drawn on your face or body to give you that Frankenstein look!

Plague Doctor

Wear all white underneath an old doctor's coat and carry around a stethoscope, gloves, and mask. It is one of the best gothic costumes that's a classic choice for customers to pursue their style.


Add white makeup or foundation, lots of black eyeliner, and dark red lipstick to the most gothic dress you own. If you don't have any items like that then go to a thrift store! Such a Lydia Deetz style, isn't it?

Marilyn Manson

Put on a pair of all-black-everything and wear some white face paint, eyeliner, and lipstick. Add a wig for that extra attention-seeking goth look!

Old Boots or Shoes

Another easy one to put together! All you need is some basic black clothes, contact lenses, old boots or shoes and lots of dirt. To give your skin more texture you can add a bit of fake blood and dirty your teeth.

Bettie Page

Add a red wig, corset, and 5-inch heels to your most gothic dresses or skirts for this costume!

Poodle Skirt

Add a poodle skirt from any thrift store to some fishnet tights and wear all black underneath. Add a little bit of fake blood, dark lipstick, and white face paint for that 'dead doll' look.


All you need is an all-black outfit and some red suspenders to give your costume that punk/goth vibe. To complete the look add a spider broach or bowtie!

80s Rocker Girl

Add all-black-everything and put your hair into a faux hawk. For the full look add some well-drawn-on rock style makeup and studded accessories!

Dead Bride

Dress up as everyone's favorite dead character by wearing white face paint, red lipstick and eyeliner, and dark eye shadow all over your eyes. Add fake blood to the corner if you want.

DIY Avatar

Just use all black clothing and then go in with that eyeliner to make shapes on your face for that blue Na'vi look! Don't forget the little bow too.

Pop Art Makeup and Costume

All you need for this one is some red lipstick and white face paint (just use regular foundation), and then add some dark circles around your eyes for the pop art effect!

Gothic Lolita

Dress up in black clothes with some red, white, and blue detail for this gothic lolita look! Add a cute little bow to complete the outfit.

Black Metal

Check the back of your closet for some basic all-black clothing - if you don't have any you can always go to a thrift store! Add a pair of fake fangs and some kohl makeup around your eyes for the full look.

Mad Hatter

This is another easy one to put together, just wear all black with a hat, gloves and some fishnets or tights. For an added effect add some white face paint!

The Crow

If you already have some black clothing then just add white face paint or foundation, lots of eyeliner, and a feather (or even fake blood if you want).

Material of goth costumes

Neoprene is a great material for goth costumes because it can be cut into all kinds of shapes. It stretches to fit your body perfectly. It's very good quality since it's made by hand in special workshops. Neoprene is also black, but different varieties are shiny in acetate. If you're looking for more classic material, you should choose one in polyurethane. It's also black and of very good quality. Cotton is the cheapest material but it creases badly if it isn't ironed before being worn. Many people are disappointed when they first touch it because it feels rather rough, so they wash it before wearing it, which makes the fabric stretch. It's only really good for creating simple accessories like bracelets.


Polyester is another popular material that creases easily but also doesn't need to be ironed. It can also be transparent so you should completely cover it with an inner layer if you're using it on clothing rather than accessories. There's a huge difference in quality between the polyester fabrics, so you have to choose carefully. Fleece has a luxurious feel and is very good for creating clothing, especially on cold days when it helps keep your body heat inside. The trouble with fleece is that it creases easily and doesn't fit your body as well as other materials.


Silk is very expensive but it's perfect on clothing or for creating headdresses because of its natural shine. But silk also creases easily so if you are making a costume, you have to take care when trying it on and arranging it in your room. It can't be washed, which makes it unsuitable for making accessories. There are many different types of fabric, so it's best to have a look around before choosing one. You may want something cheap, or something that is black but isn't shiny. There are also lots of materials that can be dyed black, so you should choose one in the right shade for your costume.

Does It Require Colors?

The foundation of the gothic dress is black, but it's also interesting to add some other colors. The use of color in gothic fashion has a long and colorful history. For hundreds of years, girls have been using vibrant colors such as purple and pink in their clothing and accessories, even though those who used them weren't members of royalty. In the days before the dying fabric was perfected, bright colors in clothing were hard to come by, so people valued items that retained their original color after being dyed. The use of vibrant color in gothic clothing continued through the centuries and right up to today's modern goth styles.


The color black can be described as a neutral color. It is so simple and plain that it lets the depth of other colors stand out. The use of other colors in the gothic costume has been used since the beginning to add life and vibrancy to an outfit, and it's just as popular today as it ever was. Some people are wary of bright colors in goth clothing because they are afraid that people will think their tastes are juvenile. That's not always the case though, if you pair hot pink with jet black lace gloves or a studded leather jacket, it can make quite an impact!


Halloween is the perfect time for adults to let their creativity fly and show off their unique styles. There are many different costumes that you can dress up as if you were a gothic character. You don't always have to put on just spooky or scary costumes, it's okay to be an old-school vampire or witch. Make sure you follow the tips below to show your creative side and use pieces that you already have in your closet or buy some from our store.


Are you looking for some creative Halloween costume ideas? We will share some of our favorite gothic fashion looks that you can use to create an amazing outfit. These are perfect for any occasion, but they are especially popular during the spooky holiday season!

The gothic subculture has a long and rich history, with many different styles of dress that have evolved over the years. This blog will explore some of the more popular clothing items that are often associated with the gothic Fashion.

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