There are two coats in this new arrival. One is a detachable gothic coat with a hidden zipper at the waist, which can be used as a short jacket by pulling off the zipper. It can be worn in two styles, which is very cool! The other is a long punk coat with mesh patchwork and buckle design. The Hood is removable. We hope you find one as your favorite!

Punk Rave Men's Gothic Mechanistic Detachable Coat

1. Made of non-stretch twill fabric with pressed rubber;
2. Functional and futuristic look with the patchwork of the different fabrics;
3. Mechanical patch on the front chest for a rugged look;
4. Zip at the waist with a removable hem to be worn as a long or short silhouette.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Crackled Mesh Splice Coat

1. Made of micro-stretch twill print and cracked leather;
2. Two front flaps and a one-piece hood with a detachable zip; The hood is removable with a zip;
3. Sleeve hollowed-out mesh stitching to add a highlight.

These new arrivals are not only coats but also shirts and other gothic tops. You can choose the best one according to your preferences! Please login to our site and get the wonderful products in your cart!

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