Every trendsetter must have a vest in their closet. The elegant gothic vest perfectly with a gothic shirt, whether for work or a wedding. The punk vest is more casual and cool, perfect for matching a t-shirt or sweater. This new product has long vests, short vests, and even a bag type for your reference. Let us take a look at them together!

Punk Rave Men's Gothic Skulls Printed Vest

1. Made of non-stretch jacquard fabric, the skull pattern is more characteristic;
2. Slim fit waistcoat;
3. Splicing contrast color fabric;
4. Symmetrical real welt pockets;
5. Adjustable buckle at back waist.


Punk Rave Men's Gothic Floral Printed Ruffled Vest

1. Made of jacquard fabric;
2. Multi-layered lace decoration on both sides;
3. Asymmetric placket design;
4. The unique pointed silhouette interprets the beauty of the gothic style.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Stand Collar Strap Vest

1. Made of non-stretch twill with a lustrous twill fabric;
2. Stand-up collar, broad shoulders, and waistcoat shape;
3. Use of multiple metal zips;
4. The center of the shoulder is enriched with design to create an attractive masculine look;
5. Straps at the side waist.


Punk Rave Men's Gothic Spider Mesh Ripped Tank Top

1. Made of stretch ripped mesh fabric;
2. Asymmetrical sharp teeth design in the center front for a more stylish look;
3. High collar and simple silhouette.


Punk Rave Men's Gothic Stand Collar Embossed Vest

1. Made of non-stretch gorgeous jacquard woven fabric with pressure rubber fabric;
2. Stand-up collar combination with wide shoulder silhouette;
3. One side of the front center lace decorative tab is fixed, and one side is detachable;
4. Overlapped Splice and large eyelets on both sides;
5. Available in two colors.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Camouflage Rivet Armor

1. Made of canvas fabric and nylon webbing;
2. Practical punk backpack;
3. Multi-function adjustable straps for easy wear;
4. Multiple stud combinations for a unique design.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Big-Pocket Buckle Harness

1. Made from non-stretch twill fabric and webbing;
2. Asymmetric waistcoat shape;
3. Detachable functional bag on the right side.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Irregular Ripped Casual Vest

1. Made from comfortable stretch knit;
2. Long, loose waistcoat silhouette;
3. Irregular gothic pointed hem;
4. Cut-out back.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Stand Collar Vest

1. Made of non-stretch twill fabric;
2. Geometric suede patch with distressed half-round studs;
3. Padded striped cotton cord at shoulders;
4. Buckle in front with adjustable straps.


Punk Rave Men's Punk Cutout Buckles Vest

1. Made of suede fabric and pressed rubber;
2. Irregular patchwork design;
3. Adjustable side straps and front cut-out mesh are unique;
4. Metal circular webbing stitching at the center back.


Punk Rave Men's Gothic Stand Collar Distressed Long Vest

1. Made from twill denim;
2. Handsome and generous long vest silhouette;
3. Distressed process for gothic doom style;
4. Padded shoulders and studded detailing for added oomph.

These gothic vests are made of soft fabrics, making them very comfortable to wear alone. If you want to find something to match your clothing, please sign in to Punk Design for more costumes with excellent quality and fascinating designs!

April 14, 2023 — Punk Design

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