Women's Gothic Off-shoulder Sheer Lace Sleeved Dresses


Lace always brings a certain dose of romance and femininity to the garments. The black lace, in particular, is very elegant and sexy. The combination of lace sleeves on an off-shoulder dress is a winning look for those who want to play in the lines of fashionable and goth. The lace sleeves are big, balloony, extravagant and come with discreet floral print. The lace continues to the ends of the cleavage, discreetly and stylish. it continues down in a fitted top, accenting the waist. The skirt has an A-line shape and almost reaches the knees. The length creates a perfect balance with the bare shoulders.

Brand: Punk Rave
Style: Goth
Material: Cotton;Chinlon;Spandex
Weight: 0.34 KG
Size: S-L
Sku: PQ-713LQ

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