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Goth inspired Christmas gift ideas that you can find on Punk design

Goth inspired Christmas gift ideas that you can find on Punk design


Christmas is the time when it all comes down to spending time with friends and family, enjoying the wonderful Christmas spirit and of course, exchanging gifts. When it comes to the last one, exchanging gifts, this process can be stressful for many. First of all, you have to know what type of gift you are looking for the person you are gifting. Second, the shopping spree and the crowds that are present during Christmas time are not for everyone. It is also very time-consuming going from store to store and finding your way in all that crowd. And the stress can be even bigger if you cannot find the perfect gift. This is especially frustrating for those looking to buy something extraordinary, for example, goth or grunge-inspired. So, if you are looking just for that type of gift, you are in the right place. Punk Design has a lot to offer. From the comfortability of your home, all of our designs are just one click away from you. You will save time, not get lost in the entire shopping crowd and you will have the perfect goth-inspired gift. Take a look at our gift suggestions for this Christmas.


Floral lace top

Black lace is something that every woman should own in her closet. The black lace is sexy, elegant and secretive. This is the perfect style for the goth girl. It brings out the mystique and the uniqueness of her personality. It looks very nice yet appropriate with a black bra. The neck is mid-high and the sleeves are reaching the elbows. The pattern is floral which makes this top fashionable and trendy. It can be worn just like that, or it can come in combination with a black leather jacket.


Floral lace top



Choker necklace

The punk style is different than the goth one, but still very unique and distinctive. Although goth might be based on deeper and darker colors, punk presents some more vibrant colors. Gifting a piece of jewelry in this style is something that will be a win. These colorful chokers are great accessories that will certainly be welcomed by the girl you are giving them to. Available in 4 metallic colors, these chokers will light up every outfit. And the heart on the front is very soft and feminine detail.


Laser Heart Choker Necklace


Fur gloves

Gloves are a very common and appropriate gift for the Christmas season. They are always needed and appropriate for the colder season. Gloves are a nice gift, that is both fashionable and practical. For the goth girl that wants to leave an impression and stay true to her style, the black velor fur gloves will leave her in owe. Comfortable, fashionable and soft, these gloves are an elegant and stylish accessory that suits both goth-inspired outerwear and more casual jackets.


 Velor Punk Gloves


Long earrings

Earrings are also a popular Christmas gift. Those who have pierced ears, the earrings are something that they can never get enough of. This particular set of earrings is a mixture of punk and goth. They come in a combination of one black longer earring and silver shorter one. Wearing earrings that is compatible with this style suggests wearing it only on one ear which is a very cool thing.


Long earrings


Gothic leggings

An important part of today's fashion is leggings. They are one of the most favorite clothing garments of many women, and they are present in every style. The goth style is known by the deep and extraordinary looks of the clothes, which closely relates to someone's personality. Nailing the perfect legging as a Christmas gift will be easy if you choose the gothic cutout floral black leggings. They are beautiful, unique and extraordinary in every way. The upper part is a bit sheer, which makes them elegant. Next comes the cutout that shows some skin and brings sexiness. Starting from the knees and going down they end in laces.


Gothic leggings



Lace Punk dress

Whether you are gifting yourself or someone who is into the goth clothing, this goth party dress will be the perfect outfit for the New Year’s celebration. It is a lovely dress that will easily be incorporated in any style and for any occasion. The cut is fitted accenting the waist. The sleeves are short, flowy and resemble soft ruffles. The real beauty of the dress comes from the V neck cleavage that is filled with lace. The opening on the neck is round which perfectly balances the style of the dress with the body lines. It styles well with some heeled boots, keeping the goth vibe through the entire outfit.


Lace Punk dress


Telescopic Umbrella

Just like the gloves, the umbrella comes highly appreciated as a Christmas gift. And for the goth-style lovers, this is the most suitable one that you will get. Lolita telescopic trim umbrella is an unordinary accessory that will bring uniqueness on a rainy day. The umbrella itself has a line that reminds of the chic umbrellas women in the past carried. This one has some lace trim details at the ends, making the simple black looking goth and daring. It is portable and easy to carry around, and its beauty comes out when it is open. It will be eye-catching on the rainy days and a perfect gift for the rainy season.


Telescopic Umbrella


These are only some suggestions that can get you inspired and directed in finding the perfect Christmas gift for a goth-styled girl and leave her in owe. The value of the gift is seen in the understanding the giver has for the person he or she is gifting. Nailing the perfect gift goes a long way, and for the persons who are goth style-oriented, there is no better place to look for than on Punk Design.


Happy shopping and Happy Gothic Christmas!

November 15, 2019 by Linda Fox

Creepy Halloween Dressing For The Coming Halloween

Hey Guys! Halloween is just around the corner. We love this festival just like we love parties. So it's finally that time to start planning your dressing, making the right decisions to get the perfect Halloween dressing that would stand you out from the crowd. But how we dress ourselves up in the Halloween? Check out these tips you and your friends can dive into!
September 27, 2019 by Linda Fox

How to wear plaid patterns in cool autumn?

Plaid—not a new trend but an enduring on. You can fine it everywhere from campus to vanity fairs. The geometry and plaid element can be paired with anything. Designers interpret the plaid in various ways, constantly innovation, making the life-force for a long time. It is one of the leading reason for the classic status of it.

Plaid is a quintessential part of the fall, just like colorful leaves, hot apple cider, and pumpkins as far as the eye can see. Now, as the cold is setting, we thought it would only be right to talk about autumn wearing style. Whether you are thinking about warm flannel shirts, Burberry scarves, or the most comfortable pajamas you will get to wear all year, wearing plaid is the equivalent of actually wrapping yourself in autumn. Rocking a plaid is a great way to add color and texture to an outfit. Check out some styles below for punk plaid inspiration!


Women's Goth Linen Plaid Irregular Slip Dress



You can't go wrong with a plaid dress that will bring out your punk rock style. Among the many plaid design, black and white are constant popularity. Try pairing your plaid dresses with solid clothes. You will find that no matter how fancy they are, matching with a high collar, puffy shoulders and long sleeves plain-color clothes that would balance their exaggeration. This plaid slip dress use irregular hem to get out of oldish while keeping calm style, matching with long sleeved undershirt for extra warmth to help you against the cold.


Women's Grunge Puff Sleeved Green Plaid Shirt Dress With Belt



Plaid is a term for a pattern of colored stripes intersecting each other, typically woven or printed onto fabric. This can be a very basic pattern with only two colors or it can be a complex pattern with multiple colors and overlapping stripes. If you are the dedicated plaid lover, do not miss this classic green plaid dress. Comparing with the black&white plaid, the colorful color collocation foil the  introduction of feeling and vision, making you stand out from the crowd. It not only inherits the advantages of the classic black&white pattern but also have more romantic and retro qualities. The Stiff Design in front door, cuff and hem, sends college wind students breath. Strut your sexy legs with this style. Whether Goth inspired to pin-up and rockabilly women dresses, you will turn heads as you walk past people in this look.


Women's Goth Plaid Crop Tops



Get some fresh air and rock a crop top. Whether you adore campus style you love classic plaid pattern, a plaid crop top is likely to be a staple in your wardrobe. Cropped silhouettes are perfect for summer since they would not cling to your skin and make you sweat. But have you ever thought of using your summer cloths to paired with winter cloth? It is the perfect way to layer a plaid crop top over your winter undershirt. The plaid pattern would be the highlight of your solid match, and adding a touch of womanly charm.


Women's Vintage Plaid Color block Loose Long Hooded Coat



For most of people, just a coat can help to keep me warm in the chilly rainy days. The thick, flannelled, plaid patterned lumber jacket coat has stood the test of time. The lumber jacket started its life as outdoor work-wear due to its warm, durable and breathable nature. As for the type of colors or other prints to work into your outfit, the key is to keep it simple and professional. If you think a solid black coat is kind rigid and boring, the introduction of red Plaid added novelty and break the inherent impression. It is the most suitable combinations wearing loose pared with fitted legging witch would make you looked more slim. Loose shape design can be adjusted according to your body shape Pockets on the waist are added to warm your hands, and the polyester material is both comfortable as well as practical to be worn regularly.

August 30, 2019 by Linda Fox

How to rock a little black dress the goth way

Its common knowledge that the LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must-have in every girl's closet. It's that one dress you can never go wrong with, whether you're dressing for a date, a corporate party or an evening cocktail party. But what if you like a little bit of spice and character in your LBD? If you're looking to add a Gothic touch to your little black dress, there are ways to achieve such a look without trying too hard. Below are a few ideas to consider.


Sexy Spooky Siren


Who said goths are just spooky. You can be sexy and sinister at the same time. Short black dresses which show off a little bit (or a lot of) skin will give you a sexy look. You can wear dresses with low cuts at the top to reveal a bit of cleavage. If you have great legs, you may also consider wearing dresses that reveal your thighs while hugging you tightly to reveal your curves. Such dresses are well suited for evening parties and dinner dates. You may also consider black high low and off-shoulder dresses. Also, pair them up with high heels or boots depending on the weather and the occasion. To complete the look, add a touch of sinister makeup.


Mysteriously Romantic


If you're a true fan of the Goth culture, then you know about romantic goths. They add a sensual touch to their fashion and they're not always in plain black clothes or heavy dark makeup. To be honest, you can't always be a romantic Goth but there are instances where you want to retain your gothic vibe without appearing out of place. For instance, if you're going on a date with cute Dave from work, you might want to add a sensual touch to your dress code without losing your persona in the process. In such a scenario, it would be best to go for a Goth black little dress with lace additions and a bit of color. Lace is one of the most sensual fabrics associated with romance. It has the ability to conceal and reveal in equal measure, a quality that you'll need if you're headed for a date. Lace is also perceived as a symbol of chastity (as seen in weddings) as well as a representation of debauchery. It's, therefore, the perfect fabric in your Goth black little dress. 


Casual Goth days


Dressing like a Goth is not an event. It’s a way of life. It's an identity you want to adorn every single day, but let's be honest; you can't wear your gothic lace dress or your cocktail party dress all the time. You need something light and laid back for the everyday look. A black shift dress with occult symbols such as skulls, the six-pointed star or the winged serpent is perfect for a casual event or an outing with friends. Short, black skater dresses are also great for casual events. They can be worn with anything but to stand out; you may need to spice the look with dark makeup or occult jewelry. A black shirt dress is also perfect for a laid-back casual event. You don't have to put in too much effort to bring out your gothic nature if you settle for a shirt dress.


Colorful yet Gothic

There are ways to add color to your Goth black little dress. After all, Cyber goths are known to love colors. Red complements a black gothic dress perfectly. There are so many ways to incorporate this lively color, also perceived as the color of passion to your LBD. A red frock coat, for instance, will complement a tightfitting black dress perfectly. Plaid designs with a blend of red and black will also serve the purpose if you want a patterned look with a gothic touch. Another way to pair your Goth black little dress would be rocking colored hair, headgears or makeup.




 Gothic clothes are often confused with heavy metal fashion. While there are remarkable differences in both cultures and clothing, borrowing a few elements from heavy metal culture wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the sake of fashion. Black dresses look impressively classy when paired with metallic embellishments. Silver chains or studs on a black background can add a bold statement to your gothic look. There are two ways to add a metallic finish to your dress. First look for dresses with metallic additions, such as silver or golden chocker necklines, metallic belts or decorations on the chest area. Second, invest in occult jewelry such as inverted cross necklaces or belts and chockers studded with skulls. Such will add the metallic feel to various black dresses, thus making it easy to play around with different looks.


Vintage Goth dresses

Are you an old school kind of girl with a liking for spooky things? You can still harmonize these two tastes to achieve a gothic look. Goth fashion goes ways back to the Victorian Era. Think of cossets and puffy dresses with slim waistlines. These kinds of dresses would make a great vintage/Gothic impression if they're black in color. There are plenty of vintage Goth dresses and they all represent a time in history when Goth culture existed; from puffy Victorian gowns to long Edwardian dresses, vintage velvet and short tube dresses. You just have to figure out which era you would fit in as a Goth if you were to teleport.

Ball gowns

Picking a prom dress is never that easy when you’re presented with so many options. However, if you understand your personality well, this choice may not be tough after all. You don’t need to try the colorful dresses if you’ve been adorning Goth fashion all through high school. You can bring your Gothic fashion sense to the ballroom with a black ball dress. Black is not only a bold color but it also oozes power and class. The ballroom will be yours for the taking if you can confidently rock a goth-themed ball gown.
In summary, having one of two LBDs in your closet is not enough if they don’t bring out your personality. You don’t have to fit in by wearing a cute little dress when you’re constantly thinking of something mysteriously sinister. Fortunately, there are ways to be cute and spooky at the same time. You just have to pick the right design which matches your body type, the occasion and your personality.
July 23, 2019 by Ethel Queen

Goth Music Festivals - What to Wear?

  The Gothic culture is a modern subculture that was originated in England at the beginning of the 80s. Ever since then, people of the Gothic community have been finding ways to make themselves heard and seen through massive festivals like Music Festivals. They also host these festivals to celebrate their unity and a versatile culture that has spread all over. At such music festivals, you will see the essence of Gothic subculture, including their epic style and fashion trends as well as famous Gothic music. Contrary to the famous belief, Gothic music isn't all about heavy metal; it's so much more than that.
  With the dark attire and broody music, it's easy to feel left out. With everything sunshine and bright around, people may keep you at a hands distance seeing your Gothic affiliations. In such a situation, it's pretty normal to feel isolated and alone.
  Most of the Goths do have friends around their neighborhood who share the same love for Goth culture as they do, but not all are that lucky. Especially Goths of America, England as well as Germany have a better chance to meet Gothic groups in pubs and bars. For others, these music festivals are the only solace. It's the best time to meet old friends, make new ones, play, party, and dance as well as show off their Gothic style and fashion.



  Here is the list of some major Goth Music Festivals that happen around the world every year. Let's take a moment to appreciate the darker, louder, and more stylish world with these innovative events as well as the king of the night music festivals.

  1. M'era Luna Festival: Takes place on the second weekend of August annually, in Hildesheim, Germany at Flugplatz Hildesheim-Drispenstedt.
  2. Whitby Goth Weekend: Is a twice a year affair of the music festival for Goths all around the world, in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.
  3. Infest: A three-day long music festival held at the University of Bradford Union in the UK.
  4. Children Of The Night: Black Soviet: Annual tradition of Ukrainian Goths.
  5. Castle Party: Since 1994 the ruins of Bolków Castle is the site of the annual Castle Party Gothic rock festival.

  These are the most favorite and popular music festivals of Gothic Culture, not only you get to make tons of friends there but also get a ton of inspiration on Gothic fashion as well. If you aren't sure what to wear to such events, here's are a few ideas that I might interest you.



Women's Goth Ripped Denim Shorts With Metal Chains


  Gothic fashion is beyond the season, you can whatever, whenever as long as its morbid black. These denim shorts are for the casual Goth souls who aren't in too long skirts and extra puffed up dresses. These work well with the theme of the festival as well. Also, it's very easy to pair these shorts with knee-high boots as well as some fishnet leggings and a Goth graphic tee-shirt or tank top.


Women's Punk Two-Piece Irregular A-Line Plaid Pleated Skirts


  Now, this is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a balance between casual colors and Gothic black. This two-piece shirt is available in two colors, green and red, and both work well with casual black or lace tops. Moreover, the innovative irregular cut gives this plaid pleated skirt a life of its own. Metal hoops, buttons and buckle belt add a chic touch to the Gothic look making it more appealing.


Women's Heart Peekaboo Punk Dress


  This inverted heart dress is the perfect representation of the Gothic culture. The short dress looks very sexy and appealing for all ages as well as body shapes. The heart will be better pronounced if you have a busty bosom. You can wear a spiked choker around the neck to look extra classic and slay the male vampires at the music festivals. Pair this short black beauty with a fishnet stocking or lace stocking and rock on at the event. High heels would work great with your one piece of Goth attire. Most of the Gothic fashion inspiration comes from the Victorian Era, with their vintage long dresses, lace and puffed up sleeves to make a statement about feminine charms, just a slight change of color took place to make it Goth.


Women's Goth Floral Lace Short Jackets


  This floral lace jacket is the perfect thing to spice your black tank top in an instant. When you are done with the tank top and the night starts to get chilly, just wear this, and you will have a whole new look. This won't keep you come cold, but it will certainly add cool layering to your outfit. To all those people who think Goth isn't feminine, lace is the perfect reflection of feminine charms and elegance. This jacket is nothing but pure elegance. Moreover, this shirt lace jacket is versatile as well. You can wear these with jeans, shirts as well as skirts and over dresses.

  Goth culture isn't new; it isn't old as well. This means that there is so much that representatives from the Goth community need to do, to make people see that it's not all morbid. The Goth culture is cool, bold and very expressive. Music festivals are held especially to let the world know how the Goth community works. Despite the fact that it's all dark, black and uniform, the Goth fashion is pretty diverse.

June 17, 2019 by Ethel Queen

Goth Styling For All Occasions

Goth culture and trends are both artistic and expressive. Over the few years Goth trends have become a norm. More and more people are admitting their love for all things dark and broody. Many people have been skeptical about the gothic culture, but Hollywood has made things easier with the “Twilight Series” and the film “The Girl with the Dragon tattoo”.  If you really want to wear gothic attire, but don’t know where you can, here are some great ideas. Give these a try; we are sure you will love Goth as much as we do.  

First thing’s first you can wear Gothic clothes anywhere and everywhere, if you know what pieces to go for. The accessories that you pair with your normal or Goth clothes matter as well. It’s all up to you and your preferences. The Goth dress and styles are so versatile that they can accommodate any kind of setting or occasion. All you need is an imagination to make it work. Feast your eye on these innovative ideas to wear your favorite Goth piece with confidence.


Goth Styling at Work


Goth isn’t a switch that you can turn on and off, it’s a lifestyle. People express their personalities through Goth trends and culture. You can easily wear your Goth clothes to office, if you pick out the right pieces. Subtle Goth shirts are best ways to tone it a bit down and wear your personality even to work. This beautiful shirt is the best thing to wear to the office and not break any dress codes. You can pair it with a leather blazer and flare pants.


 Goth Styling On Date Night


You can’t date a man that doesn’t have the heart to accept your choices. Make sure you date a man who loves you for who you are what your go to style is. Surprise you man with a sexy Goth dress that will woo him away on the first night. Goth dresses are both beautiful and have elegant details that are hard.


Also, when it comes to looking both sexy and sensual Goth dresses can’t be beaten.If you aren’t too sure about a full blown Goth dress than you can mix a bit if Goth with your usual clothing. Just to test the waters before you go for a swim. A sheer mesh off shoulder top would be great to pair with a neon tank top and leather pants or a short skirt.

Goth isn’t all about going black or getting your body pierced. It’s more about expressing yourself in a unique and different way.


Goth Styling At a Wedding

Though it’s hard to think of black attire at a wedding, which is why we have a better plan. Instead of wearing black attire or a gothic outfit, pair your wedding attire with a gothic accessory. If you want to go subtle, take a cute Gothic Lolita Lace Small Bag and show off your gothic sense of style.


You can also wear the epic Lolita Chiffon Jacket with Flare Sleeve to show off your gothic style as well. This jacket can be paired with any kind of gown, no matter what color it is. But if you choose to go with dark colors like royal blue or bottle green, it will look exceptionally beautiful.


Goth for Casual Occasions

When it comes to casual wear Goth trends can’t be ignore, especially leather. It’s in fashion and it versatile enough to be worn anywhere. Pair leather with other Gothic items is easy as well such as a Goth lace top. Take this Women's Goth Sheer Floral Lace Long Sleeved Tops for instance.


You can easily pair it with leather pants or blazer to create a proper look for your casual evening out with your friends. It’s eye-catching, but not too over the top. Another great aspect of this top is that it can be pair with a long skirt. A beautiful multi-layered skirt will complement the shirt to perfection.


Women's Goth Multilayered Floral Lace Maxi Skirt can be worn as casual as well as formal. The puffed up skirt is perfectly suited for an evening party as well as at a formal Ball.


Goth Styling at Balls/Prom


Masquerade balls are the perfect places to wear Goth gowns. They are the best places to show your true Gothic reflection. Since there are always themes and rules you can choose a subtle Goth gown that can sneak past the rules. Black is the most beautiful color, it’s never prohibited any wear unless it’s a certain color rule. A beautiful gothic gown will work perfectly at a ball, or your high school prom.

This elegant gown looks perfect for any ball, tie your hair up and carry a glittery cutch to complete the look. Anyone can look great in Goth styling, you only need to broaden the horizon of your imagination.


Costume Parties


Another great idea would be to use your Gothic gown with the character you are dressing as. You can be a great looking witch with an off shoulder gown like above. All you need to do is to put on your witch’s hate and cast the spell.

To cap it all Goth styling is for people who are bold and know how to carry a certain look, it’s not for the faint hearted. To be a Goth you need to feel the color and the culture. Like it’s been stated earlier, it’s not just a trend it’s a way of life.


May 21, 2019 by Vicky Fan

How to Become a Goth Queen With The Right Accessories?

If you are a huge fan of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, then you must also be a Goth fan. Goth fashion is assumed as dark and mysterious, and honestly, it's both but in a good way. Goth fashion, introduced in the ’80s, has been very popular since the last two decades. Even when people don't want to adopt the whole gothic style, they do love to incorporate the accessories in their daily wear. There are some great accessories related to goth fashion that is with given a try, even if you aren’t a goth fan. These are the pieces that complete the goth look too perfect, gives to more detailing as well as enhance the mystery.

Stocking : W001

Stocking : W002

Stocking : W003


As boring as socks may sound, the gothic socks aren’t just a pair of socks. They are sexy leggings that you can show off with a short skirt and high heels. There are many beautiful designs that you can go for, florals, simple velvet ones or fishnet ones. Make your legs look extra slender and great with black and sensuous high leggings. Leggings make a simple short skirt look very erotic and detailed. It takes the focus away from the simplicity of the skirt.

To shape your figure better, a girdle is all you need. To add more definition and curve to your hourglass figure, Girdle is the perfect accessory. It adds a personal touch to the whole attire and gives it bling as well. Feel glamorous and at your best with the timeless goth accessories. Bring all the attention to your slim waist by adding a metal girdle to your corset.  

Bunny Accessories : PS-127

Being a fan of horror and goth is great. What’s better are the cool accessories you can attach to your bag as well as a waist belt. Such as a voodoo doll or a pentagram charms keychain. To give extreme detail to your gothic attire, it’s a must that you add some accessory to your bag. A small bag with an over-powering accessory will look exceptional.

Choker : C007

Chokers are by far the most popular Goth accessory there is. There are many fashion themes that love the use of gothic chockers. Chokers resemble being enslaved to the dark powers and enjoying slavery. These not only make you look erotic but also add that wow factor to your whole look. Chokers are a part of the elegant goth category, which is the main reason that people who aren’t goth fans, love chokers. Chokers enhance the look of long and short both kind of dress, but they are mostly worn with pieces that have corsets.

Bracelet : B001

Now, when it comes to gothic accessories, there is nothing more detailed than a goth bracelet. Goth fashion is known for its accessories like chokers and bracelet that gives every attire its own personality. There are many varieties available; it all depends on the kind of intensity you need with your attire. There are many simple leather ones, as well as a five-finger skull one. Bracelets are perfect for daily wear as well as occasional wear.

Earrings : PS133

Punk Chic Eardrop Long Earrings are not only beautiful, but they are in fashion as well. Danglers are very popular this season, a lot of punk gothic earrings are long, dangling earrings, that fits perfectly with the recent long earring fashion.

Hand Fan : WS-268

If you want to go all the way with your gothic customer, then a fan is a must. A basic Japanese fan but with a gothic touch. To enhance the idea of mysterious and brooding personality, a gothic fan is simply perfect. You can accommodate the fan in your customer attire as well as at a gothic themed wedding.

Waist Belt : PS-114

You might think what’s so different about goth bags, well there is a world of difference. Like any other fashion, they are made around a certain theme. Almost all goth bags have a dark, broody look about them. They are inspired by the famous horror stories of the past. If you have a goth theme party to attend a goth bag will no doubt increase the personality of your goth attire. Accessories are there to complete the look with style. What makes a goth bag different is also the size of it, they aren’t going for the style but mystery. So, a fanny bag, that can easily be accommodated with the belt is perfect as well as practical.

Gothic fashion and styling aren’t only a corset or a black color. It's much more than these two aspects. There are many accessories that go with a gothic attire to make it complete and perfect. No Gothic costume is complete without these accessories. The look is all about details, the more you add, the better you can pronounce your love for Goth.

April 22, 2019 by Vicky Fan

Timeless Gothic Charm, Unleash the Darkness Within

There is nothing sexier than black, what’s more erotic? Goth black. There is nothing trendier than being the queen of darkness and rocking the Goth look. Kohl filled eyes and the cute black dress, who can resist your bewitching charms. Check out these cute yet sexy outfits to pack your wardrobe with.

Women's Goth Irregular Plaid Mini Skirt with Small Pocket

SKU : S004

To start off a cute plaid skirt, that is just the right length to show off your perfect legs. It’s the perfect combination to add a little color to your all black outfit. The skirt is a very innovative cut with a touch to asymmetrical design that adds to the appeal of it. It’s practical enough to sport a small pocket as well.

 Women's Goth Irregular Black Mini Skirt with Small Pocket

SKU : S005

If you aren’t a fan of color, then here is a cute little black skirt. Get you gothic charm going with this sexy mini skirt. The cut is unconventional with comfortable buckles to it to perfect fit. It also has a link chain embellishment to add that extra bling to your attire. A small pocket is added to contain your phone easily.

Women's Short Punk Skirt with Lacing

SKU : OPQ-383

Suspenders are sexy, and no one can deny that. Add them to a mini gothic skirt, and you have a winner on your hand. The skirt comes with a sensual lace detailing. The umbrella skit slims at the waist to give you perfect contours. The crisscross lacing detail gives in front of the skirt gives the box plates a definite personality. to break the monotone black on the waist the skirt also has a metal zipper.

Women's Punk Green Plaid Pleated Mini Skirts

SKU : PQ-411

Wear the cool times with this plaid pleated small skirt. Rock your punk look with this deep green plaid mini. It’s just the thing for any gothic attire. The skirt can easily be fitted with the accompanying belt. Loom cute and broody at the same time. This Pleated skirt is innovatively cut and designed to make your waist look smaller, and your legs look slender. Easy to maintain and wash, the polyester material is both comfortable as well as practical to be worn regularly.

Women's Goth Front Zipper Plaid Suspender Short Skirt

SKU : S006

Suspenders have a certain school-girl charm to it that never diminishes. It has a cutie schoolgirl touch to it. red and black checkered design with typical umbrella cut sets this skirt off beautifully. It has an easy flow to it. The suspenders can be secured perfectly to the metal loops given at the waist. The metal loops have the back and front covered with great style. The skirt breaks at the front with a perfect metal zipper that goes all the way down to the hem. The suspenders are highly comfortable as well as completes the skirt perfectly.

 Women's Goth Irregular Pleated Midi Skirt

SKU :  S007

Plaids have been in fashion for as long as one can remember. They are timeless; you can rock a plaid in any season. It has a good length on it, with a cut to show off your perfect assets. The belt can perfectly be adjusted to accommodate the size of your waist. The pleats are exceptionally designed to give you a contoured look every goth loves. This red and black midi skirt is the perfect combination of goth meets color. The skirt has been decorated with a hooked chain that can be lopped to the side of the skirt’s waist.

Women's Goth Fake Two-Piece Denim Shorts


If you are a goth fan but don't want to go all the way, then this white and black baby is just the thing for your taste. The polyester cotton material makes the skirt extremely soft to touch. The slim fit denim skirt is beautifully cut. Denim has always been the talk of the town. What’s better is its perfect blend with goth fashion. Doubling lining gives the skirt a versatile design; you can keep the buttons open or close as per your taste. The variety of styling gives the skirt a certain appeal. It can easily be paired with high black heals as well as a plain black gothic shirt.

Women's Tartan Pleated Punk Skirt

SKU : KW135

The detailing on this tartan pleated skirt is just adorable. All metal blending seamlessly with the black is delicious. Wrap around design adds a cute touch to the simplicity of the skirt. Designed with the leather straps have been decorated with metal loops as well as larger size metal safety pin. Irregular is what the runways are filled with, add that casual charm to your outfit with this pleated skirt.

Black is timeless, so is the gothic charm. Play with it and live a little on the dark side of the twilight zone.

March 23, 2019 by Vicky Fan

Goth Fashion - Most Amazing Contemporary Goth Fashion Outfits and Styles

Goth fashion and style has its ties back to 18th and 19th century and they are highly popular sub-culture, ever since due to the subtle mystery and uniqueness related to it. The predominant features of Gothic fashion are the antiquated dark color, retro cuts and designs that show a deep inspiration from early 80s trends. The Gothic fashion has also been related to punk and grunge style because of their uniqueness and break-the-norms kind of nature.

Choker :C002

Although the prevailing color in gothic fashion clothing and accessories is black but there are some extraordinary touches of mystery and elegance in the form of embellishments. The velvets, lace, gloves, leather, chains, stripes, and corset are some of the widely used items to accessorize the Goth outfit styles.

Harness :B003


Men and women who love to celebrate their uniqueness and exotic style admire Gothic fashion and style. Although the ancient Celtic designs are highly popular but the recent fashion trends of Gothic and Punk styles are more innovative, creative and head-turning. The crimson boots, black cloaks, black gown, studs, combat boots, corset and bustiers are not the only Gothic essentials; there are more than just usual outfit styles available at PunkDesign. You can opt to wear all of these extraordinary styles to the fun-filled parties, themed parties, musical concerts, especial occasions and many more juts to mark a strong personal style statement effortlessly.


What Are the Occasions to Rock the Gothic, Punk and Grunge Style?

Although, Goth is in the blood and you can transform into it whenever wherever you need but there are some commonly known events when you can undoubtedly opt to wear fantastic Gothic or Punk styles such as Renaissance festivals, dark Halloween, skull clothing theme parties.


Most Stunning Gothic, Punk, Grunge Clothing Items:

There are amazing elements of mystery, magic, haunting, verging on morbid dark tones and enchanting mixture of retro Victorian, punk and grunge style influences. This entrancing fashion style has become so popular that you cannot resist buying the gorgeous and inspiring clothing items which are meant to make you stand of the crowd instantly and bring the inner charms out of you effortlessly. Here we showcase some of the most inspirational clothing items in Gothic fashion genre that have deep influences of punk and grunge.

Gothic Tops

Women's Punk Strap V Neck Crop Top

Crop Top :T004

Nothing can go wrong if you opt to pair a V Neck cropped top with your Gothic or Punk inspired outfit. The super-stunning top has the hard metal detailing making it look rough and tough yet ravishingly pretty over you. You can comfortably pair a Punk styled shorts, Denim or Gothic skirt with it and be in limelight.

Women's Punk Suspender Black Cropped Hoodie


Are you a huge fan of Punk inspired outfit and clothing style! This fabulous Punk style black hoodie is ideal option for you to rock a fantastic night party or rock concert.


The head-turning embellishment of metal and chains makes this cropped hoodie above ordinary tops and something utterly sensational to wear.


Women's Goth Floral Lacy Top

This ethereal Gothic top has the traditional charm yet the latest trendy cuts that make it most inspiring feminine Gothic top to make you look unique in your own style. The intricate Gothic corset style at the neckline with leather straps makes it look tough yet hauntingly beautiful. The strong and hardcore, leather and metal embellishment is deeply contrasted with delicate lacy feminine shape and details. This top perfectly embodies the Gothic dream of charming female beauty and delicacy.

Women’s Gothic Embroidery V Neck Black Crop Top

This crop top is ideal to rock the mystery and charm of Gothic fashion without putting in much effort. The deep dark top is free size and can be adjusted according to your body shape and size is perfect to enhance the beauty of your feminine silhouette with delicacy yet style. This crop is ought to make you look like a Gothic princess effortlessly.

Women's Goth Bardot Neckline Fitted Black Top

Get everyone enchanting by a Gothic crop top that has ancient charms yet look trendy. You can easily pair it with favorite Goth- inspired Skirt or bottom and be the centre of all attention because of its subtle elegant yet revealing style and showcases your fabulous Gothic neck accessories.

Women's Goth Horizontal Neck Black Crop Top

Add this knock-out item to your dark and mysterious Goth wardrobe and be a sensational star. This Punk inspired crop top has a subtle femininity and style that can make your outfit complete without any effort.

Crop Top :T017

The amazing crop top goes fine with a fitted Gothic bottom or skirt but you can wear it for creating a fun Punk or grunge outfit to take breathes away

More of such incredible Gothic crop tops in versatile designs are available at Punk Design

Camisole :T011

Camisole :T-296

Camisole :T-408

Gothic Skirts

The perfect combo of hauntingly gorgeous and incredibly ravishing Gothic outfit is never complete without the right kind of mystery added into the style by the skirt with the top.

Skirt :S004

Skirt :S005

Skirt :OPQ-383

Skirt :OPQ-322

Skirt :PQ-418

Skirt :PQ-467BQ

Skirt :OQ380BQF

The traditionally black skirts in Goth Punk and Grunge style are taken to the next level of inspiration and you can find an awe inspiring range of skirts that are bound to make you look like an enchanting Gothic star. Whether these are the irregular Goth plaid skirt or Punk mini skirt with fine lacy and metal detailing, you will get obsessed with the uniqueness of the styles. Pair them with contrasting or stunning Gothic tops and your bold look is complete.


March 02, 2019 by Vicky Fan

4 Tips To Avoid Being Too Dull In All Black

Black has two characteristics: passion and coolness.

Whether you are sexy, sweet or cool girl,it's not easy to go wrong with all black.

But trust me it's not that easy! Sometimes the simplest of looks needs a lot of thought and consideration in order to look amazing.

In this article,we will show you 4 tips to avoid being  too boring,dull.

1 . High-Fashion Edge ----Normcore

2.Sense Of Design----Bold Clipping

The design philosophy of PUNK RAVE is to show our unique individuality.We prefer bold tailoring.Irregular hem,oversize profile,off should ,ragged and ripped design is our own fashion statement.

3 . Contrast Color 

While all black is cool, it may be a bit dull sometimes.It would also be better to add some other colors.The details of contrast color can obviously embellish the whole outfit.

4 . Different Texture- More Layers  

Want to have more layers ?It can be achieved by a single piece of patchwork design.

Chiffon acrylic and lace knitting stitching design, texture of the collision, the virtual staggered, just think of those women who wear black clothes, why they are always so stylish, you will know the value of it.

More and more girls like grunge clothing, and do you think the four tips are useful to you?

Hopefully, you enjoyed my post and found the tips helpful! 



January 23, 2019 by Linda Fox