Which Goth Wedding Gown Is Your Fav?

Goth Wedding Dress: Mark your BIG Day with Deep & Dark Notes of Glamour


Your Big Day marks the most important and memorable fashion statement of your life, and the modern gothic bride wants nothing more than to feel comfortable in her own skin and flaunt her passion for black with dark and dramatic notes of gothic glamour.

Being a traditional ivory and pale bride is a silly and boring norm that we must all break by expressing our true sense of style and personal expressions of glamour without any restraints. Gothic glamour is all about breaking free from inhibitions and embracing the deep and dark notes of beauty with confidence.

We’ve picked out a dazzling myriad of gothic statements and goth wedding dress that will tantalize your curves and allow you to mark your Big Day with a look that is unforgettable, sensational and stunning. We hope you will fall in love with our designs, and meet the perfect match for your true sense of style.

Here, Feast Your Eyes:


Women's Gothic Velvet Slip Maxi Party Dress



A spectacular Goth wedding dress that offers a glamorous dose of dark glamour and an enticing flair for drama, just what a modern bride needs to stand out and shine in her truest element. It is inspired by a Victorian style design, with a cape-like neckline and a ravishingly flattering bodice. The luxurious charm of the fine velvet fabric is without doubt the most beguiling feature of this curve-emphasizing Goth wedding dress.

It will give your curvature a luscious appeal while the glistening gleam of the fabric will add a regal charm to your gothic wedding affair. The neckline will play up your beauty assets while the dramatically flared hemline and intricate fringe detailing make it an intensely charming wedding ensemble, fit for a queen!

Women's Goth Punk Mermaid Gown



If you want to mark your wedding look with a jazzy and modern Goth wedding dress, it simply doesn’t get better than this Goth Punk Mermaid Gown. Inspired by the flirtatiously playful fluidity of a mermaid gown, it will play up the contours of your curves, all the way from your beauty assets up till your shapely thighs.

From beyond there, the hemline turns into a delightful flare into our signature diaphanous skirt, which will sweep the floor as you sashay around the room, giving the onlookers ravishing glimpses of your shapely legs.

The skirt plays up a spectacular specimen of intricate embroidery, while the hemline adds beauty to the glorious self-print fabric, an iconic delight on its own. The spaghetti strap emphasize modern look while creating the perfect light and breezy statement, embellished with stunning feathered motifs that add a bohemian flair to the look.


Women's Gothic Lace Multilayer Velvet Party Dress Black



Here’s the perfect chance to walk down the aisle with a look that marks a sassy and charming gothic twist on Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. This Gothic lace multilayer velvet dress is a timeless classic that will make all your vintage dreams come true with its Victorian-inspired grace. The curve-hugging bodice will cinch up your petite waist and play up your curves with a tantalizing yet elegant grace.

This gorgeous Goth wedding gown features a multi-layered design that plays up the exquisite charm of fine velvet and intricate lace. The neckline plays up a vintage folded velvet design with a stunning chandelier-like brooch nestling in the middle, while frills of lace adorn the sleeves. The hemline is a beautiful specimen of artful layering, covered with delightfully ruched-up folds of velvet that break into a divinely dramatic lace skirt.


Women's Gothic Mandarin Sleeve High Collar Maxi Dress


Are you a Goth girl that wants to make her wedding statement a sleek and edgy token of gothic fashion that slams down societal notions revolving around a bridal look with a loud and dramatic thud? Look no further, this dramatically edgy Goth wedding dress will give you a Morticia Adams-like charm and elegance to captivate the crowds with your mysteriously sexy charm.

The Mandarin sleeves and high-collar neckline is perfect to play up a sleek athletic figure that is devoid of curves, allowing you to rock those finely toned abs and athletic body with a loud confidence. It’s a great pick for brides who don’t want a fussy trail or an overwhelming amount of fabric trailing behind them and confining their movements. It is a splendid pick for the modern bride who wants to dance the night away and move around through her guests, nursing a glass of champagne without a care in the world!


Women's Vintage Goth Off Shoulder Floral Lace Gown


Gown :WQ-391LQF

Behold a gorgeous vintage statement with a tantalizingly modern twist: this stunning vintage-inspired off-the-shoulder goth wedding dress is an exquisite specimen of finely crafted floral lace. If you want to give your gothic wedding look a romantically feminine charm, it simply doesn’t get more beguiling gorgeous than this.

The off the shoulder neckline plays up an exciting twist on the vintage flair of this gown, emphasizing the sensual drama and giving the ensemble a contemporary charm. It’s just what a girl needs to play up her beauty assets with pride and confidence.

The curve hugging bodice will highlight the contours of your petite waist, while the dramatically flared skirt will sashay around delightful with every sway of your hips. The floral lace skirt is a stunning masterpiece that will garner you compliments, making your bridal look an unforgettable extravaganza of glamour.


Women's Gothic Hooded Witch Maxidress Halloween Priestess Dress


Gown :Y-510

Hooded wedding statements are all the rage on the runway, and this Priestess dress marks an exciting gothic twist that allows you to flaunt the hooded trend with a sassy gothic charm. If exclusivity and uniqueness is an essential part of the character that you seek from your wedding statement, this charming and intensely dramatic maxi dress will allow you to stand apart with a sensational aplomb.

Gown :Y-510

It plays up an insanely gorgeous Victorian-inspired bodice that is marked with exquisitely crafted floral embroidery. The curve-hugging bodice is a lot like a corset, perfect to play up the luscious contours of your figure, breaking into a ravishingly flattering neckline. It is splendid choice for the fuss-free bride who wants to enjoy her Big Day with a statement that is comfortable yet dramatic.


Women's Long Goth Gown

Gown :SKT040

Here’s a sensational Goth wedding dress that is the perfect rendition of Marilyn Monroe with a Goth makeover inspired by Morticia Adams! This long Goth gown is bound to make your wedding statement that talk of the tow with its intensely dramatic and flirtatiously flattering appeal. It has been exquisitely tailored and designed to flatter the curvature and contours of a woman’s body with a boldly dramatic aplomb.

The boldly protruding neckline allows you to channel the bold you on your Big Day, while the flowing lines and long silhouette is crafted in the softest of fabric that will fall comfortably and mould itself to the contours of your curvature. The front of the hemline plays up a gorgeous ruched effect with subtle and romantic folds, held together with a stunning corded motif, embellished with beads. The half front-open statement features lovely rose carved buttons, while the billowy sleeves give the ensemble a whimsical fantasy-like beauty.


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