4 Tips To Avoid Being  Too Dull In All Black

Black has two characteristics: passion and coolness.

Whether you are sexy, sweet or cool girl,it's not easy to go wrong with all black.

But trust me it's not that easy! Sometimes the simplest of looks needs a lot of thought and consideration in order to look amazing.

In this article,we will show you 4 tips to avoid being  too boring,dull.

1 . High-Fashion Edge ----Normcore

2.Sense Of Design----Bold Clipping

The design philosophy of PUNK RAVE is to show our unique individuality.We prefer bold tailoring.Irregular hem,oversize profile,off should ,ragged and ripped design is our own fashion statement.

3 . Contrast Color 

While all black is cool, it may be a bit dull sometimes.It would also be better to add some other colors.The details of contrast color can obviously embellish the whole outfit.

4 . Different Texture- More Layers  

Want to have more layers ?It can be achieved by a single piece of patchwork design.

Chiffon acrylic and lace knitting stitching design, texture of the collision, the virtual staggered, just think of those women who wear black clothes, why they are always so stylish, you will know the value of it.

More and more girls like grunge clothing, and do you think the four tips are useful to you?

Hopefully, you enjoyed my post and found the tips helpful! 



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